Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council Training Policy

The Council recognises that training and development for Councillors and employees is a major investment in its ability to deliver effective products and services and will seek to create a culture of continuous development. It will:-
1. Provide adequate training budgets to achieve its objectives.

2. Encourage and support the development of knowledge, skills and abilities and recognise there is shared benefit.

3. Provide the necessary opportunities, resources and support to enable employees to attain and maintain the required knowledge, skills and abilities.

4. Include all forms of learning designed to improve the performance, abilities and potential of Councillors and employees.

5. Where appropriate, be involved in Government initiatives.

6. Ensure that the training and development activities are based on the system of needs assessment. Priority will be given to those activities necessary to meet the Council’s objectives.

7. Ensure that training opportunities and resources are provided to employees in an equitable and fair way and related to identified needs. Clear reference to training will be included in the equal opportunities policy.

8. The appraisal system for employees will address training and development needs and set annual targets.

9. Induction training will be provided for all newly elected Councillors and additional specific training will be on-going, either in-house or outsourced. Training records will be maintained in support of the Local Council Award Scheme accreditation.

10. Councillors and employees will have responsibility to apply positive attitudes and action in their development and to assist the Parish Council’s achievements.

Adopted at the parish council meeting on 14th June 2016