Minutes 8th January 2019

Minutes of meeting held on the 8th January 2019 at the pavilion Ewyas Harold playing fields.
Meeting commenced at 18.30 hrs.

Councillors present were: – Chris Pogson, Peter Jinman, Liz Overstall, Michael Wrigglesworth (1), Sarah Eynon, Rachel Evans, Malcolm Watkins (2).

1. Apologies were received from Clive Stainton, Steve Clayton, Sally Probert
In the unusual position of there now being no clerk in post and subject to re filling and with Lynda Wilcox [HALC] the stand in clerk away on holiday, the chairman agreed to take the

2. There were no new declarations of interest apart from noting again Malcolm Watkins re a planning application 184359

3. Minutes from the meeting of the 11th December 2018 were amended to note that Sally Probert had been present and Liz Overstall had sent her apologies as had Chris Pogson. With these amendments the minutes were approved.
A note was made that the minutes on the website seemed to be missing for the November meeting. Action PCJ

4. Open Forum. There was no report from the police. Check to be made as to future attendance. Concern expressed at the inconsiderate and dangerous overtaking behaviour of some drivers on the Pontrilas Road out of Ewyas Harold village. Action PCJ
Parish Paths Officer. No report had been received it was believed he was away. Action PCJ
Lengthsman to be asked to fit two kissing gates and to check grit bins that are under our care as against Balfour Beatty and any confusion on this issue to be sorted with the Locality Steward. Lengthsman to be asked to clean signs and discuss future work with Mike Wrigglesworth Action MW (1)
Malcolm Watkins offered to get bags to re-bag the salt/grit that had been removed from the recreation ground storage. Action MW (2)

There being no local residents present no matters were raised.

Ward Councillor, Peter Jinman, gave a brief summary of a few issues that had arisen since the last meeting, namely the Corporate parenting court case outcomes, the work being done by the Pot Hole task force of which he was a member.

5. NDP. There were no developments since the last meeting although comment as to the railway station was made to reassure council that this was still a matter under consideration but given the recent holiday period no responses to any correspondence had been received.

6. Finance.
Payments were agreed as per agenda. Quotes for the refurbishment of Rowlestone phone box were still being gathered. No grant application form had been returned by C.A.R.E. It was agreed that two more loads of planings be obtained and spread on the car park of the recreation ground.
Given the absence of a clerk discussions regarding the precept centred on projects and necessary spending for the coming year. The F&GP committee had met and would meet again to draw up a specific precept format, but councillors offered suggestions as to what needed to be included. Given that certain projects from this year had not been completed but monies were held for that purpose, clarity as to next years funding needed to take this into consideration.
Suggestions were: –

  • Refurbishment of the play equipment and protective surface and fencing. Quotes to be obtained.
  • Windows in the pavilion needing replacement. Quotes to be obtained.
  • Tiling of the area around the sink, splashback, in the pavilion. Quotes to be obtained
  • Speed indicators for the Pontrilas Road. Check with Locality steward and check with other parishes councils.
  • Future of the cricket pavilion, possible use and refurbishment,
  • Rowlestone phone box re-painting and future use.
  • Kemble Centre upkeep pending further information on the approach to use this for an arts centre.
    Councillors were urged to pass any further requests to the F&GP to be considered before the final precept presentation at next month’s meeting.
    Further matters raised by councillors regarding finance were:-
  • PAT testing for the electrical equipment in the council’s ownership notably in the pavilion.
  • Removal of the cricket nets supports agreed and MW(1) volunteered to action this. Action MW (1)
  • Check on the library in Horsecroft costs and payments.
  • Check on the fire protection equipment in the pavilion checks.
    Chairman thanked F&GP members for their help in sorting through the financial matters.

7. Planning . MW(2) declared a non-pecuniary interest and did not take part in discussions regarding application P184359/0
Council had no objections and had received no objections to this application and would pass this on to the Planning department. Action PCJ

8. All quotes had not yet been received re the replacement windows. Action MW(2)

9. Re next meeting, no matters raised other than the precept noted earlier