The Herefordshire Flag

What’s it to be, then?  A bull? Apples? Both? And something else as well, maybe?


The short list for the Herefordshire flag competition is revealed today. A grand total of 692 entries – the most ever received for any UK community – has been whittled down to five. And the time has come for the people of Herefordshire to make the final decision.

Vote online at: www.

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The polls will be open until the end of September and the voters’ verdict will be announced – and the winning flag hoisted – at a ceremony in Hereford on November 2. It will then be available for purchase and can be flown anywhere.

The flags that have reached the final five emphasise the county’s most distinctive symbols. Four of the five show apples; three have a bull’s head; two include the River Wye.

Two depict the county’s red soil. One has a design based on the county’s black-and-white houses. Another has hops. Yet another has rolling hills and a background that recalls ripening hay.

“Had we been making the choice alone, I’m sure every member of the judging panel would have come up with a different short list,” said David Marshall, chairman of the Herefordshire Flag Committee. “There were many terrific designs that didn’t make it. But I think this selection gives people an excellent choice. Whichever wins, it will be a fine ambassador for the county.”

Of England’s 39 historic counties, only Herefordshire and Leicestershire do not now have a registered flag. Many other regions, cities and communities also have flags, including the Herefordshire village of Marden which made its own selection this summer.

The Flag Institute, the UK’s registration body, has given provisional approval to all Herefordshire’s proposed designs and is expected to ratify the decision rapidly after the choice is announced.

Unlike any other ballots that may or may not take place this autumn, everyone aged five and upwards is allowed to take part – though under-16s’ votes must be countersigned by a parent, guardian or teacher.

Proposed Kemble Centre December 2016 UPDATE

What’s happened since October?

Written by Julie Wilson – Thomas KCWG Chairman


With the completion of the Feasibility Study and its final report in August, the Kemble Centre Working Group (KCWG) were pleased to recommend the study and final report to EHGPC for approval and publication on EHGPC website.  Sadly the successful completion of this important work, funded by an Awards for All grant, has meant that we had to say goodbye to Barbara Parkinson and Clever Elephant who were commissioned by EHGPC to undertake the Feasibility Study and Forward Business Plan Project.  We would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to Barbara, who very quickly became a key team member and contributor to the Kemble Centre Project and working group. Barbara will be missed a great deal.  Thank you to all who took part the Feasibility Study and gave up their time to meet with and talk to Barbara to contribute.


The work of Kemble Centre Working Group continues.  The local communities needs and wishes for the proposed Health and Wellbeing Centre is an excellent fit with NHSE and HCCG Strategic Transformation Plans for community based facilities and provision. We are taking every opportunity made available to be active stakeholders, raise awareness of our project and contribute to Strategic Transformation Plan (STP) consultations and events helping to ensure that our communities voice, and the needs of people in rural communities are heard.


The key focuses of KCWG direction of travel and key tasks remain much the same as stated in the October update.  It may well seem that nothing much is happening and we would all love to see the Kemble centre up and running, but it is vitally important that the GPC do the best possible job we can, it is a varied and complex task involving a range of organisations, partners and stakeholder.  There is a lot to consider.  During the next few months, the key focus will be:


  1. Involvement of Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (HCCG) and One Herefordshire (the organisations responsible for health and social care services in Herefordshire) have committed to work together for “One Herefordshire”- we continue to look at how the Kemble Centre Project will fit with their strategic aims of developing new care models across the County. These plans are set out in the Sustainability and Transformation Plan that is due to be released soon. KCWG members have attended consultation and information events. A public consultation has commenced and runs until January 2017. For further information and how to contribute visit



  1. An initial meeting of One Herefordshire, HCCG, the three GP Practices, namely Kingstone, Much Birch and Golden Valley plus Barbara Parkinson (representing EHGPC) took place to explore taking a collaborative approach to services and activities for residents to access across the whole Golden Valley area. A second meeting was planned in November and sadly postponed by One Herefordshire. The next meeting will focus on the Practices looking at areas of their work that would benefit patients in taking a collective approach to services and activities.


  1. We plan to visit all three Patient Participation Groups (PPG) at the GP Practices in partnership with One Herefordshire, were to be visited for an initial discussion on the potential developments. It is important that the voice of patients informs what could work best for residents across the whole area. The visits to the Golden Valley PPG has taken place and was very helpful, the other visits are to be arranged soon.


  1. We are actively investigating possible funding routes with the help and support of Nina Bridges and Dave Tristram from Herefordshire Council.


  1. In the New Year we will be working on/looking at:


  • sourcing funding to continue with the development and planning stage.
  • how the capital funds required for the new Centre will be secured.
  • what specific services and activities could be provided.
  • how these will be resourced and paid for.
  • who will own and manage the new Centre.



Where have discussions and development got to so far?


The aim of the EHGPC and Working Group is to find out what could be done better with providers of health and well being services coming together to work collaboratively to meet the needs of local people across the whole area – and importantly with access to services and activities being made available in different local venues depending on local demand.  For example, leg ulcer clubs, carers support groups, mother and baby clinics etc.

The proposed Kemble Centre would be a central resource to this approach rather than about centralising all services.


Nine out of a possible total of eleven Parish Councils have been visited to be informed about the potential developments and to discuss their future involvement. These discussions have all been favourably received with all nine Parish Councils asking to be kept informed and engaged.


How you will be kept informed and updated


Further information will be available as developments progress on a regular basis, with a bi-monthly update being produced by EHGPC.


You can visit our website for further information and also if you wish to sign up to receive the updates.


Please contact EHGPC Clerk, for any other information.


And Finally……


Thank you very much to everybody who has contributed and supported the Kemble Centre project, working group and EHGPC for your support and sharing your expertise, it is much appreciated.


Julie KCWG Chairman


A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

BT Payphone Consultation

BT are currently consulting on the removal of underused payphones in the County.  In the Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council area, they are proposing to remove:
Telephone number: 01981240351 Address: PCO 1PCO  EWYAS HAROLD HEREFORD HR2  0EU No. of calls in the last 12 months: 64
Telephone number: 01981240381 Address: ROWLESTONE 1PCO  PONTRILAS HEREFORD HR2  0DP No. of calls in the last 12 months: 0

The parish council will be considering comments for submission on the consultation at their meeting on Tuesday 8th November – please forward your views on this to the clerk before then.