Draft Minutes

Draft Meeting of the Parish Council that was held on Tuesday 14th November 2017 at 6.30pm at St Micheal’s Hall


Present: Cllr P. Jinman (EH), Chairman, Cllr C Pogson (L), Cllr S Eynon (EH), Cllr M Wrigglesworth (EH), Cllr M Watkins (R), Cllr L Overstall (D),  Cllr R Evans (D), Cllr S Probert (EH), Cllr S Clayton (R).

In attendance:  a member of the public and Claire Griffiths (Clerk)


1 To accept Apologies for Absence


2 To receive Declarations of Interest & Dispensation Applications
  None Received






Andrew Curr Community Broker for Adult Social Care Herefordshire

Unfortunately Andrew did not attend.


To consider Minutes of the Previous Meeting – Tuesday 10th October 2017

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 10th October 2017, copies of which had been previously circulated to Members, were confirmed as a true record with a change required to item 9, Kemble Centre.  These will be signed in the December meeting after recirculation.

Subsequent to the meeting Councillor Jinman has reported back to correct an apparent

misunderstanding regarding HCC and the Kemble Centre Project. The consultation team from HCC

that were presenting at the meeting in Longtown were unaware of the project and asked that they

be specifically be informed further as to the nature of the project. The feasibility study provided by

the retained external consultancy on behalf of the EHGPC has been forwarded to them. They have

offered a follow up meeting following the publishing of their report to consider what role the

Kemble Centre might have in any implementation plans that follow from the adoption of any of the report’s content or recommendations.

5 Open Forum
  5.1  To receive brief report from the Local Policing Team

There was no Local Policing Team present, however we thank them for their very useful monthly update.

  5.2  To receive brief report from the Ward Councillor

Cllr Jinman will be attending a training day next Monday, where he will be attending sessions with all departments within Herefordshire Council.  Cllr Jinman is finding it very interesting meeting the different Parish Councils and Group Parish Councils and is hoping to arrange a meeting between chairman and clerks from the Ward.

The number of planning applications currently being received at Herefordshire Council is up 30% on this time last year, most of the applications are decided by the Officers. Some are passed to Committee for decision.  Any parishes that have an NDP have planning applications considered with the NDP.  It is very important that the GPC make a comment with reasons for all planning applications.

The Planning Department are happy to send representatives to come to GPC meeting and discuss the full process.

The announcement of the £15m towards the cost of a new University to be built in and around Hereford is good news, however it is a small sum against what will be required to meet the needs of the suggested 5000 students and the lecturing and research staff not to mention administrators and service staff. There will be a lot of infrastructure cost that will also  have to be funded to meet the needs of the student and postgraduate housing, roads, buildings, medical facilities etc

Roads resurfacing across the county is continuing as the grant received needs to be spent by March.  The surface being put down is a very good quality road surface, with an expected life of 15  – 20 years.

Cllr Jinman was asked to find out what was happening with the £6m rebate that Hereford Council received.  AP1 Cllr Jinman to investigate

  5.3  To receive brief report from Parish Paths Officer

Report received, Council agree that the Parish Paths Officer is doing an amazing job, the reports are fantastic.

AP2 Clerk to contact PPO and ask if he has a supply of small green keep dog on lead signs that can go up at the Recreation Ground. AP3 Cllr Watkins is happy to install.   AP4 Clerk to manage list of jobs to be done.  AP5 Clerk to ask for quotes from lengthsman to clear branch in report. AP6 Clerk to clarify with BB if Lengthsman does P3 work or if the GPC can contract others. AP7 A new footpaths map is needed, Clerk to contact Peter Overstall. AP8 Cllr Jinman to find out who landowner for footpath EH5.  AP9 Cllr Wrigglesworth to investigate galvanised gates.

Glebe field style has been reported to BB AP10 Cllr Jinman to follow up

Issues raised regarding the bull in the field and padlocked on Herefordshire Trail have been resolved.


  5.4  To receive views and comments from local residents

Speed along the Pontrilas Road this has been particularly noted with delivery vehicles.  At Wormlow 30mph has been painted on the road.  AP11 Clerk to investigate speed limit painted on road, cost of sign just inside the village, cost of flashing lights.  AP12 Clerk & Cllr Jinman to write to local businesses asking them to speak to their deliveries.


