July 2017 Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 11th July 2017

at 6.30pm at The Pavilion, Ewyas Harold.



Present: Cllr P. Jinman, Chairman, Cllr S Eynon (EH), Cllr M Wrigglesworth (EH), Cllr M Watkins (R), Cllr L Overstall (D),  Cllr S Clayton (R), Cllr R Evans (D).

In attendance:  The clerk having reported ill  to the Chairman close to the start of the meeting the members present agreed that the meeting should continue and that Cllr Overstall assisted by the chairman, Cllr Jinman, would take the Minutes.



1 Apologies for Absence
Cllr C. Pogson,  Cllr Sally Probert and the Clerk.


2 Declarations of Interest & Dispensation Applications
Cllr M Wrigglesworth declared an interest in Planning Application P171929/FH


3 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the Meeting held on 13th June 2017 were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman. Chairman to contact clerk regarding outcome of actions noted in minutes. Action Chairman


4 Open Forum
4.1  There was no report from the Local Policing Team
4.2  There was no report from the Ward Councillor
4.3 There was no report from Parish Paths Officer.  PJ to assist new PPO,  Mr Graham Robinson, to get started.  Role description and maps will need to be supplied.

4.4  There has been a request from the public for more timely posting of Agendas and Minutes.  Agendas should be posted 7 days before EHGPC meetings, and Minutes, seven days after the meeting.  Draft minutes should be circulated to Councillors promptly.   Action Clerk

5 To receive Clerk Update and to note Correspondence List

5.1  No Clerk update was available .

5.2  It was agreed to pay St Michael’s Church and Dulas Church requests re maintenance grants.

5.3  It was agreed to pay the Neighbourhood Plan invoice 1134-00 from grant monies received.

5.4  Query with the clerk as to what correspondence is not being circulated. Action Clerk

5.5  Request clerk to log telephone calls.  Action Clerk


6 Recreation Ground Working Group update

Cllr M Watkins presented a verbal report:

6.1  A verbal quotation from HAGS has been received for a replacement seat for the Willis Jeep at approximate cost of £215 plus VAT and delivery.  Alternative prices to be obtained from other suppliers although there is some doubt as to there being alternative suppliers for this particular item.

6.2  HAGS have stated that any non toxic household cleaning products may be used on HAGS play equipment.

6.3  Wetpour matting is lifting in some areas.  The RGWG will consider repair either by Parish Council, or by  the HAGS maintenance company which has quoted £37.50 per metre.

6.4  Power outage issues have been resolved. Two faults were found by Western power one in the recreation ground fields and one in the substation in Priors Field.

6.5 The Pavillion has been cleaned.

6.6  A charity football match will take place on 22nd July 2.30pm to 5pm in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease Association.  Various activities and refreshments.  Local residents to be informed. Action MW


6.7 Ask clerk for a reminder to be circulated as to the rota for the inspection of the recreation ground Action Clerk

6.7  The moles have been removed.

6.8  Cllr Watkins said the children’s playground was in good condition, but reminded councillors that vigilance was needed to ensure the safety of children using the field.

6.9 EHGPC still awaiting the RoSPA check.  Clerk to chase.


7 Kemble Working Group Update

7.1 PJ has sent a letter of thanks to the members of the Kemble Working Group  which is suspended until the economic situation of Herefordshire Council and the NHS becomes clearer, and the Implementation Plan and Transformation Plan have funding for the running of a Wellbeing Centre.

7.2 PJ, MW and CP have inspected the Kemble premises with a view to alternative use.  The building was found to be in reasonable condition but services are lacking.

Costings are required for rates, insurance, electricity connection and supply, and the provision of sanitation.  CP to check mains water and sewage provision.  Clerk to check rates and insurance and electricity connection.


8 Lengthsman Scheme (incorporating the P3 scheme)

At the last meeting it was agreed that Terry Griffiths should continue as Lengthsman and P3 until March 31st 2018.  Clerk was to contact, request a copy of guidelines, invite to next parish council meeting and advise that Cllr Wrigglesworth is the main contact for EHGPC.  As the clerk is absent,  Council unsure what actions have been taken.   It was agreed that the Clerk should organise a meeting between Terry Griffiths and Cllr. M Wrigglesworth to schedule a plan of work and discuss costs.  It was agreed there is a need to manage the scheme more efficiently.   Action: Clerk




Neighbourhood Plan

The NP has gone out for consultation


10 Finance

10.1 An incomplete finance report was available.  Action Clerk within 7 days

10.2 `it was agreed to pay the Kirkwalls (Neighbourhood Plan) bill, as long as the grant money is available.

10.3 It was agreed to permit the chairman to approve the CT Groundcare bill.

10.4  It was noted that the Payments for Approval Schedule was incomplete; the Bank balances were missing; and that  Nat West banking issues appear to remain unresolved.  Action Clerk and Chariman

11 Planning

P172111/PA7 – All others – Prior Approval

The following planning proposals were approved.

P171743/FH – Full Householder

P171737/RM – Approval of Reserved Matters

P172007/FH – Full Householder


P171929/FH – Full Householder:  Approved but with concern being expressed at this retrospective planning application regarding the size of the structure and also as to building regulations being adhered to in the absence of inspection or prior approval.

Action Clerk


12 Code of Conduct.

There were no comments on the Code of Conduct document previously circulated























Woodland Management Plan for Pontrilas Camp was noted.


Newsletter and Website updating to be a regular Agenda item with a report from the Clerk on action taken.                                                                                                                Action Clerk


EHGPC Vacancies.  There have been no applications. Members urged to encourage applicants and for any member of the public to seek information from any councillor regarding joining the council


Matters for the next Agenda.  None proposed.



The meeting closed at 2000