Minutes 16th May 2019

Minutes for the Parish Meeting held on
Thursday 16th May 2019 at 6pm in the Pavilion

Councillors: Peter Jinman (Chairman), Sarah Eynon, Liz Overstall, Sally Probert, Clive Stainton, Malcolm Watkins, Steve Clayton, Michael Wrigglesworth.
In attendance: Claire Owen (clerk)

1. Election of Chairman … Members elected Peter Jinman as Chairman.
2. Election of Vice Chairman….. It was RESOLVED to postpone the election of a Vice Chairman until the next meeting.

3. Co-option of Councillors……. Liz Overstall, Clive Stainton and Michael Wrigglesworth were co-opted. It was noted that there are 5 vacancies and a need to attract further councillors
3.1. It was RESOLVED to ask former councillor Rachel Evans if she would consider returning. ACTION: M WATKINS
3.2. It was RESOLVED that a letter of thanks be sent to Chris Pogson for his services to the Parish Council. ACTION: P JINMAN

4. Adoption of the current Herefordshire (May 2018) Code of Conduct…. The members RESOLVED to adopt the current Herefordshire (May 2018) Code of Conduct

5. To consider election of committee members…The members RESOLVED to elect the following committee members:
Recreation Ground Committee: Malcolm Watkins, Mike Wrigglesworth, Sarah Eynon
Finance Committee: Peter Jinman, Clive Stainton, Sarah Eynon
It was noted that the following councillors represented the Parish Council with the following community groups:
Kemble Centre: Mike Wrigglesworth
Commons Committee: Liz Overstall
School: Sally Probert

6. To accept apologies for absence…. None

7. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
The following declarations of interest were received
Peter Jinman –agenda item 10.11
Malcolm Watkins –agenda item 12.10
Mike Wrigglesworth– agenda item 13.2

8. To consider minutes of the previous meeting … 12.3.19.
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record and they were signed by the Chairman

9. Open Forum
9.1. Ward Councillor, Peter Jinman, gave a brief report, including:
9.1.1. The recent elections resulted in no overall control for Herefordshire Unitary Authority with the previous Leader of the council (a conservative) losing his seat.
9.1.2. Therefore, discussions were ongoing within the group of independents who had won seats and also with other parties to form a coalition.
9.1.3. The aim is to propose and agree a leader by May 24th
9.2. The members considered the report and additional notice from the Parish Paths Officer.
9.2.1. It was RESOLVED on the matter of RW1 that clarification be sort from Graham Robinson on the issue. The preference was for the existing stile to be used or repaired as necessary to allow the field gate to be padlocked. ACTION: CLERK
9.2.2. It was RESOLVED to inform the lengthsman to complete the repair needed to the stile on EH32, once two new posts had been put in. ACTION: CLERK and M WRIGGLESWORTH
9.3. Views of local residents on parish matters:
9.3.1. Clive Stainton reported that a meeting has been scheduled in early June with Jesse Norman MP, Hereford and South Herefordshire to discuss furthering the proposal for a new railway station.
9.3.2. Councillors were asked to review the style and layout of the current website and comment. ACTION: ALL

10. Finance
10.1. Members considered and RESOLVED to pay, Herefordshire Housing £100, DM Payroll £42, CT Groundcare £628, Pontrilas Merchants £209.40
10.2. Members noted direct debits in April Herefordshire Council waste collection £74.75, PWLB £1700.40, Welsh Water £574.28.
10.3. Members considered and RESOLVED to pay Clerk’s expenses and mileage £52.62
10.4. Members noted the process to exercise public rights for 2017/18 audit was underway and due to close on May 24th.
10.5. The clerk informed members that the source documentation for 2017/18 and 2018/19 had been reviewed and used to rebuild the cashbooks lost due to computer failure. The clerk reported that receipts and payments had appropriate documentation. The next step was to prepare the 2018/19 accounts for internal audit. It was also noted that financial records are now kept in the cloud. Clive Stainton handed the damaged hard drive and backup drive to the Clerk.
10.6. Members considered and RESOLVED to appoint Sue Probert as internal auditor.
10.7. Members Peter Jinman and Sara Eynon signed the bank change of address form
10.8. To consider quotes for SIDs (Speed Indicator Devices). This was postponed to the next meeting.
10.9. Members considered and RESOLVED to pay, HALC invoice for recruitment of Clerk/RFO… £200 + VAT.
10.10. Members considered and RESOLVED to pay, HALC invoice for subscription 2019/20 £593.04+ VAT
10.11. Members considered the grant application from the Arts Festival and RESOLVED to pay £235.
10.12. Members considered the grant application from Wildplay and RESOLVED to pay £753.50. This amount included the £200 gratefully received from the Events Committee.
10.13. To consider VAT issues. The Clerk reported that this was progressing, and returns were due to be submitted by the end of May 2019

