Minutes 11th June 2019

Serving Ewyas Harold, Rowlestone, Dulas and Llancillo

Minutes for the Parish Meeting held on
Tuesday 11th June 2019 at 6.30pm in the Pavilion


Present: Councillors: Peter Jinman (Chairman), Sarah Eynon, Liz Overstall, Sally Probert, Clive Stainton, Michael Wrigglesworth. PCSO Fiona Witcher (Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Police Team), David Roden (Lengthsman)

In attendance: Claire Owen (clerk)

1. To accept apologies for absence – Apologies accepted from Malcolm Watkins and Stephen Clayton
2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation. – none
3. To consider minutes of the previous meeting … 16.5.19.
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record and they were signed by the Chairman

4. Open Forum
4.1. Ward Councillor, Peter Jinman, gave a brief report, including:

4.1.1. The Leader of the Council is David Hitchener and the Chairperson Sebastian Bowen. All councillors have completed their mandatory training including their role and responsibilities and the statutory duties of the council. There is currently a review of all current contracts and commitments. The recent changes in the council mean policies and priorities may change. There is nothing further to report on the bypass at this time. The university development remains an important part of the long-term plan for the county.
4.1.2. It was noted that Monmouthshire had closed their waste and recycling sites to residents of Herefordshire.

4.2. To receive a brief report from the local police team
4.2.1. Police response to damage to Pavilion…
Fiona Witcher reported that the incident had been listed in the Police newsletter, and that the enquiries with the residents of Priorsfield had not resulted in any useful information. The team had increased the frequency of their visits to the recreation ground in the early evening.
4.2.2. Parish policing on line survey – it was RESOLVED that Peter Jinman would complete the online survey. ACTION: P JINMAN
4.2.3. Police and Crime Commissioner’s, we don’t buy crime project – It was noted that Smart Water had been deployed in the village previously and so it RESOLVED not to repeat this at this time
4.2.4. Fiona Witcher reported that PC Bradley would be retiring on 4th July 2019 and a new officer would be joining the team.
4.2.5. A number of councillors raised the issue of speeding cars entering the village from Longtown, and they were not travelling at 20mph. The concern was that the area by the shop and the pubs was often busy with pedestrians and parked cars. Fiona suggested considering a community speedwatch or speaking with the Road Safety Partnership. ACTION: CLERK
4.2.6. Peter Jinman reported that councillors had been made aware of County Lines activities on the A465 from Abergavenny mainly in tobacco. This was noted by Fiona.

4.3. The members considered the report from the Parish Paths Officer.
4.3.1. It was RESOLVED on the matter of RW1 for the clerk to discuss options with the footpaths officer. ACTION: CLERK
4.3.2. It was RESOLVED on the matter of EH4 to ask the lengthsman to repair the step support post. ACTION: CLERK
4.3.3. It was RESOLVED on the matter of EH17 to ask the lengthsman to replace the post. ACTION: CLERK
4.3.4. Cllr Wigglesworth reported that the signs on the two finger posts marking the footpaths into the recreation ground had faded and could not be read. It was RESOLVED to report these to the locality steward. ACTION: CLERK

4.4. To receive views of local residents on parish matters.
4.4.1. Liz Overstall raised that it looked as if plastic waste had been dumped in Dulas Brook. It was NOTED that this can be reported to the locality steward via Herefordshire Council Website. ACTION: LIZ OVERSTALL

5. To elect a Vice Chairman. Clive Stainton was elected Vice Chairman. Proposer Sally Probert and seconded by Mike Wrigglesworth. It was noted that the bank signatories needed to be changed. ACTION: CLERK

6. Finance
6.1. To consider outstanding invoices. Members considered and RESOLVED to pay
PKF Littlejohn £240, Eyelid productions £70, CT Groundcare £973, Sue Probert £50.
6.2. To consider completion of 2017/18 audit and audit report… The external audit report was reviewed and accepted. It was noted that the Notice of conclusion of audit and sections 1,2&3 of the AGAR have to be published by 30th September. It was RESOLVED to charge £5 for a copy of the AGAR.
6.3. To consider quotes for SIDs (Speed Indicator Devices). – It was noted that this project had been re-scheduled to July. It was RESOLVED that Sally Probert would be the main contact for the Clerk on this project.
6.4. To approve the 2018/19 accounts…. the 2018/19 expenditure report was reviewed and it was noted that the Internal Audit had been completed. The revised figures for 2017/18 were reviewed together with explanations of the differences.
6.4.1. It was RESOLVED to sign section 1 of the AGAR 2018/19
6.4.2. It was RESOLVED to sign section 2 of the AGAR 2018/19
6.4.3. It was noted that the exercise of public rights period for the 2018/19 accounts would be June 17th 2019 to 26th July 2019
6.4.4. It was noted that the submission deadline to the external auditors was 1st July 2019
6.5. To consider VAT issues… the clerk reported that all the VAT returns had been submitted for the period 1st October 2017 to 30th April 2019 and a total refund of £1958 was due.

