December 2019 Minutes

Serving Ewyas Harold, Rowlestone, Dulas and Llancillo

Minutes for the Parish Meeting on
Tuesday 10th December 2019 at 7pm in the Pavilion

Present: Councillors: Peter Jinman (Chairman), Liz Overstall, Sarah Eynon, Sally Probert, Malcolm Watkins, Michael Wrigglesworth, Clive Stainton, Alex Culpin (after agenda item 4) and two members of the public.

In attendance: Claire Owen (Clerk)

1. To accept apologies for absence. – none
2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
Peter Jinman declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 8.1.1
Malcolm Watkins declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 8.2.2
3. To consider minutes of the previous meeting … 12.11.19.
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record, and they were signed by the Chairman.

4. Co-option of new councillor. It was RESOLVED to appoint Alex Culpin to the Parish Council as proposed by Malcom Watkins and seconded by Mike Wrigglesworth. The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was signed by Alex Culpin and the Clerk.

5. Open Forum
5.1. To receive a brief report from the Ward Councillor:
5.1.1. Thanks to all who organised the Small Business Saturday in Ewyas Harold.
5.1.2. A reminder to let as many people as possible know about the flood meeting on December 17th 3.30pm to 6.30 pm at the Memorial Hall. Herefordshire Council will be there.
5.1.3. There are several agencies involved with flood prevention in the area: The Lugg Drainage Board, Environment Agency, Balfour Beatty, Herefordshire Council and Welsh Water. Work is ongoing to agree a way forward across all the agencies.
5.1.4. Herefordshire Now the magazine from Herefordshire Council raises the issue of staying well this winter and asks Councillors to talk to local people about the Keep Herefordshire Warm Service.
5.1.5. Work is continuing to move the Gigaclear (rural broadband) project forward.
5.1.6. A farmer from near Bromyard who was taken to court by trading standards has been banned from keeping livestock for 10 years.
5.1.7. Trading standards have seized a large quantity of illegal cigarettes and loose tobacco in the county.
5.1.8. There is known county lines activity and child exploitation in the county. If you see anything unusual report it (contact the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub on 01432 260800 or call the Police on 101).
5.2. To receive a brief report from the local police team – Apologies were accepted from Pete Knight of the Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team. The Clerk read the email forwarded by the team asking Councillors to alert vulnerable parishioners to the activities of fraudsters in Herefordshire
5.3. To receive a brief report from the Parish Paths Officer … Graham Robinson. The report from the Parish Paths Officer was reviewed and noted.
5.3.1. It was RESOLVED to agree the clearance of EH4. ACTION: Clerk
5.3.2. It was RESOLVED to agree the clearance of the footpath from Priorsfield to the Recreation Ground Gate. ACTION: Clerk
5.4. To receive views of local residents on parish matters.
5.4.1. Concerns were raised about parking at the school at drop off and collection times blocking the road which would prevent emergency vehicles getting through. A recent incident blocked the road for fifteen minutes. It was RESOLVED to contact the school and the Safer Neighbourhoods Team. ACTION: Clerk
5.4.2. With reference to planning application P194148. Although no comments are being sought by Herefordshire Council as it is an application for approval of details reserved by condition, concerns were raised about the suitability of planting a willow tree near the junction of Dark Lane and Glebe Close. It was RESOLVED to seek advice from the Planning Department. ACTION. Clerk.

6. Council vacancies and training – The Chairman asked Councillors to continue via their contacts to encourage others to join the Parish Council. Further training courses are expected in the New Year.

7. Finance
7.1. To consider outstanding invoices in line with budget. – Members accepted the recommendation of the Finance Committee to pay SB Glazing £360, D Roden £860.35, BT £1.
7.2. To review the 2019/20 budget and expenditure to date. Members noted that the Finance Committee had reviewed 2019/20 budget and expenditure to date. No further queries were raised
7.3. To authorise regular payments – Members noted that the list of regular payments had been reviewed and signed by the Finance Committee
7.4. To approve 2020/21 Precept. – Members accepted the recommendation of the Finance Committee to agree the draft Precept for 2020/21. The Chairman signed the Precept Requirement Form. ACTION: Clerk
7.5. Donation to Dore Community Transport. – Members accepted the recommendation of the Finance Committee to make a donation of £250. ACTION: Clerk
7.6. To sign contract for BT phone box adoption. – Members accepted the recommendation of the Finance Committee to accept the BT contract for adoption of the phone box. The Chairman signed the contract. ACTION: Clerk