Road surface state after Welsh Water works on Pontrilas Road AP13 Clerk to contact BB to investigate


Collapsed Drain near Collins’. Council were informed earlier in the year by Linzy Outrim that this was a priority.  AP14 Clerk to chase


Carol singing date; the date has not been set by the Events Committee yet, AP15 Cllr Evans to arrange with Events Committee and contact David Bond & Ruth Wrigglesworth


5.4.1  Comments Regarding Pontrilas Saw Mills

Cllr Jinman has been in touch with both the complainant and Pontrilas Saw Mills.  It was noted that sound does travel further on still days, and that the new shed is installed with saws moved into it in an attempt to reduce sound, drums have been lined with rubber to also try and reduce sound.  AP16 Cllr Jinman to pursue and report


5.4.2  Dog Fouling & off the lead

The GPC apologised to the member of the public for the incident and are very happy to hear it was reported to the police.  New signs have gone up, and there was an article in the October Newsletter.  The Government and police are taking reports very seriously of this, anti social behaviour from dog owners and disturbance to livestock on Common land. The police are encouraging all incidents to be reported. AP17 Cllr Oversall to send Cllr Pogson sign design.


5.4.3  Hedges

Complaints have been received regarding the hedges near the Fire station.  AP18 Clerk to contact the Estate.


5.4.5 Fireworks

  GPC would like to Thank very much the Events Committee and their team for all the hard work that went into a fantastic fireworks night.  Parking was superbly managed, it was fantastic to see so many people enjoying the fireworks, which raised just over £2400 for future village projects.  A complaint was received regarding the fire after the public had left, this has been duly noted and a lesson learnt for the future.


6 To receive Clerk Update and to note Correspondence List

The clerk’s update and correspondence list was noted.  Dore Abbey Cllr Jinman will try to attend.  There are no travellers’ sites in this area. Cllr Watkins said he would complete the monitoring return on the pavilion (AP19).  There was no community housing provision planned in the NDP. Currently there is no formal structure to litter picking in the parishes.






To receive Recreation Ground Working Group update

Recreation Ground Working Group to arrange a meeting (AP20)  Cllr Eynon completed inspections this month. Cllr Probert offered to complete next month. AP21 Clerk to send out updated inspection list.


Standing Orders

Current Standing Orders were circulated to everyone for discussion next month.



An Examiner has been selected. There is a small amount of money left to pay for the remaining bills when they arrive.  Hereford Council will be running the referendum, and often group items together to make it more cost effective. As the referendum draws near there will be more information in the newsletter.


10 Lengthsman Scheme (incorporating the P3 scheme)

Worksheets and itemised listing of works done received. After some consideration GPC requested more detail. Councillors are asked to consider work they would like the lengthsman to ensure is done and send it to the clerk by 21st November for compilation. AP22 Councillors to send jobs to clerk. AP23 Clerk to compile AP24 Cllr Wigglesworth to prioritise.




Anti Fraud Policy

The prepared Anti Fraud Policy was considered and formally adopted.


12 Finance

12.1  To consider Finance Report for Approval – Approved

12.2  To consider grant application from Ewyas Harold and Dulas Parochial Church Council – Approved AP25 Council would like to know if there was a bill attached to the repairing of the light and VAT reclaimable

  12.3  To consider grant application from Dore Community Transport – Approved AP26 Council would like comparative figures of how much Dore Community Transport is being used in the Parishes compared to last year. Clerk to contact.

12.4   Payments for approval – as per schedule below – Approved









AP27 Clerk to email all people with outstanding invoices and explain that Unfortunately due to a clerical error by our bank, Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council has not received a new cheque book. The payment of your invoice has been approved by Council, but we are unable to process payment until the new chequebook is received. We apologise profusely for the delay this is causing and are endeavouring to get the cheques out as soon as possible.


Parish Precept & FGP Update

Draft Parish Precept was considered.   AP28 Cllr Wakins to investigate on going maintenance on the play equipment. AP29 Clerk to investigate the legal situation of hypothecation of monies, also how many years ahead can a project be budgeted for before completion.  Parish Precept will be finalised and agreed in the December meeting.