7. Planning
7.1. It was RESOLVED to submit no comment on the application to be determined by Herefordshire Council: –
7.1.1. Application 191831 – Elm Green, Ewyas Harold, Proposed building to form a covered feeding yard for cattle and covered handling area.
7.2. Members noted the applications determined by Herefordshire Council:
7.2.1. Application P191483/PA7 – All others- Prior approval 26 April 2019 Upper House Farm Walterstone. Application for prior notification of proposed agricultural building (for hay storage).
7.2.2. Appeal 174730 – Poplar Meadow, B4347, Ewyas Harold HR2 0HU, the appeal is dismissed and approval of the reserved matters is refused, namely: access, appearance, landscaping, layout, and scale details submitted in pursuance of condition 3 attached to planning permission Ref 163209, granted on 3 January 2017.
7.3. Peter Jinman reported that the planning department have advised that it is important to refer to the neighbourhood development plan when commenting on planning applications.

8. Recreation ground/pavilion

8.1. Recreation ground inspection. P Jinman to return forms for May. ACTION. P JINMAN. Mike Wrigglesworth had started the June inspections and noted some repairs and two wasps nests. ACTION: REC COMMITTEE
8.2. To consider repairs resulting from vandalism. …The roof repair is too small to claim on insurance. Mike Wigglesworth thought it would be possible to source matching tiles. ACTION: MIKE WIGGLESWORTH
8.3. To consider quotes for replacement window in pavilion. Sarah Eynon passed the quotes to the Clerk. These will need to renewed. ACTION: CLERK
8.4. To clarify lawful issues re pavilion e.g. former lease, remaining cricket equipment, electrical testing, fire equipment. … to be reviewed by the Rec Committee. ACTION: REC COMMITTEE
8.4.1. It was RESOLVED to sign and hand delivery the letter to the inactive Cricket Club asking them to remove their equipment from the Pavilion. ACTION: CLERK
8.5. To consider playground surface repairs. To be reviewed in July
8.6. To consider fencing repairs. To be reviewed in July
8.7. To consider repairs resulting from water leak and insurance claim. … Clive Stainton reported that the claim had been submitted. The decorator is starting on June 12th.
8.8. To consider grass-cutting contract 2019/20…. It was RESOLVED to accept the contract submitted by CT Groundcare

9. Lengthsman
9.1. To receive an update and consider work required around the parish… David Roden reported that Balfours had completed their verge mowing and he had completed the mowing that was the responsibility of the Parish.
9.2. There was a discussion on whether the bank on the access road to the Recreation Ground should be cut. Liz Overstall offered to check if there was anything of botanical interest to consider. ACTION: LIZ OVERSTALL
9.3. P Jinman reported that he was due to travel around the area with the locality steward to identify issues
9.4. It was RESOLVED that David Roden and Mike Wrigglesworth would prepare a list of priorities for roadside ditch and drain repairs. ACTION: MIKE WRIGGLESWORTH

10. Notice Boards …. It was noted that repair to the noticeboard by the bus stop was still required. ACTION: STEPHEN CLAYTON
11. Kemble Centre
11.1. It was RESOLVED to ask CT Groundcare to undertake extra grass cutting ACTION: CLERK
11.2. It was noted that a quote for the painting of the ply panels was still required. ACTION: MIKE WIGGLESWORTH
11.3. It was noted that the provision of Health Services in the county was under review and that interest in the Kemble Centre may be renewed leading to possible competing uses for the centre. It was RESOLVED to have a more detailed discussion at September’s meeting.
11.4. It was RESOLVED to investigate what grants were available to support use of the centre. ACTION: LIZ OVERSTALL
11.5. Peter Jinman reported that Gabbs were progressing on the boundary issue.
11.6. Thanks were given to Mike Wrigglesworth and Nick Cooper -Thompkins for their completion of the fencing in time for the Arts Festival

12. Arts Festival …. The report from Arts Festival concluded that it was a great success with many positive comments from visitors and exhibitors. A few facts and figures: there were over 60 scarecrows entered, 574 visitors to the Art Exhibition. The report is to be circulated to the councillors. ACTION: CLERK
12.1. Thanks were given to the community for their support and to the committee for all their hardwork

13. Telephone Kiosk Rowlestone … A letter thanking Mr and Mrs Farr for the redecoration of the phone box in Rowlestone was signed.
14. Climate Emergency
14.1. Liz Overstall reported that the parish did qualify for the free tree packs from the Woodland Trust which are available in November and March. There are several choices of tree type and also hedging. The next step was to identify local community groups to engage with and identify possible sites for planting. ACTION: ALL
14.2. The letter from People and Planet was noted. It raised the issue of recyclable items not covered by kerbside collections and called upon Herefordshire Council to increase recycling facilities particularly for plastics. Initially information on Herefordshire’s current recycling policy and future plans will be sought to inform future discussions. ACTION: CLERK

15. To raise matters for the next agenda … no discussion.
15.1. Finding new Councillors
15.2. Training for Councillors
15.3. Reviewing the 2019/20 budget

16. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting … 9.7.19.

A resolution was passed to exclude members of the public from the following confidential item

17. Employment matters re Clerk/RFO
17.1. Members considered and RESOLVED to pay Clerk’s salary and HMRC payment as per separate schedule
17.2. Members considered and RESOLVED to pay Clerk expenses £45.65
17.3. Members considered and RESOLVED to approve Clerk’s overtime re. Accounting and VAT backlog and issues. 14.5 hours.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 21:00