Minutes May 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council that was held on Tuesday 8th May 2018 at 7.00pm at The Pavilion

  1. Present: Cllr C Pogson (L), – Vice Chairman, Cllr S Eynon (EH), Cllr M Wrigglesworth (EH), Cllr L Overstall (D), Cllr R Evans (D) and Claire Bunton (Clerk)

Apologies: Cllr P Jinman (EH), Cllr S Clayton (R), Cllr M Watkins (R)


Presentation from Kat La Tzsar Beau Homes.

Regarding the reserved measures for planning application 181538.

The current design Beau Homes are working on 25% of the properties are smaller homes, which it is believed will meet the market need.  The design team started with a landscape architect, where they assess the landscape and design the new properties to be in keeping with the area. The design also includes a useable public space.  Natural play areas are being considered, as is a small orchard area.

Council asked who would maintain this area and was assured it would be the responsibility of Stonewater, the Housing Association that would own some of the properties. It was clarified that Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council would not have any responsibilities for any play areas attached to the new build project.

The housing would be a mix of flats, bungalows, and 2/3 bed houses. 35% of the properties need to be affordable housing.

It was asked what would be done to aid infrastructure in the village,  and were informed as part of the 106 agreement a new footpath would be built and verge clearing along the main road.

Concerns were expressed by Council over drainage and sewerage. Welsh Water have confirmed to Beau Homes that the existing drainage can cope.  Kat confirmed she would check this position and ask if there are any plans to upgrade.

There are plans for an attenuation pond, which has been designed to allow for a 1 in 100 year storm plus 30% to allow for global warming.

It was asked who would be responsible for the roads.  Council was informed that the main roads would fall under Highways jurisdiction, and the private roads would be maintained by Stonewater.




2. To receive Declarations of Interest & Dispensation Applications

None were received.


3. To consider Minutes of the Previous Meeting – Tuesday 11th April 2018

The Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 11th April 2018 copies of which had been previously circulated to Members, were confirmed as a true record


4. Open Forum
4.1  There was no report from the Local Policing Team
4.2  Report from the Ward Councillor

Roads, potholes and planning would sum up the main concerns in the last month. I have attended briefings from Balfour Beatty for council members and have spent time with our locality steward. The effect of the snow was to markedly increase the number and severity of the potholes appearing in the local roads. That there is a considerable problem is something I have discussed not only at Herefordshire Council level but also recently with our local MP. It is a national problem and will not be simply solved by throwing more money at the filling in of the potholes without attending to the degradation of the actual surface and structure of the roads and the problem of drainage. I have attached a couple of documents from the Balfour briefing that councillors might like to read.

As a result of a somewhat to the point letter and a series of photos that I sent into Herefordshire Council and our locality steward the date for the start of the work on the collapsed culvert has been confirmed as this month. I am still pursuing the date for the rest of the drainage work that was promised over a year ago.

Planning continues to be a major part of the work of a ward councillor and the number of applications seems to be increasing. Most are being dealt with by the officials in the planning department as they fall into the increasing area of delegated responsibilities. It is important for parish councils to make clear their views and to ensure that those views are transmitted not only to the planners but also to the local councillor as frequently these may be the only source of comment. On occasions there is considerable comment but not related to the rules or law of planning!

Currently the council is considering the impact of the cuts in central grant and what can be afforded out of the significantly decreased budget. Given that over two thirds of that budget is required to meet statutory responsibilities it is clear that many services previously paid for by local council will not be happening in the future without some other source of funding or marked savings and efficiencies. Members may well be aware of the ongoing discussions as to the continuance of the library and museum services.


Peter Jinman

Independent Cllr for Golden Valley South.


4.3  Report from Parish Paths Officer

Noted Grahams fantastic report and Council is very pleased to see that items being listed are being dealt with.

4.4  To receive views and comments from local residents
None were received.


5. To receive Clerk Update and to note Correspondence List


Clerk Update May 18

Action Points including carried over from previous meetings.

AP12 write to local businesses asking them to speak to their deliveries re speed

list of all businesses in the area has been compiled

Clerk & PJ
AP44 Clerk to update website – work in progress Clerk
AP18-07 To print and laminate posters CP
AP18-21 John Clark to send Clerk Insurance information JC
AP18-22 Cllr Jinman to contact landowner re overhanging trees PJ
AP18-40 Clerk to pass keys to Cllr Wrigglesworth for Kemble centre

Please see agenda item re Key Cutting

Clerk to exchange contracts with David Roden – Lengthsman Clerk
A request for a village clean up was asked to be passed on to the Locality Steward. Clerk
Update footpaths work list Clerk
Speed Controls Investigation PJ SP
Litter Contract to be continued.  NB This was confirmed in Feb with CT Groundcare Clerk
Mole Clearance request MW
Window & Jeep Seat Clerk & MW


Correspondence had been previously circulated with the agenda.  2 items were received after the agenda had been circulated. One has been held till June 2018, the second is an invite for Councillors, Thursday 31st May to attend a presentation of the Key by Jesse Norman. AP18-41 Clerk to Circulate

Council requested that a full list of correspondence including spam items be circulated in future with the agenda.


