Minutes 8th November 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council held on Tuesday 8th November 2016 at The Pavilion, Ewyas Harold Recreation Ground at 6.30pm

Present: Cllr P Jinman (EH) – Chairman, Cllr S Eynon (EH), Cllr M Wrigglesworth (EH), Cllr S Probert (EH), Cllr M Watkins (R), Cllr S Clayton (R), Cllr L Overstall (D) and Cllr C Pogson (L). Cllr Probert signed the declaration of acceptance of office at the start of the meeting.

In attendance: Ward Cllr G Powell and Carla Boyles (Clerk).


  1. To accept Apologies for Absence

Cllr R Baker, Cllr J Wilson-Thomas, Cllr A Loudon, Cllr R Evans and the local policing team.


  1. To receive Declarations of Interest & Dispensation Applications

None received.


  1. To consider Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 11th October 2016, copies of which had been previously circulated to Members, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


  1. Open Forum

4.1 There was no report from the Police.

4.2 Cllr Powell gave a report which included information on libraries and customer service, budget report – 30th September 2016, Edgar Street Roadworks, Southern Link Road (A465 – A49), Lengthsman & P3 Scheme and the On Street Parking Charge Consultation.

4.3 The parish path officer had reported that there had been a few minor problems that he had been able to deal with himself and he had been replacing worn waymarkers as needed. He had asked for an update on when stile replacements previously reported would be carried out. Savills had not responded to the letter re. the stile on EH32.

Resolved for the clerk to request an update on stiles from the lengthsman. Action: Clerk

4.4 Views and comments from local residents: Comments regarding the A465 centre refuge had been received from residents of Brick Terrace expressing concern over the refuge affecting access to their properties.


5 To receive Clerk Update and to note Correspondence List

The clerk’s update and correspondence list was noted. The clerk had requested an update on the collapsed pipe at Westwood Trading Estate and the locality steward was asking the drainage team for an update. Revd Evans had asked if a member of the parish council would lay the wreath at the Remembrance Sunday service and Cllr Pogson volunteered. Gabbs had provided an update on the boundary issue for the area of land by the surgery entrance and their archivist was undertaking further investigation. An update on the outcome of the Local Council Award application had been requested from Lynda Wilcox but a response had not been received. Action: Clerk


6 To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Development Plan

Toby Murcott had provided an update to say that he was awaiting a full breakdown of housing figures from Herefordshire Council.

Resolved that the clerk ask Toby Murcott if he has received a response yet. Cllr Powell would also speak to Sam Banks at Herefordshire Council Action: Clerk


7 Planning (to be determined by Herefordshire Council)

7.1 Planning application 163209, Land at Poplars Meadow, Adjoining Merton Lodge, Ewyas Harold – Proposed new detached property.

Resolved that this application was supported, subject to not having sight of the full ecology report. Action: Clerk

8 Lengthsman Scheme (incorporating the P3 scheme)

There were no worksheets or invoices. Cllr Overstall raised an issue regarding the condition of Mill Lane and Cllr Probert raised an issue that the A465 drains had been cleared by BBLP but the rubbish not cleared from the edges. Cllr Powell would look into these matters.


9 Finance

9.1 Resolved that the finance report was approved. Balances held at 24th October 2016 were £13,345.60 current account and £18,105.83 savings account, which included grant money for the Kemble Centre feasibility/planning and other budgeted costs.

9.2 A grant application for £200.00 from Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall towards a commemorative bench was considered.

Resolved that while the bench was agreed as a worthy cause, it was felt there was not sufficient budget to award a grant. Action: Clerk

9.3 Cllr Jinman declared a non-pecuniary interest. A grant application for £120.00 from Ewyas Harold Festival of Arts towards information leaflets was considered.

Resolved that the parish council should support this new community venture and a grant of £120.00 was agreed. Action: Clerk

9.4 Resolved that the payments detailed in the schedule below were approved.


10 Kemble Centre

10.1 The weekly inspections had been carried out by Cllr Wrigglesworth and he confirmed that no action was required at this time.

10.2 A report from Cllr Wilson-Thomas was received and noted.

10.3 A letter had been received to say that the second Awards for All application had been unsuccessful. The working group would look at alternative options.


