Minutes July 2018


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council that will be held on Tuesday 17th July 2018 at 6.30pm at The Pavilion


  1. Present: Cllr C Pogson (L), – Vice Chairman, Cllr S Eynon (EH), Cllr M Wrigglesworth (EH), Cllr L Overstall (D), Cllr R Evans (D) Cllr M Watkins (R) Cllr S Probert (EH) six members of the public and Claire Bunton (Clerk)

Apologies: Cllr P Jinman (EH), Cllr S Clayton (R), Cllr C Stainton (EH)


  1. To receive Declarations of Interest & Dispensation Applications

There were no declarations of interest or dispensation applications


  1. To consider Minutes of the Previous Meeting – Tuesday 8th May 2018

The Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 12th June 2018 copies of which had been previously circulated to Members, were confirmed as a true record


Open Forum

4a. Presentation from Russell Pryce MRTPI, Planning Manager, Collins Design and Build

Presentation received about a proposed development west of Callowside that would be for 10 houses, a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bed to include bungalows.  Collins Design and Build have considered the Neighbourhood Development plan and Ewyas Harold Design Policy.  Ecology and traffic surveys have been completed.


Collins Design and Build would be the developer.  They are hoping to submit the application during September 2018.  Communication has been had with Welsh Water who have said the current sewers do not have sufficient capacity.  This will have to be pumped into the sewers at the main road. It is unclear who will adopt the pump.


Questions were asked about any 106 contribution for the community, however the GPC was assured this was not a requirement for such a small build. Ownership of the road was also asked and as yet this is also unclear.


4.1 There was no report from the Local Policing Team, however Council noted the recent bulletins that had been received from the policing team

4.2 Report from Ward Councillor

There was no separate report from the Ward Councillor


4.3  Report from Parish Path’s Officer

Noted Grahams fantastic report and Council is very pleased to see that items being listed are being dealt with.  Parish Council are very pleased to see a gate has been ordered and will arrange fitting with the Parish Lengthsman.



4.4 To receive views and comments from local residents

There were none that were not covered by agenda items


  1. To receive Clerk Update and to note Correspondence List

Correspondence list that was previously circulated was noted.

Update below:

Clerk Update June 18

Action Points including carried over from previous meetings.


AP12 write to local businesses asking them to speak to their deliveries re speed list of all businesses in the area has been compiled Clerk & PJ
  Speed Controls Investigation PJ SP
AP18-43 who owns and is responsible for the Cricket Pavilion, investigate Clerk
AP18-46 Distribute updated inspection list Clerk
AP18-48 Keys cut for Kemble Centre Clerk
AP18-51 Take scanned copy of Rowlestone phone box to Cllr Eynon Clerk
AP18-53 Speeding, traffic calming for newsletter SP
AP18-54 Newsletter:  Friendship with Segonzac LO
AP18-55 Newsletter:  EH Scout Group – Have been contacted Clerk
AP18-56 Newsletter: Info regarding new build Clerk
AP18-58 Letter to Cricket Club with Stewardship agreement CP
AP18-59 Quotes for replacement window at Pavilion MW
AP18-60 Ask Mr & Mrs Chance if they can clean the play equipment MW
AP18-61 Contact CT Groundcare re ground at Kemble Centre Clerk
AP18-62 Advise Ewyas Harold Scouts yes to the container and contact Cllr Wrigglesworth re siting it Clerk
AP18-63 Obtain quotes for plannings SE
AP18-64 Invite Balfour Beaty Locality Steward to next meeting Clerk
AP18-65 New Office Package, automated back up and Cloud based storage RE & Clerk
AP18-66 Clerk to put something on website front page to show its being updated Clerk
AP18-68 Reply to Mr Jones Clerk
AP18-69 Write to Mr Castle Clerk


Thanks to Cllr Pogson, reply drafted and sent to Cara, re Dog mess bins

Planning comments all emailed to relevant case officers.

Action point 12 has been transferred to Cllr Pogson.  In light of communication received regarding Pontrilas Sawmills it was decided to postpone a reply to Mr Castle


  1. To receive Recreation Ground Working Group update

The recreation working group have not yet had a meeting.  Thanks to Cllr Watkins for checking the play equipment.


Quotes received from Griffiths’ and Hayles for Plannings.  Clerk to obtain a quote from Radbournes. AP18-60


Cricket Club – Letter and this years stewardship agreement have been emailed and posted to Mr P Mathews.  The artificial pitch is coming to the end of its life. Cllr Jinman stated that the building is owned by Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council


Cllr Watkins and Clerk are trying to arrange a monitoring meeting with The Football Foundation.


Council discussed replacement window for the pavilion, AP18-59 Cllr Wrigglesworth was asked to get quotes. Council also discussed replacement toilet seats for in the pavilion and unanimously agreed they should be bought and fitted. AP18-66 Cllr Watkins to sort


Many thanks to Mr & Mrs Chance for cleaning the play equipment.