8. Planning
8.1. To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council: The following application was noted:
8.1.1. P194148/XA2 – Land at The Coach House Ewyas Harold Herefordshire, Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 5 6 9 & 12attached to planning permission 163438. Approval of details reserved by condition. No comments being accepted.
8.2. To note the applications determined by Herefordshire Council: The following applications determined by Herefordshire Council were noted.
8.2.1. P193268/V – Castle Lands Farm Ewyas Harold Hereford Herefordshire HR2 0HH, Proposed Lawful Development Certificate for the installation of new 28kw log gasification boiler in back room of existing detached garage/workshop to provide house heating and domestic hot water. Boiler being installed by MCS approved installer. – No comments being accepted
8.2.2. P193851/PA7 – The Brooms Walterstone Hereford Herefordshire HR2 0DT, Application for prior notification of a general-purpose agricultural storage building.,

9. Recreation ground/pavilion
9.1. To consider progress on maintenance & repairs:
9.1.1. Window – It was noted that the new window had been installed. The Chairman asked for a Fensa Certificate to be obtained from the installer. ACTION: Clerk
9.1.2. Play surface and playground fencing. – It was noted that it was likely that the playground painting by HAGS would not be completed until the spring because of the wet weather. Mike Wrigglesworth reported that the bad weather was delaying the work adjusting the playground gate hinges. ACTION: Mike Wrigglesworth
9.1.3. Playground inspection actions Sally Probert reported that she had collected rubbish in the play area when completing her weekly inspections. The schedule of repairs and maintenance work completed by the clerk was reviewed. It was RESOLVED to contact HAGS for advice/parts for the playground equipment items. ACTION: Malcolm Watkins
It was RESOLVED to wait for better weather to commence work on the repair of eroded soil under the slide and the carpentry and general building work listed. The outgoing Clerk was asked to draw up a list of possible contractors. ACTION: Clerk
9.1.4. Hedge and tree cutting. – It was noted that the hedges had been cut but not the trees by Brook House. ACTION: Clerk
9.1.5. Security – It was RESOLVED to change the padlock on the cricket pavilion. ACTION: Clerk
9.1.6. Car Park – It was RESOLVED to obtain a price for more planings for the car park. ACTION: Malcolm Watkins and Clerk, and to obtain a quote for installing a French drain ACTION: Mike Wrigglesworth
9.2. Recreation Committee Meeting date. – The Chairman asked for a date to be agreed.

10. Lengthsman
10.1. To receive an update and consider work required around the parish. Apologies were accepted from David Roden, the lengthsman.
10.1.1. Mike Wrigglesworth reported that he attended the Parish Briefing by Balfour Beatty where he had raised concerns that councillors/clerks were not always informed in advance when work was being undertaken, so the opportunity to use local knowledge was being missed.
10.1.2. The clerk reported that the empty salt bins identified by the lengthsman had been reported to the Locality Steward who confirmed that they should be filled as part of the rolling programme.
10.1.3. The clerk reported that a new rubbish bin for the Pontrilas Road would need to be approved by the Locality Steward and purchased under the Community Commissioning Scheme. The Parish Council would be responsible for maintaining and servicing the bin. Emptying can be done by the lengthsman (with a Waste Carrier Licence) or via a private waste contract. It was RESOLVED to explore the option of a bin being installed at the Memorial Hall. ACTION: Clerk
10.2. To approve the work referred to the lengthsman by the Locality Steward. It was RESOLVED to approve the work passed to the lengthsman by the Locality Steward.

