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Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Abbeydore and Bacton, Ewyas Harold Group and Kentchurch Neighbourhood Plan has gone through many stages (they feel like hurdles)  to make sure it meets the needs of all the residents, businesses and service providers in the area.  As you may know, the Neighbourhood Plan is obliged to designate areas for house building and other essential development, and we hope we have done so with the minimum disruption to the rural character of our villages.  As well as planning the Neighbourhood Plan takes into account environmental concerns.  Throughout the whole process we have tried to maintain a balance; providing space for much-needed development whilst maintaining the beauty of our parishes.  
 In the next few weeks the Neighbourhood Plan will be “examined” by a qualified outside examiner to ensure the plan:
  • meets European regulations
  •  has regard to national policies
  • is in general conformity with the strategic policies in the development plan (Core Strategy)
  • is compatible with adjoining neighbourhood plans
  • contributes to the achievement of sustainable development.
After that there will be a Referendum and we will ask you to support us by voting for this Neighbourhood Plan that we have worked on for so long!    The Neighbourhood Plan acknowledges that the people who know the area best are the residents that live there, and it offers us a chance to decide our own future.
Liz Overstall
NP Representative for Ewyas Harold GPC
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There are two vacancies on the Parish Council for the parish of Ewyas Harold – if you think you may be interested and would like more information on what is involved, please contact the clerk.

Claire Griffiths    Tel:  07717 478272
c/o 11 The Hollies, Clehonger, HR2 9SP