Discussed hedge cutting and agreed to book Mr R Pritchard to cut the hedges.  AP18-61 Clerk to contact

Discussed grass cutting on the verge by the footpath on Priorsfield and around the gate & playground. Agreed to ask CT Groundcare.  AP18-62 Cllr Watkins to contact



  1. NDP

There is no further update


  1. Kemble Centre

8.1 Outside inspection completed.

8.2  Correspondence from Miss Carey Godwin, representing a group of artists/craftspeople, who are seeking GPC approval for a 12 year lease on the Kemble Centre.  They wish to use the building as an Arts & Crafts Centre / workshop space.  The group plan to set up a charitable cooperative and obtain grant aid to improve the facilities at the Kemble Centre, which currently has no water, or toilet and is falling into disrepair.   Space would be limited to arts & crafts as the group do not want to be in conflict with other groups in the area.  At the end of the lease period the Kemble Centre would be returned to the GPC in good order, complete with improvements.  The proposed project would not prevent the community realising its aim to use the Kemble Centre as a medical and ancillary services facility at the end of the lease period, and the GPC would be welcome to use the Kemble Centre during the period of the lease, for suitable meetings, by arrangement.

The GPC felt that the community should be consulted because it is the GPC’s long-term aim to establish a medical facility on the site and this is reflected in the Parish Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan.  Cllr Overstall paid tribute to the immense amount of work Councillors, staff at Ewyas Harold & Peterchurch surgeries and residents have done to further the medical / ancillary services project, and she regretted that there has been no grant money forthcoming, or support from the hierarchical medical establishment to take the project forward.  The proposal to use the Kemble Centre for Arts and Craft purposes for 12 years is a practical solution to the problem of an empty building, however the GPC wishes to be sure that residents fully understand the reasons for the suggested change of plan. Residents are invited to comment by emailing the clerk at  clerk@ewyasharoldgpc.org.uk or calling 07717 478 272.  A comments box will also be placed in the post office and collected on 6th August.


Group Parish Council also invites expressions of interest for alternative use of the Kemble Centre that will add value to the community by 6th August for discussion at the next Parish Council meeting on 14th August

AP18-63 Clerk to put poster on noticeboards and on website


  1. Speeding in the Village

This is an ongoing issue.  Cllr Pogson to draft letter to local business’.  Cllr Jinman has been looking into a meeting with Highways.  It was requested that this be done.  AP18-68. Options considered include signage, gateway/ hurdle arrangement on the verge near the entrance of the village to act as a speeding deterrent, hedge clearing to enable signs to be seen.  AP18-69 Cllr Probert to contact Balfour Beaty re hedge clearing.  The petition is growing in numbers and will continue to be collected.


  1. Lengthsman Scheme (incorporating P3)

No new invoices have been received.  Work recently completed includes Gates at Wigga, resitting of sewerage culvert at the Recreation Ground, Strimming of grass near Trap House.

Discussed work being done on the ditch past Pontrilas Merchants, this was unanimously agreed.


  1. Finance

11.1 Payments for approval were all unanimously agreed

11.2 Finance report previously circulated was considered.


  1. Annual Governance & Accountability Return

Clerk has contacted auditor to arrange hand over of accounts


  1. Fireworks

Events committee have asked permission to hold the fireworks again this year.  This was unanimously agreed.


  1. Flooding

Is an ongoing problem. Cllr Probert is arranging a meeting with Paul Norris, Balfour Beaty.  It was agreed that Cllr Wrigglesworth would attend this meeting to discuss options.  AP18-67 Cllr’s Probert and Wrigglesworth to meet with Paul Norris.


  1. Email Storage

Cllr Evans has researched with HALC and Cllr Mark Millmore.  Options are an extra 10Gb email upgrade at £3/month to include Word & Excel but doesn’t include any storage space, or 50Gb email, 1Tb back up, Word, Excel and Norton Anti virus £12/month.  Agreed to go for the £12/ month package.  Cllr Evans to arrange.


  1. 2018 Football Foundation Monitoring Evaluation Survey

All completed.  Many thanks to Cllr Watkins.


  1. Items for Newsletter

As per last meeting to include notice about Kemble Centre


  1. Matters for the Next Agenda (No discussion)

Collins Design and Build Development

Cllr Evans leave of Absence

Clerk leave of Absence

Bus Stop cleaning


Payment Schedule:

Miss C Griffiths Clerk’s salary for June 2018 – as per regular payment schedule and contract of employment Total (inc. VAT)


NI EE £0

NI ER £0

Total (exc. VAT)


NI EE £0

NI ER £0




Miss C Griffiths Travel


Home as Office







Nick Cooper Tompkins CT Groundcare £442 £442  
HALC Subscription £841.42 £841.42  


Current Action Points:

AP12 write to local businesses asking them to speak to their deliveries re speed list of all businesses in the area has been compiled Clerk & CP
AP18-48 Keys cut for Kemble Centre Clerk
AP18-51 Take scanned copy of Rowlestone phone box to Cllr Eynon Clerk
AP18-53 Speeding, traffic calming for newsletter SP
AP18-59 Quotes for replacement window at Pavilion MW
AP18-60 Clerk to get quote from Radbournes for Plannings Clerk
AP18-61 Contact Mr R Pritchard re Hedge cutting Clerk
AP18-62 grass cutting on the verge by the footpath on Priorsfield and around the gate & playground. Agreed to ask CT Groundcare MW
AP18-63 Clerk to put poster re Kemble Centre on notice board and website Clerk
AP18-64 Cllr Evans to arrange upgrade on email, storage and Office RE
AP18-66 Replacement toilet seats bought and fitted in Pavilion MW
AP18-67 Cllrs Probert & Wrigglesworth to meet with Paul Norris SP MW
AP18-68 Cllr Jinman to arrange meeting with Highways PJ
AP18-69 Cllr Probert to contact Balfour Beaty re hedge clearing SP