11. Kemble Centre
11.1. Maintenance – all complete
11.2. Arts Co-operative update – The Chairman summarised current progress. The planning department have advised that planning for change of use is needed. HALC had advised that use for arts fell within the broad definition of health and wellbeing which was identified as a desired use for the Kemble Centre in the feasibility study undertaken in 2016. An option to be considered, is to carry out basic work to provide water, toilets and kitchen facilities to make the building more usable in the short term. Funding for the work would need to be identified. A meeting was held on site with Philippa Lydford from Herefordshire Council to enable her to assess options. A report on how the council can support and facilitate the change of use for the site is expected in due course.
11.3. Defibrillator at doctor’s surgery – replacement pads and battery. It was RESOLVED to purchase a new battery (£235+ vat) and pads (£34 + vat) for the defibrillator. Malcom Watkins advised that there were several battery options depending on the model. The Clerk will check with the manufacturer to ensure the correct battery is purchased. ACTION. Clerk
The doctor’s surgery has agreed to undertake the quarterly checks of the defibrillator. Liz Overstall commented that best practise was to check it weekly which she would be able to undertake. The clerk is to supply the code for the cabinet. ACTION: Clerk

12. Road safety…
12.1. Road safety improvements – The clerk reported that Ian Connolly had confirmed that a report had been made to the Locality Steward concerning the speed sign signage placement and reinstatement of road markings by the post office. No timescales are available yet, but it’s a job that is weather dependant.
Work on the road from the A465 would need to be progressed via the Community Commissioning Scheme. Councillors would like more advice on how to develop and progress a more detailed proposal based on the ideas discussed with Ian Connolly. ACTION: Clerk
12.2. Salt Bin – the clerk reported the response from the Locality Steward on the proposed siting of a salt bin at the Kemble Centre. It was RESOLVED to deliver the bin to Councillor Wrigglesworth while a raised area was prepared in the Kemble Centre Car park. ACTION Clerk and Mike Wrigglesworth.
12.3. Signage for over height lorries – The Councillors were informed of the update from Paul Norris that the over height lorry signs were to be replaced.
12.4. It was noted that the pavement on the B4347 past the bridge an on the rise to left turn into Dark Lane is covered in leaves and slippery. ACTION: Clerk

13. Climate emergency
13.1. Liz Overstall reported that she had received advice from Grosmont Gardening Club that the best trees to plant at the Kemble Centre are spring flowering such as cherry. It was RESOLVED to take advice on the suitable trees for planting on the Pontrilas Road. ACTION: Liz Overstall
13.2. Liz Overstall reported that Verging on Wild a local group focused on protecting verges of botanical interest in Herefordshire were planning to run training courses early next year for those interested in botany.
13.3. The Chairman reported that Fownhope PC had developed a Climate Emergency Framework which they had agreed to share with EHGPC. To be followed up with their clerk. ACTION: Liz Overstall.

14. Train station – Clive Stainton reported that the meeting with representatives of Monmouthshire and Herefordshire Councils had been very positive. Clive also attended the meeting of the Magor and Undy Walkway Station Campaign Group to gain insights of their project. John Harrington the Herefordshire Council cabinet member for Infrastructure and Transport is supportive. There is likely to be a new study to identify initial costings and potential usage of a station accessed from the A465.

15. Flood prevention and contingency planning – The Chairman asked Councillors to inform all contacts of the flood meeting on December 17th 3.30 to 6.30 at the Memorial Hall. It is a good opportunity to bring photos and local knowledge to better understand how to improve flood prevention measures.

16. NDP Review – Liz Overstall reported that the review would be commencing in 2020. It would be led by Toby Murcott, Vice- Chairman of Abbeydore and Bacton PC.
17. Adoption of phone box – The Chairman asked for the list provided by the Clerk to be reviewed and to forward to him any other suggestions. The Clerk is to ask what planning permissions are needed. ACTION: Clerk
18. Siting of Defibrillator Cabinets – The Fire Station and Rowlestone Village Hall were identified as possible sites for cabinets. Contact to be made with representatives of both. ACTION: Malcolm Watkins.
19. To raise matters for the next agenda … no discussion.
19.1. Lighting, Pontrilas Merchants and Timber Mill

20. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting … 14.1.20.

A resolution will be passed to exclude members of the public from the following confidential item

21. Employment matters re Clerk/RFO
21.1. Members considered and RESOLVED to pay Clerk’s salary as per separate schedule
21.2. Members considered and RESOLVED to pay Clerk expenses £31.51
21.3. Employment matters. – It was RESOLVED that the new Clerk’s start date would be 16th December 2019 and the outgoing Clerk’s leave date would be 31st December 2019,

The Chairman closed the meeting at 20:50