Minutes 9th July 2019

Serving Ewyas Harold, Rowlestone, Dulas and Llancillo

Minutes for the Parish Meeting on
Tuesday 9th July 2019 at 6.30pm in the Pavilion

Present: Councillors: Peter Jinman (Chairman), Sarah Eynon, Clive Stainton, Malcolm Watkins, Michael Wrigglesworth,

In attendance: Claire Owen (clerk)

1. To accept apologies for absence. – Apologies accepted from Liz Overstall, Sally Probert and Stephen Clayton
2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation. – none
3. To consider minutes of the previous meeting … 11.6.19.
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record, and they were signed by the Chairman

4. Open Forum
4.1. Ward Councillor Peter Jinman gave a brief report, including:
4.1.1. Peter Jinman had travelled around the area with Locality Steward Paul Norris who had identified there was a need to clear incorrectly placed local signage. Repair work on Dark Lane was noted as a priority, recognising that there is a backlog of work and limited resources for its completion. It was noted how responsive Paul had been to a request to review a schedule of work for the lengthsman and some local maintenance issues.
4.1.2. The first full Herefordshire Council meeting is Friday July 12th.
4.1.3. There was a meeting in Ewyas Harold on the future approach to Tourism on July 9th.
4.1.4. After a very successful Arts Festival this year, the committee has started planning for a festival in 2 years’ time
4.2. To receive a brief report from the local police team
The emailed report from PCSO Pete Knight was noted.
Completion of the online police survey due – ACTION: P JINMAN
4.3. To receive a brief report from the Parish Paths Officer … Graham Robinson.
The report from The Parish Paths Officer was reviewed and noted.
4.4. To receive views of local residents on parish matters
4.4.1. It was noted that Peter Jinman and Clive Stainton had met with Jesse Norman MP concerning a potential station. A representative from Grosmont has also expressed an interest in the scheme. Jesse Norman indicated he would be contacting the relevant representative in the Welsh Assembly to gauge potential interest.
5. Council Vacancies, Councillor Training and Allowance Scheme
5.1. Council vacancies were discussed and it was RESOLVED:
All councillors to identify and speak to one potential councillor. ACTION: ALL
Put together a poster for noticeboards and the website. ACTION: CLERK
Ask the Rural Hub and Police newsletter to include a news piece for new councillors. ACTION: CLERK
Have and informal open evening for people who express an interest. Date to be confirmed
Identify decision agenda items for councillors, to help preparation and meeting efficiency ACTION: CLERK

5.2. It was RESOLVED that Councillor training would be reviewed once new councillors were in place to ensure new recruits and existing councillors were able to access the training available.
5.3. It was RESOLVED to respond to Herefordshire Council’s consultation on attendance allowances that the council was not in favour of adoption.ACTION: CLEK

6. Finance
6.1. To consider outstanding invoices. Members considered and RESOLVED to pay CT Groundcare £485.50, Herefordshire Fire Protection Services £52.62
6.2. To review the 2019/20 budget. It was RESOLVED to accept the 2019/20 budget allocation. The expenditure to date was reviewed and noted.
6.3. In accordance with The NatWest banking mandate it was RESOLVED:
The Authorised Signatories in the current mandate, for the accounts detailed in section 1.3, be changed in accordance with section Authorised Signatories.
And the current mandate will continue as amended.
7. Planning
7.1. It was RESOLVED to comment favourably on the application to be determined by Herefordshire Council: –
7.1.1. Application 191895 – Park Lodge, Pontrilas – Proposed conversion of adjacent barn to form extension to existing house with single storey link.
7.2. To note the applications determined by Herefordshire Council:none
7.3. It was RESOLVED not to submit comments on Longtown NDP
8. Recreation ground/pavilion
8.1. Recreation ground inspection. P Jinman to return forms for May. ACTION. P JINMAN. M Wrigglesworth to return the forms for June. ACTION: M WRIGGLESWORTH
8.2. To consider repairs resulting from vandalism. Mike Wrigglesworth confirmed he has matching tiles for the Pavilion Roof. Quotes for roof repair to be obtained. ACTION: CLERK
8.3. To consider quotes for replacement window in pavilion. The clerk reported that the two existing quotes had been updated and two further estimates were due back. It was RESOLVED that the work be authorised up to a limit of £350.
8.4. To clarify lawful issues re pavilion e.g. cricket pavilion, electrical testing, fire equipment. It was noted that PAT testing and Fire Extinguisher testing had been completed and Fire Alarm testing and re-registration of defibrillator were in progress. ACTION: CLERK
It was noted that no response had been received from the former Cricket Club.
It was considered that the it was unlikely that keys held by the former Cricket Club would be returned but it presented a minimal risk.
8.5. To consider playground surface repairs. It was RESOLVED to accept the quote from HAGS for the repainting of the hopscotch etc To be completed when the playground is resurfaced (quote agreed in May, item 12.5). ACTION: CLERK
8.6. To consider fencing repairs. It was RESOLVED to accept the quote for the green bow top galvanised steel powder coated fencing and two self-closing gates in contrasting colour from HAGS. ACTION: CLERK. The existing fencing is to be removed prior to work starting. ACTION: M WATKINS
8.7. To consider repairs resulting from water leak and insurance claim. Clive Stainton reported the claim was progressing
8.8. The clerk confirmed that Ray Pritchard had been booked to cut the hedges on the Recreation Ground in late August/September. It was RESOLVED that he should continue the additional work done in prior years to cut the top of the bank near Dark Lane and the ditch from the Memorial Hall to Neil Powell’s from the hedge side. ACTION: CLERK
8.9. The Chairman asked the Recreation Committee to consider the community case for an all-weather path around the Recreation Ground. ACTION: RECREATION COMMITTEE
9. Lengthsman
9.1. To receive an update and consider work required around the parish. It was RESOLVED to ask the lengthsman to cut the saplings growing in the wall and bank on the LHS bridge over the brook as you drive from the Doctors Surgery.ACTION:CLERK.
9.2. The overgrown hedge on the LHS as you leave the A465 into the village has been reported to the Locality Steward who say it is the responsibility of the landowner.
10. Notice Boards …. It was noted that repair to the noticeboard by the bus stop was still required. ACTION: STEPHEN CLAYTON
11. Kemble Centre
11.1. It was noted that a second grass cut had been done at the Kemble Centre
11.2. The update from Carey Godwin on the submission for Arts Council funding was noted. A response is expected in approximately 6 weeks.
11.3. A quote is required for the repair and decoration of the ply panels. ACTION: CLERK

12. Road Safety… To consider progress.
12.1. The clerk reported on the process for obtaining a SID via BB Living and the requirements for a community speedwatch initiative. The Chairman asked for the information to be passed to Sally Probert for review. ACTION: CLERK.
12.2. The Clerk was asked to obtain information from the Road Safety Partnership on the services they provide. ACTION: CLERK
13. Climate Emergency … Peter Jinman reported that he was in discussion with Monmouthshire Council via Herefordshire Council to resolve the issue of Monmouthshire closing their waste and recycling facilities to Herefordshire residents.
14. To raise matters for the next agenda … no discussion. – none
15. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting … 13.8.19.
16. To consider clerk cover for meeting 10.9.19 – It was RESOLVED to move the September meeting to 17.9.19
A resolution will be passed to exclude members of the public from the following confidential item
17. Employment matters re Clerk/RFO
17.1. Members considered and RESOLVED to pay Clerk’s salary as per separate schedule
17.2. Members considered and RESOLVED to pay Clerk expenses.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 20:34