Ewyas Harold Parish Plan

Parish Plan 2012
The updated plan has now been endorsed by Herefordshire Council, and as such will form additional planning guidance in the Local Plan. To view please click on the link below:

Ewyas Harold Action Plan


The Parish Plan is a blueprint for the future of the local community. It is based on a detailed survey of the needs of the parishes and the opinions of the residents. It draws up a list of objectives with an action plan and timetable to enable them to be achieved.

When it is formally adopted, the Parish Plan acts as a policy guideline for the Group Parish Council and Herefordshire Council. It can be used as a reference document for other agencies that may be concerned with developing services or providing support to local groups.

The Parish Plan supports community initiatives at local level. By providing impartial assessment of need, it will assist groups to tap into funding for community projects. Grant aid is normally only given to groups who can demonstrate the viability of their scheme and involvement in a Parish Plan is often a requirement for grant application.


The Parish Plan will provide a framework for action at local level and will inform decision-makers at county level by providing well-researched information and opinion.

It will be updated regularly and will be accessible on our website www.ewyasharoldgpc.org.uk

It will be used by:

  • The Parish Council – as a blueprint for action.
  • Statutory bodies and public authorities – for information.
  • Planners and developers – for guidance.
  • Local community groups – as evidence to obtain the grants they need.


At the suggestion of the Group Parish Council, a working party of Parish Councillors and local residents formed the Ewyas Harold Parish Plan Group in 2003. A grant was provided by the Countryside Agency to cover the cost of meetings and publications.

The Parish Plan Group included: Liz Overstall, Isabelle Devereaux, Lloyd Rickards, Jane and Ian Matheson, Graham Sprackling, Mary Williams, Helen Waites, Paul Sheen, Jean Addis, Ann Bradley, Pam Haywood, Stella Phillips.

We are grateful to all the residents who attended out meetings and supported us throughout the two-year development of this Parish Plan.


A465 Road Meeting (27th February 2004) with Paul Keetch MP, the Police, the Highways Agency, and Herefordshire Council to discuss road safety issues on the A465.

A series of 16 meetings at the Baptist Chapel, Ewyas Harold and The Barn, Dulas between 2003 and April 2005..

A stall at the Summer Fair July 2004

Cheese and Wine information gathering party in Rowlestone (21st April 2004)

Cheese and Wine information gathering party in Dulas (20th  May 2004)

Happy Hour for business people at the Temple Bar Ewyas Harold (19th January 2005)

Questionnaire presentation (9th March 2005) in Ewyas Harold

A detailed questionnaire was sent to every household in the four parishes to obtain opinion on key issues. A response of  41% confirmed support for the Parish Plan and provided a framework for the final draft.  The results of the Questionnaire were presented at a public meeting on 9th March 2005 at the Memorial Hall.  This meeting was attended by representatives from the Police (to discuss Law and Order) and the Memorial Hall Committee (to discuss suggestions and complaints).

What happens next?  The draft Parish Plan will be circulated as widely as possible before being submitted for adoption to the GPC and Herefordshire Council.    A limited number of copies  will then be printed.  The Parish Plan is a Living Document and will change over time.  The definitive Parish Plan will always be available on this website.

How to make your contribution

We welcome criticism as well as positive suggestions. Please help us by taking  time to read the drafts on this website.  You make suggestions about  the Parish Plan by email or by writing a note and dropping it in the Suggestions Box in Ewyas Harold Post Office.

A Parish plan is a “vision” of how we want our village to develop.  It is an official document with power to influence local government as well as the many other organizations which affect the lives of rural people.  The Parish Plan will identify everything that is most important about living in Ewyas Harold.  It will cover everything from employment to health, from housing and playgrounds to the protection of hedges and trees.

 The Parish Plan will

  • Reflect the views of the whole village.
  • Identify local problems and opportunities.
  • Describe the most highly valued village features.
  • Spell out how local people want the village to develop.
  • Prepare a plan of action to achieve this vision.

What difference will it make?

The Group Parish Council will take immediate action on any small feasible projects within its budget.  This has already started to happen.

  • Residents are worried about the A465 turning and the speed of vehicles in the village.  We have liased with Paul Keetch MP, Herefordshire Council, the Highways Authority and the Police.  Some improvements have been made.  We have formed a working party to monitor the situation and press for a better deal for pedestrians and Rowlstone residents.
  • Rowlestone asked for “Heritage” signposting to the church from the A465.  They are on their way.  We are waiting for delivery of the new signs now.
  • Rowlestone wants cleaner roads.  The GPC will providing road cleaning for the centre of the village and the council is consulting with HC on enforcement measures to keep roads clear of excessive mud.
  • Llancillo wants sign posts.

Bigger projects: Ewyas Harold wants better sports facilities and the GPC will actively assist any group (such as a tennis club) that comes forward with a reasonable management proposal.

The Parish Plan is the first step in achieving real improvements in the village.  There’s grant money available for all sorts of community projects – perhaps more than ever before – but it’s hard to get hold of unless you can prove there’s a real need.  You have got to prove that the project is really wanted and that it is sustainable.  Grant-giving bodies always ask “Is your project in the Parish Plan?”   If it is included – your point is made.

The job of the Parish Plan is to identify the things that Ewyas Harold needs and to assist village groups to get the help and funding to make the dream a reality.