Minutes 12th March 2019

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on
Tuesday 12th March 2019 at 6.30 pm in the Pavilion

Councillors: Peter Jinman (Chairman), Sarah Eynon, Liz Overstall, Sally Probert, Clive Stainton, Malcolm Watkins, Michael Wrigglesworth.
In attendance: Lynda Wilcox (Acting Clerk-HALC), 1 local resident.

1. Apologies for absence were accepted from: Councillors: Rachel Evans, Chris Pogson, Stephen Clayton.

2. Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation … There were none.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting … 13.2.19.
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record and they were signed by the Chairman.

4. Open Forum
4.1 Ward Councillor, Peter Jinman, gave a brief report, including:
4.1.1 Update on flooding email from Balfour Beatty … Herefordshire Council was liaising with Welsh Water over flooding issues in the parish and it was thought that Welsh Water had some funding to attend to the problem. Sally Probert commented that live cases had to be actioned with 28 days. The chairman would pursue the matter.
4.1.2 It was noted that work on the potholes had been completed.
4.1.3 Herefordshire Council had held a meeting to specifically sign up to the need to address Climate Change issues affecting the county and consider the possible effect on Climate Change when making decisions.
4.1.4 The Purdah period leading up to the four-yearly elections on 2nd May, had commenced. The Chairman confirmed that the initial notices had been displayed on the noticeboards and on the website.
The Chairman presented items from the report submitted by the Parish Paths Officer, Graham Robinson – the full report would be circulated to councillors after the meeting. The meeting agreed a vote of thanks to Mr Robinson for all his efforts on behalf of the council.
4.2 Views of local residents on parish matters:
4.2.1 Clive Stainton reported that there was general agreement from Government, Department of Transport, Arriva Trains etc. for the proposed new railway station. The Chairman commented that Herefordshire Council had supported the concept of a Minister for the Borders at their last meeting.
4.2.2 It was noted that the Beavers had collected two sacks of rubbish from their recent litter pick. A vote of thanks was accorded to the Beavers and a letter of thanks would be sent.

5. Finance
5.1 Members considered and RESOLVED to pay a Tarmac invoice for car park planings in the sum of £250 plus VAT.

5.2 The meeting reiterated the declarations within the 2017/18 AGAR form which they had made in September 2018 because the original document had never been received by the External Auditor. The Chairman then signed the relevant pages of the AGAR form. The Acting Clerk had sent a photo of the water damaged original statement of finances which the Chairman had located amongst paperwork retrieved from the outgoing clerk. He offered to have a further search for a reconciliation of accounts which would have been prepared for the end of year audit 2017/18.
5.3 The Acting Clerk informed members of a deal which could be available for two SIDs (Speed Indicator Devices) accessed from Evolis. Other quotations would be sought to compare prices for the outright purchase of a SID(s), as well as hiring from Herefordshire Council. The Acting Clerk would confirm whether the 2018 Evolis price would be the same as their original quote to another Herefordshire PC during 2018.
5.4 Members considered and RESOLVED to pay the HALC invoice for clerk cover @ £150 + mileage.
5.5 Members considered and RESOLVED to pay for the 2018 play area inspection via Jan Perridge @ £58.60. It was further RESOLVED to book a 2019 inspection, preferably in October rather than during the summer months.
5.6 VAT issues … No update was available.

6. Planning
6.1 Members RESOLVED not to object to the following application to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
6.1.1 Application 190091 Middle Cefn, Ewyas Harold, Dulas. Change of use of land to domestic curtilage and construction of a detached garage.
6.2 Members noted the following planning refusal by Herefordshire Council (HC):
6.2.1 Application184359 Land adjacent 39 Elmdale, Ewyas Harold. Site for proposed single detached dwelling.
6.3 Members RESOLVED not to add any further matters to their original comments on:
6.3.1 Appeal against HC for refusal of Reserved Matters re App 174730 Land at Poplars Meadow, Elm Green Road, Ewyas Harold. Reserved matters application for one dwelling following outline approval P163209/O.

7. Highways … Reinstatement of road markings in Ewyas Harold
7.1 The Chairman had asked Balfour Beatty for this to be undertaken and would be reminding them that it was still outstanding.

8. Recreation ground/pavilion
8.1 To consider quotes for replacement window in pavilion.
8.2 To clarify lawful issues re pavilion e.g. former lease, electrical testing, fire equipment:
8.2.1 Due to the failure of the previous lessee to take up the offer of renewing the lease it had therefore ceased on 31st May 2017 and the parish council had taken the property into its care.
8.3 Quotes for playground surface … It was noted that quotations (addressed to the council) were still awaited.
8.4 Grass-cutting contract 2019/20 … It was RESOLVED to offer the contract to CJ Groundcare, once the quotation had been re-formatted for clarification. It was further RESOLVED to pay an outstanding invoice dated 22nd March.

9. Lengthsman … Update and consideration of work required around the parish.
9.1 It was noted that it was important to have a record of work undertaken and to identify future work.
9.2 Michael had not seen the Lengthsman (David) but would pass on the meeting’s request for him to continue drainage works whilst noting that any problems with culverts were the responsibility of Balfour Beatty and would need to be reported to them.

10. Kemble Centre
10.1 Members RESOLVED to consider upkeep requirements at the next meeting and noted that the fence had mainly been taken down apart from a small portion by the car park. It was RESOLVED to seek 3 quotes for weatherproofing, to enable a decision at the next meeting.
10.1.1 It was suggested that a couple of car parking spaces for the disabled could be provided. The need for planning permission re the deposit of planings would be checked.
10.2 Members considered a letter from the Ewyas Harold Festival of Arts, including insurance risk assessment; insurance for community groups involvement; overnight storage; and a funding request.
The Chairman declared a non-DPI as his wife had signed the letter.
10.2.1 In response to the request for a grant, it was RESOLVED that the Arts organisation be requested to complete and submit a grant application form in readiness for discussion at the next meeting.
10.2.2 It was RESOLVED that fencing was likely to be required by the brook so as to minimise risk to children falling in during the Arts Festival.
10.2.3 It was RESOLVED that Michael would erect two posts to prevent vehicles being driven on to the land and churning up the ground.
10.2.4 It was noted that the Arts organisation was actively seeking funding to enable them to occupy the building.
11. Matters raised for the next agenda:
11.1 Fencing by brook.
11.2 Grant application from Arts Festival.
11.3 Quotations for SIDs (Speed Indicator Devices).
11.4 Climate emergency … black Poplar.
11.5 Employment Matters re new Clerk/RFO.

12. Noted: Date of the next scheduled meeting … 9.4.19.

A resolution was passed to exclude the public from the following confidential item
13. Employment
13.1 It was RESOLVED to pay an invoice for employment advice from Kidwells in the sum of £200.
13.2 Members received feedback from the Interview Panel and it was RESOLVED to concur with their unanimous recommendation to employ Claire Owen as the new Clerk/RFO from 1st April 2019 on Scale Point 19 within the LC2 Scale recommended by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services (NJC) from 1st April 2019, subject to references and a six month probation period.