Christmas Lights

The GPC are looking forward to the Christmas lights. AP30 Clerk to notify Insurers


Items for Newsletter

The next newsletter is being planned for Jan / Feb. Complaints were received that the font size was too small and this will be rectified for the next newsletter.  AP31 Cllr Overstall to write a piece on the history of the playground. AP32 Cllr Jinman to write a piece on The Common.  Also to be included information on the Referendum.


Report on CPRE conference for EHGPC

  Many thanks to Cllr Overstall for attending.  The report was circulated.



























Rowlestone Telephone Box

BT have been contacted requesting an update on this. Clerk is currently awaiting their reply.

AP33 Clerk to follow up


 Meeting in Dulas

AP34 Cllr Overstall to follow up


Ewyas Harold Common

Cllr Jinman declared an interest in that he chairs the Ewyas Harold Common Society but wanted council and through the minutes the public  to know that the current Lord of the Manor is working with the Common Society to transfer ownership to the society. The intention is for there to be a Charitable Incorporated Organisation set up to become the new owner followed by consideration as to how the water supply can also be transferred to a not for profit entity, possibly a Community Interest Company. Cllr Jinman promised to keep the EHGPC informed as to progress


Planning Applications

173988 Land at Pwll-Y-Hunt, Pudding street, Pontrilas

AP35 Clerk to request an extension, details were published 1 day before the meeting which did not give Councillors enough time to look at the documentation.


Matters for Next Agenda (no discussion)

All current items


  As this was a matter of employment this was closed to the public.


Payee Item
Miss C Griffiths Clerk’s salary for October 2017 – as per regular payment schedule and contract of employment Total (inc. VAT)


NI EE £33.35

NI ER £37.80

Total (exc. VAT)


NI EE £33.35

NI ER £37.80




Miss C Griffiths Travel


Home as Office










Nick Cooper Tompkins CT Groundcare £440 £440  
St Micheal’s Hall St Micheal’s Hall hire £17 £17  
Terry Griffiths Lengthsman and P3 £458.40 £382  
Herefordshire Wildlife Trust Wild Play £600 £500  
Ray Pritchard Hedges at Recreation Ground £120 £100  
Rowelstone Village Hall Hire of Rowelstone Village Hall £32.50 £32.30




Action Points

AP1 To request info on £6m rebate Hereford Council received and planned usage PJ
AP2 contact PPO and ask if he has a supply of small green keep dog on lead signs Clerk
AP3 to install signs at Recreation Ground MW
AP4 Create and manage list of jobs from PPO Clerk
AP5 Request quotes from lengthsman to clear branch in PPO report Clerk
AP6 Clarification with Balfour Beaty regarding P3 Clerk
AP7 contact Peter Overstall re Footpaths Map Clerk
AP8 find out who landowner for footpath EH5 PJ
AP9 investigate galvanised gates MWr
AP10 Glebe field style follow up with BB PJ
AP11 to investigate speed limit measures Clerk
AP12 write to local businesses asking them to speak to their deliveries re speed Clerk & PJ
AP13 contact BB to investigate road surface Pontrilas Road Clerk
AP14 Chase BB re collapsed drain Clerk
AP15 Arrange Carol singing date & notify RE
AP16 pursue and report on noise from sawmills PJ
AP17 Dog signs to be sent to Chris LO
AP18 Contact Estate re Hedges by Fire Station Clerk
AP19 Grant monitoring return for pavilion MW
AP20 RGWG to arrange meeting SE
AP21 Send out updated inspection list Clerk
AP22 Councillors to send jobs for lengthsman to clerk by 21st Nov All
AP23 Compile lengthsman jobs Clerk
AP24 Prioritise lengthsman jobs MWr
AP25 Request copy of bill from Dulas PCC Clerk
AP26 Request comparative figures from Dore Transport Clerk
AP27 Email to outstanding invoices explaining Clerk
AP28 Investigate ongoing maintenance of play equipment MW
AP29 investigate the legal situation of hypothecation of monies Clerk
AP30 notify Insurers of Christmas Lights Clerk
AP31 write a piece on the history of the playground for newsletter LO
AP32 write a piece on The Common for newsletter PJ
AP33 Rowlestone Telephone Box Clerk
AP34 Meeting in Dulas LO
AP35 request an extension Planning Application 173988 Clerk