December Minutes 2020

Serving Ewyas Harold, Rowlestone, Dulas and Llancillo

Tuesday 8th December 2020,

Serving Ewyas Harold, Rowlestone, Dulas and Llancillo

Finance Committee meeting: 6.45pm on Zoom

Present: Councillors: Peter Jinman (PJ) (in the chair), Clive Stainton (CS),
Malcolm Watkins;

Finance sheet had been circulated to all cllrs. Meeting started 6.45pm

1. To accept apologies for absence. Sarah Eynon (SE);
2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
None received apart from MW’s in laws having submitted an invoice for consideration below, so he did not take part of any of the discussions about BE Chance’s invoice.
3. Consider minutes of previous meeting
None and all happy with the minutes
Proposed: CS was happy with them.
4. Finance
Nat West Business Current account: 30.10.20 £ 29,434.93
Nat West Business Reserve account: 30.10.20 £ 78,578.52
4.1. To consider outstanding invoices
CT Groundcare: £ 110.00
David Roden Inv 25 £ 572.00
Inv 26 £ 96.00
Inv 27 £ 1,580.88 £ 2,248.88
Mr & Mrs BE Chance (Rec loo cleaning) £ 462.49
DM Payroll £ 42.00
HAGS (painting playground) £ 1,350.00
Raymond Pritchard (hedgecutting) £ 226.80
Eyelid productions (updating website) £ 50.00
Liz Overstall (tree signs) £ 52.34

Grant application from Dore Valley transport – suggested support at the amount of £ 1,000.00– they need to complete a grant application form .

Proposed:PJ Seconded: MW  Recommend Payment all in agreement as long as grant application form is completed.

Action: Clerk to send DVCT a grant form for them to complete.

4.2. To approve regular payments schedule and Direct Debits
Clerks salary and expenses; SSE Electricity for KC and Pavilion.

It was resolved to agree to all of these payments.

Proposed: Seconded: All were in agreement.
Each item was looked at as a separate item.

4.3. Acknowledgment of Receipts:
Monies received: Second covid payment for Pavilion: £1,334.00

4.4. To review the 2020/21 budget and expenditure to date and consider the precept for 2021/22.

MW had sent through the costings for repairs in the play ground from HAGs. He asked for the PC to consider getting the items ordered as they are coming from Poland and the lead time is approx. 1 month.
Proposed: MW Seconded: PJ (reluctantly as they are the only supplier for these items)

Action: Clerk to action these agreed payments. MW asked the clerk to order the play ground items.

5. To raise matters for the next agenda:

6. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting : 12th January 2021

The committee agreed with the cheques that were being submitted for authorisation and with their authorisation.

Meeting closed at 7pm

Parish Council meeting: 7.05pm on Zoom.

Draft Minutes

Meeting started: 7.06
Present: Councillors: Peter Jinman (PJ) (in the chair), Alex Culpin (AC); Malcolm Watkins (MW); Michael Wrigglesworth (MWg); Liz Overstall (LO) Clive Stainton (CS), Sally Probert (SP)

from 7.09
Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), Carey Godwin (left the meeting at 7.38)

1. To accept apologies for absence.
Stephen Clayton; Connor Price (CP); Sarah Eynon (SE);

2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
MWg– is working with the Lengthsman doing the road works, so he is working with the Lengthsman as a private individual including the hiring of him as a labourer and he has many machines that are of great asset to the jobs undertaken.

All cllrs were happy with this position.

3. To consider minutes of the previous meeting – 10.11.20. PJ had attended as a Ward Cllr, he was not able to take the chair at this meeting.
MW wished to clarify that only one arch of the Pontrilas bridge was affected, not both of them.
All were in agreement that other than these items, the minutes were an accurate record of the meeting.
Action: Chair to sign the minutes when there is a physical meeting again. Clerk to send all past ‘covid’ minutes (ie since April 2020) to PJ for electronic signature for the time being.

4. Matters arising: open forum
4.1 Matters arising actioned or on the agenda apart from: Kissing gate on Pontrilas Court Farm; Which has now been ordered from Balfour Beatty for delivery to MWg at Paradise Farm.
Action: MWg and lengthsman to put gate in place once it arrives.

