Minutes 11th December 2018

Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 11th December at 6.30 pm in the Pavilion

Councillors: Peter Jinman (Chairman), Sarah Eynon, Clive Stainton, Malcolm Watkins, Michael Wrigglesworth, Sally Probert.
In attendance: Lynda Wilcox (HALC) … Meeting cover.

1. Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Steve Clayton and Rachel Evans, Liz Overstall, Chris Pogson.

2. Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation … There were none.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting … 13th November 2018
The minutes were agreed as a true record with one amendment to agenda item 7.3, to correct the misspelling of Ewyas Harold.

4. Open Forum
4.1 A brief report from the Ward Councillor included:
4.1.1 Kentchurch PC were interested in setting up a Speed Indicator Device (SID) and Ewyas Harold members agreed it might be helpful to have a joint approach. Lynda Wilcox would email Sally Probert with recent details of a SID which she had found both efficient and cost effective.
4.1.2 Letters were being exchanged with government concerning the railway station.
4.1.3 Balfour Beatty had undertaken some tarmac work in the village on Friday and Saturday but had not given prior notice to either local businesses or the school.
4.1.4 Dark Lane potholes would be filled soon, followed by the other two areas.
4.1.5 It was noted that Balfour Beatty had damaged the Kemble Centre car park whilst working on road repairs and the Chairman would raise this with Herefordshire Council.
4.2 Brief report from the Parish Paths Officer … The Parish Paths Officer was not present but had sent in a report to the Chairman and copied it to Michael Wrigglesworth.
4.2.1 Herefordshire Council would be informed that a previously reported tree stump was still causing a trip hazard.
4.2.2 The grit bins would be checked to ascertain whether they had been filled.
4.3 Views of local residents on parish matters … A representative from Beau Homes (Kat La Tzsar) reported:
4.3.1 The footpath would now run along the front of the site, in-front of the hedge rather than behind.
4.3.2 A lot of open space had been removed and the site made smaller.
4.3.3 The buffer on the front of the site would be a play area with the theme of a railway.
4.3.4 The developer was still trying to talk to Welsh Water and Highways.
4.3.5 One and two-bedroom homes were being reduced and more three-four bedrooms proposed.
4.3.6 A detailed planning application would be sent in soon.
The Chairman commented that drainage was the main concern of the parish council. The representative took those concerns on board and commented that the proposed attenuation ponds should help to relieve the situation.
The Chairman mentioned that the Fire Service had also complained about the inadequate drainage system.

5. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) … There was no update at the current time.

6. Finance
6.1 It was RESOLVED to make the following two payments (6.1.1 & 6.1.2) as well as identifying all outstanding payments (including two invoices from the mole contractor-James Price- for £60 & £75) for payment before Christmas:
6.1.1 Purchase of new mobile phone £10.79.
6.1.2 HALC meeting cover 9.10.18, 13.11.18, 11.12.18 (£194.04 x 3) = £582.12.
6.2 Quotes for the refurbishment of Rowlestone phone box plus future use … there was nothing new to report.
6.3 Quotes for refurbishment of Eywas Harold noticeboard … It was noted with thanks that Steve had offered to repair the boards and the only cost would be for materials.
6.4 VAT returns … The Chairman would liaise with HALC on the submission of the VAT return. It was thought that two submissions had been made to date in the current financial year.
6.5 External Audit arrangements for 2017/18 … It was noted that the external auditor for 2016/17 (Grant Thornton) and for 2017/18 (PKF Littlejohn) were both stating that they had not received the statement of annual accounts (AGAR form) for either of the two financial years, which had resulted in Public Interest Reports for both years. HALC would liaise with PKF Littlejohn to ascertain the way forward.
6.6 Initial thoughts on the precept for 2019/20, included:
6.6.1 Possible purchase of one or two SIDs.
6.6.2 Repairs to the Kemble Centre.
6.6.3 It was noted that expenditure during 2017/18 had been very low and it therefore may not be necessary to increase the precept.

7. Recreation ground/pavilion
7.1 Quotes for the replacement of a window in the pavilion were not yet available and would be considered at the next meeting.
7.2 Receipt of £24 for the hire of the pavilion on 25th November, was noted.
7.3 Malcolm was seeking play area quotes for the next meeting.

8. Matters raised for the next agenda
8.1 Precept … to include possible purchase of SID(s) and repairs to the Kemble Centre.
8.2 Ratification of payment of all outstanding invoices.
8.3 Feedback from external auditors.
8.4 VAT returns.
8.5 Quotes for replacement window in the pavilion
8.6 Balfour Beatty feedback on damage to Kemble Centre car park and tree stump tripping hazards.
8.7 Feedback on whether additional grit needed to be purchased for grit bins.
8.8 Employment matters.

A resolution was passed to exclude the public from the following confidential item

9. Employment matters.
Parish Councillors discussed employment matters in detail and agreed unanimously on a course of action.