11. Planning
11.1. Members noted the applications not open to comment to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
11.1.1. Application P190366/F … Home Farm, Dulas. Proposed change of use of a redundant agricultural building to assembly and leisure use, as a barn to hold functions. Consultation closed 28th March
11.1.2. Application P190860/XA2 … Land at 6 Elmdale, Ewyas Harold. Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11 & 12 attached to planning permission 174609/F. No comments being sought.
11.1.3. Application P191483/PA7 – All others- Prior approval 26 April 2019 Upper House Farm Walterstone. Application for prior notification of proposed agricultural building (for hay storage). No comments being sought.
11.2. Members noted the applications determined by Herefordshire Council
11.2.1. Application P191198/AM Non material amendment. Workshop at Caeflwyn The Common Ewyas Harold. Non material amendment P181182/F (Proposed conversion of part of existing workshop to create live work unit) – Deletion of rooflights and amendments to proposed fenestration and doors. – Approved with conditions
11.2.2. Application 190091/F Middle Cefn, Dulas, Change of use of land to domestic curtilage and construction of garage. Approved with conditions
11.3. Members RESOLVED not to comment on the public consultation on the modifications to the Travellers Sites Development Plan

12. Recreation ground/pavilion
12.1. Recreation ground inspection. Peter Jinman is to undertake inspections for May. Members requested that a new rota be drawn up. ACTION: CLERK
12.2. To consider quotes for replacement window in pavilion. This was postponed to the next meeting. ACTION: S EYNON
12.3. To clarify lawful issues re pavilion e.g. former lease, remaining cricket equipment, electrical testing, fire equipment.
12.3.1. The Members RESOLVED to send a letter to the Cricket Club requesting the removal of their property and the return of keys. ACTION: CLERK
12.3.2. The Chairman requested the Recreation Ground Committee report to the next meeting the current position on electrical testing and fire equipment. ACTION: REC COMMITTEE
12.3.3. It was RESOLVED to ask CT Groundcare to chain the bin to prevent it being used to gain access to the top of the container, and to unchain it before collection days. Herefordshire Council to be contacted to discuss alternative options (if any). ACTION: CLERK.
12.4. The members noted the removal of practise net frame with thanks to Jason Waring for his help to Cllr Wrigglesworth.
12.5. Members considered the quotes for playground surface and it was RESOLVED that the HAGS quote option 2 for £3297 + VAT be accepted subject to re-validation by HAGS. ACTION: M WATKINS
12.6. Malcolm Watkins presented an indicative quote from HAGS for galvanised bow topped fencing with two self-closing gates for the playground area.
12.6.1. It was RESOLVED to contact Peter Downey for a quotation ACTION: M WRIGGLESWORTH and seek a third quotation ACTION: M WATKINS.
12.6.2. It was RESOLVED that the relevant standard for playground fencing be identified. ACTION: CLERK
12.7. It was RESOLVED to ask CT Groundcare to clear the gutters on the Pavilion.ACTION:CLERK
12.8. Clive Stainton confirmed that the quote from Martin W Honeyman for redecoration was acceptable to the insurers and no further quotes were required,
12.8.1. The Members expressed their thanks for the repairs to the plumbing by Richard Lloyd. Malcolm Watkins is going to check if an invoice is to be submitted for payment. ACTION: M WATKINS
12.8.2. Clive Stainton requested a copy of the water bill for the insurance claim. ACTION: CLERK
12.9. To consider grass-cutting contract 2019/20. The reformatted quotation for 2019-20 from CT Groundcare has not been received yet.
12.10. It was RESOLVED to re-award the cleaning contract 2019/20 to Lesley Chance.

