Council Business

Serving Ewyas Harold, Rowlestone, Dulas and Llancillo


Parish councillors are summoned to attend a meeting on

Tuesday 12th January 2021, 7.00pm on Zoom

Finance Committee to meet at 6.45pm prior to the EHGPC meeting.

Any members of the public wishing to attend this online Parish Council meeting, please contact the clerk for the access code to the call.


  1. To accept apologies for absence.
  2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
  3. Consider minutes of previous meeting
  4. Finance       4. 1  Consider outstanding invoices

4.2  To approve regular payments

4.3  Acknowledgement of receipts

4.4  To review 20/21 expenditure and consider the precept for 2021/22

  1. To raise matters for the next agenda
  2. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting:


  1. To accept apologies for absence.
  2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
  3. 1 To consider minutes of the previous meeting  – 08.12.20.

3.2  Matters arising from these: either addressed, on the agenda or ; Kissing gate at Pontrilas Court Farm; Letter for businesses; Dark Lane pavements to be cleared; KC Keys;

3.3  Matters raised between meetings ; correspondence with Temple Bar; out of control dogs; flooding in the village; information sharing amongst the PC.

  1. Open Forum for public comments
  2. To receive a brief report from:-
    •  the Ward Councillor/PC chairman.
    •  From PCSO
    • From footpaths officer (nothing to report this month)
  3. Planning
    • To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:-

203950: St Michaels Hall, Ewyas Harold; proposed installation of a 12.5 meter pole and cabinets.

204347: Mayan House, Pudding Lane, Pontrilas

204487: Land East of Callowside, Ewyas Harold

  • To note the applications determined by Herefordshire Council:- None to date
  • Recreation ground/pavilion : Update on the rec, pavilion and play area.
  • Lengthsman – To receive an update and consider vital work required around the parish
  • Kemble Centre – update.
  • Community Resilience plan: in relation to Covid 19.
  • Finance
    • Balance as at 30.11.20 in Current Acct: £20,245.22  Reserve acct 30.12.20: £78,579.19
    • To authorise payments to be made including: CT Groundcare:£130;WBC plant hire: £360; L Chance £450; Cleanmy £18.35; others TBC
    • To authorise regular payments including: Clerks Salary; SSE electricity; Herefordshire Council -Bins
    • To confirm monies received:
    • Grant requests for consideration: Dore Valley Community Transport
    • Precept setting for 2021-2022 – Discussion
  • Roads including; Road safety improvements
  • Assisting Dog owners with their responsibilities – Update
  • Railway Station – Update
  • Informing parishoners of the work of the GPC including social media.
  • To raise matters for the next agenda : no discussion.
  • To note the date of the next scheduled meeting : 9th Feb 2020.

Posted: 7th January 2021




Future parish council meeting dates for 2021:


2021 dates Tuesday 9th February 7pm
  Tuesday 9th March 7pm
  Tuesday 14th April 7pm
  Tuesday 11th May 7pm
  Tuesday 8th June 7pm
  Tuesday 13th July 7pm
  Tuesday 10th August 7pm
  Tuesday 14th September 7pm
  Tuesday 12th October 7pm
  Tuesday 9th November 7pm
  Tuesday 14th December 7pm