4.2 To receive a brief report from the Ward Councillor/PC Chair. PJ has been in meetings with the environment agency and BB looking at flooding. PJ thanked Mark Quentin for the time that he had spent in these meetings – pulling together all information about flood areas in the villages. PJ has found people very helpful in general gathering this information.
SP mentioned that she had nearly fallen into the old ‘stinking ditch’ that passed under her garden, when the supporting beams across it rotted away.

There had been a closure of the road in the village last week (Saturday, and it will be closed on Wednesday as well) which was later than advertised. It was mentioned that school drop off and pick up times were a nightmare at the moment with the tarmac lorries parking in the centre of the village with no regard to the local requirements.

The Chair steered the cllrs towards looking at the Waste Plan consultation and the Planning white paper, both of which were available on the HC website.

4.3 To receive views of local residents on parish matters; None were put forward apart from one comment from a resident about the speed of vehicles turning out of the industrial estate .
Action: Clerk to put letter together for Chair to sign.

4.4 To receive a report from PCSO – none received.

4.5 To receive report from footpath officer – None offered this month due to Covid restrictions. PJ has been asked for 2 gates to be repaired, Emlyn Thomas who farms the land just outside of the village on the Abbeydore road reported that the footpath that runs down from the Abbeydore road alongside the isolated bungalow on the right hand side of the road and then goes down across the fields towards the river. He was asking for assistance to repair or replace a missing stile and lower down, the damaged stile.
Action: Clerk and PJ to take forward.

5. Planning
a. To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
203886: Pontrilas Timber and Builders Merchants: A single storey extension of Hardwood Mill.
PJ has sent them an e mail about their lights – SP thought that they did look better.

On this planning there were no thoughts.

Proposed: PC does not make a comment.

2033950: St Michaels Hall, Ewyas Harold; proposed installation of a 12.5 meter pole and various cabinets in association.

PJ has talked to the school (gave no response) and the church (who were not particularly concerned).

SP suggested that we should have absolute clarity in who was going to use this pole?
Proposed: The Pc respond, being clear that the PC do not wish to see this application coming back asking for extra height on the pole. The PC asks for a delay in submitting their response until they have more and clearer information on who will use the pole. They wish to be able to undertake more consultation prior to submitting a response.

b. To note the applications determined by Herefordshire Council:
None to discuss

6. Recreation ground/pavilion:
MW: repairs to the playground which were raised by the playground annual report. He had been back to HAGs to get the various parts up to spec. There is a time lag on procuring the equipment of about a month. He proposed getting the roundabout and the swings sorted out at a cost of £16,031.
Seconded: SP there were no objections with him going ahead and placing the order.

The jeep: the roll bar should have foam on it – this is not repairable, and in fact the new ones just have painted metal. The suggestion is to remove the foam and paint the bars up. AC; felt that it would be fairly easy to remedy but it was felt that it would wait until the spring.

MWg is still waiting for the electrician to finish his job at the pavilion.

Action;. Clerk to book Spencer Duggan to fix the cricket pavilion window whose quote had been received and was accepted by the PC.

7. Lengthsman – to receive an update and consider vital work required around the parish.
Significant pot hole on School lane: already reported, but PJ re – reported it during the meeting.
Clearing the leaves on Dark Lane off the pavement. Clerk to ask lengthsman to do this.
Bridge at entrance to the water works: PJ has passed onto Paul Norris who suggests that it is a welsh water issue.
MWg: Mill Lane at Dulas. They have encountered lots of problems. They are aiming to take the water off the road itself, to do this they are opening up drains and clearing ditches. Springs are coming up through the tarmac at the moment.
Blocked culverts have also hampered their progress, one has been passed over to the Balfour Beatty team to investigate further.
They are taking advantage of the road closure on the Dulas Road. They are working from Home Farm to Dulas Church, clearing out ditches and uncovering ditches that have been filled in for years.
Action: Clerk to ask lengthsman to clear the pavements along Dark Lane.