13. Lengthsman
13.1. To receive an update and consider work required around the parish
13.1.1. Request the locality steward look at the Wigga Road from Rowlestone. ACTION: CLERK
13.2. It was RESOLVED to re-appoint David Roden as lengthsman for 2019/20. The Members sent their best wishes for David’s recovery from injury. The clerk is to ascertain his likely period of absence. ACTION: CLERK
13.3. It was RESOLVED to re-appoint Graham Robinson as Parish Path Officer for 2019/20. The Members asked for their thanks to be passed to Graham for his excellent work over the last year. ACTION: CLERK

14. Notice Boards …. To consider upkeep
14.1. It was RESOLVED that Stephen Clayton would repair the noticeboard in the village by the bus stop. ACTION: S CLAYTON

15. Kemble Centre … To consider upkeep
15.1. It was RESOLVED that as the lengthsman was not available, Mike Wrigglesworth with the help of Nick Cooper Tomkins (CT Groundcare) would complete the fencing. ACTION: M WRIGGLESWORTH
15.2. It was RESOLVED that M Wrigglesworth would request a quote for the painting of the ply panels. ACTION: M WRIGGLESWORTH
15.3. It was RESOLVED that CT Groundcare be asked to undertake a grass cut and sweep up in the vicinity.
15.4. The members noted the update from Carey Godwin on funding applications for an Arts Initiative at the Kemble Centre.
15.5. The members noted that the resolution of the boundary discrepancy was still progressing, albeit slowly. It was considered that although the land in question was very small, an agreement would be in the best interests of all parties. It was RESOLVED that Peter Jinman should contact Gabbs Solicitors to progress the matter. ACTION: P JINMAN

16. Telephone Kiosk Rowlestone … To consider repairs and maintenance
16.1. It was RESOLVED to accept the offer by Derek Farr (via Malcom Watkins) to redecorate the telephone kiosk at Rowlestone. A letter of thanks is to be sent. ACTION: CLERK

17. Climate Emergency … To consider future safety of Black Poplar.
17.1. Mr Tony Norman (arborist) and Cllr Overstall inspected the Black Poplar tree in Ewyas Harold on 27th March 2019. Mr Norman confirmed that the Black Poplar is in good health, and he sends his congratulations to EHGPC for the excellent care the council has taken of this rare tree. He recommended the tree be inspected every two years. Cuttings of the Black Poplar were taken, and entrusted to Cllr Overstall to raise. Mr Norman urged the Council to identify suitable streamside habitat for these saplings to help preserve the species in Britain. Council agreed that the Recreation Ground offered suitable habitat.
17.2. The councillors were asked to consider possible sites for tree planting. ACTION: ALL
17.3. Liz Overstall will contact the Woodland Trust for information on their scheme to provide free trees for planting. ACTION: L OVERSTALL

18. Warm Homes Initiative …To consider options. It was RESOLVED that the posters would be displayed on the village noticeboards. ACTION: CLERK

19. To raise matters for the next agenda … no discussion.
19.1. Speeding in the village

20. To agree date for Annual Parish Meeting
20.1. The clerk is to clarify the deadline for holding the meeting. ACTION: CLERK

21. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting … 11.6.19.

A resolution was passed to exclude members of the public from the following confidential item
22. Employment matters re new Clerk/RFO
22.1. The Chairman and Clerk signed the contract of employment.
22.2. Members considered and RESOLVED to pay Clerk’s salary and HMRC payment as per separate schedule
22.3. Members considered and RESOLVED to approve CiLCA training … 4 x Saturday sessions at HALC @ £125 + £500.
22.4. Members considered and RESOLVED to approve CiLCA registration with SLCC @ £350.00.
22.5. Members considered and RESOLVED to pay new Clerk set-up expenses. Printer £84, Laptop £314.14, Stationary£17.04
22.6. Members considered and RESOLVED to approve website training with Eyelid Productions £70