6. To receive Recreation Ground Working Group update

It was unanimously agreed that the football club would complete their end of year maintenance work, to include weed control, grass seeding and clean.


Concerns were raised that no correspondence had been received from the Cricket Club. AP18 – 42 CP to investigate


It was asked, who owns and is responsible for the Cricket Pavilion. AP18 – 43 Clerk to Investigate.


Discussion was undertaken regarding the car parking area, quotes had been received and it was unanimously agreed to order 16 tonnes of planings. AP18 – 44 CP and MW to order.  AP18 – 45 MW & DR to organise.


Cllr Eynon will complete the May inspection.  AP18 – 46 Clerk to send out updated inspection list.


7. NDP

Cllr Overstall confirmed she was happy to continue as part of a working group that develops from the NDP.







8. Kemble Centre

8.1 Cllr Wrigglesworth completed an External Inspection.

Clerk requested that Peter Overstall’s report be emailed over.  AP18-47 LO to speak to PO


9. Key Cutting

Unanimously agreed for a set of keys to be cut for the Kemble Centre to be passed to Cllr Wrigglesworth.  AP18-48 Clerk to get keys cut


10. Lengthsman Scheme (incorporating the P3 scheme)

10.1  To receive worksheets, invoices and agree work required

Worksheets and Invoices agreed.  There is some outstanding invoices that it is unclear if they have been paid due to missing checks.  AP18-49 Clerk to investigate





Clerk met with new lengthsman David Roden and exchanged contracts.  AP18-50 Clerk to invite Mr Roden to the next meeting and ask for gates to be fitted as per the Footpath Officers report.


11. Finance

11.1  Payments for approval – as per schedule below were unanimously agreed

Full bank reconciliation to be provided at every full Council meeting in future, not finance working group.

Council received a cheque for £200 with Thanks from the Events Committee.




12. BT Phonebox Rowlestone

AP18-51 Clerk to take scanned and printed contract to Cllr Eynon

13. GDPR

The GDPR policy drafted by Cllr Stainton with thanks was previously circulated and agreed.  It was noted that Clerk feels a Transparency Statement and Privacy Statement is also needed. AP18-52 Clerk to prepare and circulate.


14.  Planning

14.1 181538

The GPC has no objections to the Application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval, however they would like it noted that concerns have been raised over the maintenance of the roads, traffic management at the junction into the village, surface water, sewerage and footpaths into the village.

14.2  181182

Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council support the above application without comment


15.  Items for Newsletter

Speeding, traffic calming.  AP18-53 Clerk to ask Cllr Probert to write a piece. Police reports, locking up external buildings. AP18-54 Cllr Overstall to write a piece on friendship with Segonzac.  AP18-55 Clerk to approach EH Scout Group.  AP18-56 Clerk to signpost information regarding new build


Matters for Next Agenda (no discussion)

Annual Governance & Accountability Return



It was noted that the Standing Order for a 9pm finish was exceeded.


Miss C Griffiths Clerk’s salary for April 2018 – as per regular payment schedule and contract of employment Total (inc. VAT)


NI EE £0

NI ER £0

Total (exc. VAT)


NI EE £0

NI ER £0




Miss C Griffiths Travel


Home as Office







Nick Cooper Tompkins CT Groundcare £306 £306
Terry Griffiths P3 work / Lengthsman

Invoices 364, 359, 358, 357

£1714.10 £1714.10

Current Action Points:

AP12 write to local businesses asking them to speak to their deliveries re speed list of all businesses in the area has been compiled Clerk & PJ
AP18-21 John Clark to send Clerk Insurance information JC
Speed Controls Investigation PJ SP
AP18-41 Council requested that a full list of correspondence including spam items be circulated in future with the agenda Clerk
AP18-42 CP to investigate Cricket Club ongoing use CP
AP18-43 who owns and is responsible for the Cricket Pavilion, investigate Clerk
AP18-44 Planings to be ordered CP & MW
AP18-45 Planings to be distributed MW & DR
AP18-46 Distribute updated inspection list Clerk
AP18-47 Peter Overstall to share report on NHS England meeting LO
AP18-48 Keys cut for Kemble Centre Clerk
AP18-49 Investigate Lengthsman invoices Clerk
AP18-50 Invite DR to next meeting and ask for gates to be fitted Clerk
AP18-51 Take scanned copy of Rowlestone phone box to Cllr Eynon Clerk
AP18-52 Prepare and circulate Transparency Statement and Privacy Statement Clerk
AP18-53 Speeding, traffic calming for newsletter SP
AP18-54 Friendship with Segonzac LO
AP18-55 EH Scout Group Clerk
AP18-56 Info regarding new build Clerk