Minutes April 2018

Minutes of Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 10th April 2018

Chairman Peter C Jinman

  1. Apologies from Liz Overstall, Steve Clayton and the clerk.

The clerk, Claire Griffiths, had given council due notice that as she was getting married in two days’ time that she might find it difficult to attend. Council had therefore felt it right and proper to excuse her from attending and to wish her well for her ‘big day’. Council were grateful for having prepared the agenda and papers.

  1. There were no declarations of interest or dispensation applications.
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted and signed by the chairman as a true record

No matters arising

  1. No representative of the police was present to make a report although acknowledgment of the email news on policing matters was welcomed
  2. Ward Councillor, Peter Jinman, gave a brief report on his meeting with Balfour Beatty at a briefing for Councillors and of his morning with the Locality Steward touring local roads and discussing pothole repair and general road maintenance. A discussion followed on the aspects that were of interest to councillors most notably the concerns as to frequency of repairs, efficiency of repairs, flooding, drainage and other aspects of road maintenance.

Councillor Jinman was able to report that as a consequence of raising the issue with Balfour Beatty and Herefordshire Council regarding the flooding, a May start date had been provided for the work on the collapsed culvert at the entrance to the village close to the A465. Further that Balfour Beatty had been asked to contact Welsh Water to get a start date for the work to relieve the road flooding on the Pontrilas Road near Olde Shoppelands.

A request for a village clean up was asked to be passed on to the Locality Steward.        Action clerk


  1. Parish Footpaths officer gave a report as to his activities now he is restored to health and thanked the lengthsman for undertaking recent works. The need for more detailed work sheet information was required so that the Footpaths officer could be clear as to works that had been done. Council also needed this information to ensure that work claimed was properly reconciled before payment. Account information need this detail. A request for more footpaths signage was made by the footpaths officer as he needs stock. Council thanked the footpaths officer for his work.

Action Clerk and Lengthsman

  1. Recreation ground report was made by Councillor Watkins.

Agreement as to who holds keys for the pavilion and who should have a further set to deal with any queries such as a resident’s recent complaint as to lighting being left on at night. The Recreation Ground working party will hold a meeting to deal with maintenance matters.

  1. Lengthsman scheme and P3

Terry Griffiths was present and was thanked for his work over the term of his contract. It appeared that correspondence regarding the change of contractor had not been received and apologies were made and the matter would be looked into. As the scheme is no loger funded by Herefordshire Council it is now one that will be paid out of parish precept and it is the main reason that the precept has risen this year. Action Chairman and Clerk

A discussion followed regarding the speed of traffic through the village especially from the Dulas direction and also on the Pontrilas road. The chairman offered to raise the issue with Herefordshire Council regarding any means of reducing the traffic speeds by physical or indicator means. Councillor Probert to chair a small working group to look into how such speed controls were being undertaken in other villages and locations. Action Chairman and Cllr Probert   

In discussing village maintenance, a request was made for the bus shelter to be cleaned by power washing and also the children’s playground. An instruction for the continuation of litter collection and bin cleaning to be made.   Action Clerk 

A request for mole clearance to be undertaken on the recreation ground. Action Cllr Watkins

A replacement for the window in the recreation ground pavilion and also for the seat for the Willis jeep in the children’s playground was also agreed. Action Clerk and Cllr Watkins


  1. NDP . At the suggestion of the chairman a meeting of all councils in the NDP was being arranged for consideration of actions to flow from the plan. This being a meeting of the chairmen and clerks at first instance.
  2. Kemble Centre. The chairman noted that Peter Overstall had attended a recent meeting of the Herefordshire Healthwatch, patient participation group event and had offered to arrange a meeting with the South Herefordshire region lead GP as it appears that finally there is some bringing together of the plans for health and social services for the county. Council agreed it would be good to get the project up and running again so long as there was a clearer indication as to the requirements from the Doctors, NHS and Social Services. In the meantime, no further expenditure other than maintenance of the site was intended.


  1. Finance

In the absence of the clerk it was agreed that there would be a meeting of the F&GP committee under the chairmanship of the vice chairman next week with the clerk to deal with the payments that were presented for payment and to reconcile same and to consider the funds still available for the lengthsman and P3 schemes.

  1. BT phonebox, Rowlestone. Clerk to be asked to update council at next meeting.                                                                                                Action Clerk
  2. Still awaiting response from West Midlands Ambulance Service. Action Clerk
  3. Scouts Container. No update yet received
  4. Training courses for clerk. Agreed as part of her CILCA training
  5. It was again pointed out that Herefordshire Council no longer supply these and it is was individuals/businesses to make/obtain their own
  6. Permission to use the recreation ground. Council agreed that the clerk could respond to these without reference to the full council, but all applications must be official ones ie from suitably empowered persons. That she should discuss any requirements with the chairman and the chair of the recreation ground working group. The standard protocol should apply regarding such things as the insurance requirement etc.
  7. The council was putting in place the necessary requirements and Cllr Stainton offered to assist the clerk in drafting the policy.

Meeting closed at 20.50. Next meeting is on 7th May. Chairman offered his apologies in advance for that date.