11 Recreation Ground

11.1 The weekly inspections were received from Cllr Overstall. An issue with the play area gates was raised, but it was confirmed that Cllr Wrigglesworth had fixed these. It had been reported that there had been a cow on the recreation ground and there were now two sections of fence requiring repair. The clerk would request Nick Cooper-Tomkins carry out the repairs as soon as possible. It would also be requested that Nick Cooper-Tomkins sweep up the leaves on the play area. It was requested that when the reseeding of the bonfire location takes place, that around the embankment slide be included. Action: Clerk/MW

11.2 A quote for the repair to the tile/cement filling on the pavilion and to repair a section of gutter of £385.00 was received. It had been agreed at the last meeting for Joyce Stephens to undertake the pavilion cleaning, but she had since broken her ankle and was currently out of action. Cllr Watkins declared a non-pecuniary interest and informed the parish council that Lesley Chance would be able to undertake the cleaning for the time being for the same cost of £30.00 per time until Joyce Stephens was able to.

Resolved that Cllr Watkins speak to the contractor re. the repair to ensure they understood which works were required and to arrange the interim pavilion cleaning. Action: MW


12 To consider new property draft rateable values for the Pavilion and Community Library

The rateable value of the Pavilion for 2017 was proposed to stay the same at £3,100, however an increase for the Community Library was proposed from £1,450 for this year to £2,075 for 2017. The increase was due to the cost per m2 increasing. Members considered whether to appeal the draft rateable values.

Resolved that no action be taken.


13 To receive update on the A465 Centre Refuge project and agree action

Concerns had been expressed by residents of Brick Terrace regarding access to their properties. Simon Hobbs had informed the parish council that the proposal was to separate the two parts of the refuge to either side of the Ewyas Harold junction. Simon Hobbs had answered queries about safety and access.

Resolved for Cllr Jinman to contact Simon Hobbs regarding whether separation of the two parts of the refuge was necessary. Members expressed a preference for the refuge to be in one location with a ‘walk-through’ in the centre, however if this wasn’t possible, it was still agreed to proceed with the refuge separated over the junction, subject to the approval of Kentchurch Parish Council as joint funders. Action: PJ & Clerk

14 To receive response from Pontrilas Sawmills on issues raised

Resolved for Cllr Jinman and Cllr Powell to arrange a site meeting with Pontrilas Sawmills and report back. Action: PJ

15 To consider School Parking options for improvement

Resolved for Cllr Probert to liaise with the school over possible changes to alleviate congestion.

Action: SP

16 To consider Parish Council communication

This was discussed and the current section of the parish council communications policy relating to internal communication was discussed. It was agreed that the current policy was adequate and that councillors should highlight any emails they send that require publication or dissemination.


17 To consider comments on the BT Payphone consultation

Resolved to object to the Ewyas Harold payphone being removed as it is being used and is necessary due to an ageing population and poor mobile reception. It was agreed for the parish council to adopt the Rowlestone payphone. Action: Clerk


18 To receive update on information gathering regarding the Memorial and Rowlestone Halls

Resolved to defer this to the next meeting.


19 Appeal for Newsletter Editor – Volunteer required

Resolved to defer this to the next meeting but for councillors to ask around in the meantime.


20 Matters for Next Agenda (no discussion)

None, but venue for December, January and February meetings was agreed as St Michael’s Hall.

A resolution was passed that Standing Orders be suspended to allow completion of the agenda

A resolution was passed to exclude the public and press from discussions on the following item due to its confidential nature

21 To consider applications for the Parish Clerk vacancy

Resolved for the Finance Working Group to deal with the recruitment process, including shortlisting and interviewing. The process was discussed and agreed. Appointment to be considered at the December parish council meeting.


The meeting closed at 9.30pm.


Payee Item Total (inc. VAT) Total (exc. VAT) Budget
Mrs C Boyles Clerk’s salary for October 2016 – as per regular payment schedule and contract of employment To include:

PAYE £39.60

NI EE £29.17

NI ER £33.00

To include:

PAYE £39.60

NI EE £29.17

NI ER £33.00





WCC Pension Fund Pension Employee £50.33

Employer £224.21

Employee £50.33

Employer £224.21

Mrs C Boyles Postage/travel £54.06 £54.06 5
Clever Elephant LLP Project development for Kemble Centre £3,000.00 £3,000.00 13
Hoople Ltd Advertisement for parish clerk £120.00 £100.00 1
Lambe Corner Admin charges for copy of Memorial Hall conveyance £61.14


£51.14 1


CT Groundcare Rec ground bin emptying

Rec grass cutting/toilet cleaning

Kemble Centre grass cutting