8. Kemble Centre
CS told the meeting that the lawyers working for us were doing it for free, and thus we were having to go at their speed. They are nearing the point where the draft lease will be ready to be looked at. The ACCC solicitor and ours are now able to talk to each other which should help to move things forward.
Carey Goodwin: The planning application should be going in next week. They hope to submit a letter from the practice manager to emphasis how they hope to be involved with ‘social pescribing’
Action: Clerk to re ask HALC about how we deal with our own planning application. PJ felt that despite owning the ground, the PC does still look at the application, but as Ward Cllr PJ will get a neighbouring Ward Cllr to look at it and make a comment.

Next group meeting will probably be the working group looking at the lease, hopefully this will be before the next PC meeting. CG asked when ACCC might see the lease? Once it has been to ‘committee’, then they can discuss their views on the lease.

It was hoped to have a KC group meeting before Christmas, date to be confirmed.

PJ has found some keys, he is hopeful that one of them will open the back door. He and MWg will go and try and open the door. MWg will then try to get the barrel changed.
Action: PJ and MWg to meet on site.

9. Community Resilience Plan
CP had been looking at this, but work pressures had kept him from tonights meeting to feed back to us. Talk Community are trying to ensure that no one is missed during lockdown.

10. Finance
10.1. Balance as in the Finance Committee minutes
10.2. To authorise payments to be made: As in the finance minutes.
DVCT had applied for support – as discussed at the November finance committee meeting. CS declared an interest so he took no part in this discussion. PJ outlined that the organisation needed to fill in a formal grant form, but he asked for the PC to consider a payment of £1,000. given the value of the organisation over this period.
Proposed: PJ Seconded: SP
In favour: 4 no objection.
Action: Clerk to contact them to ask for the grant form to be filled in.

10.3. To authorise regular payments: As in the finance minutes.

Proposed to make these payments: all in agreement.
Action: Clerk to make these payments.

10.4. Monies received: 2nd Covid grant for the Pavilion. We are verifying whether or not the library can also receive this grant, and there should be a payment from the Drainage Grant on its way.

10.5 Precept setting for 2021-22 discussion
– CS explained that the PC were carrying approximately £100,000 he suggested that we have very clear ideas about capital projects that we had in mind to spend this money.

– MWg suggested showing the drainage grant work as a separate item in the listings

– LO has been asked about allotments in Ewyas Harold. She felt that if the EHGPC could find land to make available for allotments it would be very beneficial. PJ recalled that there might be land behind Callowside that was used as allotments in the past.

– Putting in a zip line will cost approx. £12,000 (CS has checked with our insurers who are happy to maintain our cover at the same level should we fit a zip line in place)

– SP and PJ suggested that we reduce the precept next year.
Action: to put a finance meeting in the diaries for the 1st week of January .

11. Roads.
11.1 Road safety improvements: Speed stickers are appearing on bins along the Pontrials Rd. SP has said that the street lights are still not working across the village. PJ will talk to Paul Norris about this.
Cut out lolly pop lady signs – clerk to cost them and find out where to get them from.
11.2 Letter to companies about speeding in the village. Clerk has sent out a list of local business and asked the cllrs for their own information .

12. Assisting dog owners with their responsibilities
Bins are now with SP, clerk to engage Spencer to put them in place.
SP knows of some one who might do this in a paid capacity, she will get their details and pass these on to the clerk.
Action: SP to send info to the clerk.

13. Railway station update: CS informed the meeting that the amazing report is ready for circulation. The prime minister has just removed £1billion from the railway budget, but we hope that this will not affect the project.

14. Social media:
AC: had put together a paper on what other PC’s offer through their website or on face book. Quite a lot don’t have dedicated face book accounts or twitter accounts. He has circulated his findings.

He and SP suggested perhaps highlighting 3 items from each meeting to put up on the village Face book site and to feed into the ‘news’ section of the web site.
Action: Clerk to send AC the link to our website. AC to write the ‘news’ items and submit them for facebook.

PJ thanked the ‘events’ committee for putting up the Christmas lights over the weekend.

15. To raise matters for the next agenda : no discussion:

16. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting : 12th January 2021.
Finance committee meeting: Wednesday 6th January at 4.30pm
Meeting closed at 21.05

Signed:_________________________________ Date: ________________