Minutes April 2021

Serving Ewyas Harold, Rowlestone, Dulas and Llancillo

Tuesday 27th April 2021,
Finance Committee meeting: 6.45pm on Zoom

Present: Councillors Clive Stainton (CS), (in the chair), Sarah Eynon (SE);
Peter Jinman (PJ)

Finance sheet had been circulated to all cllrs. Meeting started 6.45pm

1. To accept apologies for absence. None declared.
2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
None received.
3. Consider minutes of previous meeting
All were happy that the minutes were a true representation of the meeting.

4. Finance
Nat West Business Current account: 01.04.21 £ 30,251.51
Nat West Business Reserve account: 01.04.21 £ 68,581.71
4.1. To consider outstanding invoices
CT Groundcare (March) £ 145.00
Mrs Chance (cleaning loos) £ 530.00
Glasdon (bin & post) £ 437.34
Martin Wakins (electrical Job in pavilion) £ 300.00
JM Probert (emptying bins) £ 125.00
Cherry Tree Developments £ 930.00
Ben Lane (repair to pavilion) £ 300.00
JP Mole Control (on rec) £ 220.00
Hereford Fire Alarm Service £ 120.00
D Roden – Drainage work at
The Wigga -covered by grant £ 3,936.86
Work not covered by grant £ 1,523.14
SADs UK-defib pads £ 90.20

Proposed: CS Seconded: SE

Recommend Payment all in agreement

Fencing at the Pavilion: The Clerk has approached 6 companies to quote for doing the work here, only Ray Pritchard has responded, with a quote for £2,226.14 MW had asked for the finance committee’s approval to go ahead and get the work done by Mr Pritchard – they resolved to give their approval and the clerk will work with MW to engage Mr Pritchard as soon as possible.

4.2. To approve regular payments schedule : Clerks salary and expenses; and Direct Debits:-

Welsh Water: Pavilion £37.35
Hereford Council – bin additional collection £62.95

Recommend the spending above.

Proposed: CS Seconded: SE

It was resolved to agree to all of these payments.

Proposed: Seconded: All were in agreement.
Each item was looked at as a separate expenditure.

Action: Clerk to action these agreed payments.

4.3. To acknowledge receipts.
Monies received: We received £2,096 as a Covid Grant for March and have applied for a further £8,000 Covid grant in April.

Following the last meeting, the clerk was able to confirm with Herefordshire Council that we were able to keep the original Covid grant that was received for the library.

5. To raise matters for the next agenda: None.

6. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting : 11th May 2021

The committee agreed with the cheques that were being submitted to the PC for authorisation.

Meeting closed at 6.57pm

Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council meeting:
7.05pm on Zoom.

Draft Minutes

Meeting started: 7.04
Present: Councillors: Peter Jinman (PJ) (in the chair), Clive Stainton (CS), Malcolm Watkins (MW); Michael Wrigglesworth (MWg); Liz Overstall (LO) Sarah Eynon (SE); Sally Probert (SP) Alex Culpin (AC);
Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), James Thomas (Hereford Times), Sonya Carey (prospective cllr); 3 further parishoners.

1. To accept apologies for absence.
Stephen Clayton; Connor Price (CP)

2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
– MWg is working with the Lengthsman doing the road works, so he is working with the Lengthsman as a private individual including the hiring of him as a labourer and he has many machines that are of great asset to the jobs undertaken.
– SP declared an interest in the invoice from her husband.
– MW declared an interest in the L Chance invoice for the toilet cleaning as that is his mother in law. Also for works at the Pavilion and with the football club (12.5)

All cllrs were happy with this position.

3. 3.1. To consider minutes of the previous meeting – March 2021. All were in agreement that the minutes were an accurate record of the meeting. The Chair duly agreed to sign the minutes.
Action: Chair to sign the minutes when there is a physical meeting again.

3.2 Matters arising from these: either addressed, on the agenda apart from ;
– Kissing gate at Pontrilas Court Farm; this has now been delivered to Paradise for MWg and lengthsman to fit.
Action: MWg and lengthsman to fit the gate.
– KC Keys – the lock on the back door has been fixed by ACCC. Clerk was asked to find some one to look at the door to improve its fit and swing;
Action: Clerk to find contractor to vist the KC to look at the door’s problem.
– Foot path to Castle Lands – erosion there still to be sorted out;
Action: David R is aware that there is work to be done there and the clerk will remind him to undertake the job.
– Defibrillator at the Drs surgery still needs to be replaced;
Action: MW to task the electrician to fit the new defib box and defib.
Kemble Centre notice board has been removed by MWg; He is storing it whilst trying to salvage it for future use if possible. The PC passed on their thanks.

3.3 Matters raised between meetings ; National Model Design Code – Herefordshire Council has been successful in getting onto a pilot working with the NDP team to look at building designs in the future. LO and the chair are on this working group. LO has already studied the White Paper and the CPRE report on the paper, she pointed out concerns about the potential increase in building in rural areas (an increase of up to 40+%).
Action points to be put onto special sheet so that we can see what happens to outstanding actions. SP has introduced a sheet that the clerk can use going forward.
E mails sent from the web site to the clerk have not been coming through: this should now work – our webmaster Eyelid productions are making the necessary changes.

4. Open forum for public comment:
No comments put forward.

5. To receive a brief report from :
5.1 the Ward Councillor/PC Chair.
PJ commented on the amount of work done on the roads locally. He had been for a walk at the rec with MW to look at what needed to be done, he will feed back on this at this item on the agenda.
Covid has not gone away – it is still here. Many have been vaccinated, but not all by a long stretch. He asked for people to remain with-in the law.
5.2 To receive a report from PCSO – none present.
5.3 To receive report from footpath officer – nothing to report this month. Sadly the clerk has received his letter of resignation. A new foot paths officer will need to be found. PJ asked cllrs to pass on the message to try and find a new one, Alex will put this out onto social media.
Action: Clerk to write and thank Graham for his amazing job, especially his wonderful reports with pictures.

6. Planning
6.1 To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
210951 – Westwood House, Ewyas Harold: Proposed addition of a 2nd storey.
No problem with it, it is completely in keeping with other properties in the area.
Comment: Parish Council supports this application.
6.2 To note the applications determined by Herefordshire Council:-
204347– Mayan House, garden room: Approved.

7. Recreation ground/pavilion:
Update on the rec, pavilion and play area. MW all in good order on the field generally. But the fence does need to be repaired. The PC has been out to try and get at least 3 quotes, but having approached 6 companies we have only actually received 1 back to us from Ray Pritchard. The Finance Committee were happy for this quote to be utilised to do the work. Cllrs were asked for their support with this and they all supported this movement 100%.
Action: Fencing to be replaced, Ray Pritchard will be approached to do the job.

MWg suggested that the fencing should allow access to the riverbank so that we can make repairs to that in the future.
Children get onto the roof of the cricket pavilion and on the storage container – they get down when they are asked to and are polite.
Suggestion that the waste bin be chained away from the container to reduce people using it to get onto the container.
Toilets and playground are being cleaned and disinfected regularly.
Bin from Herefordshire Council is now being emptied every week.
Zip Wire: will be bought to the May meeting.
Litter on the football ground. The chair asked if the football teams might pick up litter after a match? MW explained that this was the policy, but some times it did need to be encouraged.
MWg and DR have now spread out the scalpings at the car park and it looks smart.
MWg also noted that some of the oak posts have now rotted at the edge of the car parking area, he has some replacements that he is happy to utilise.
SP; signage at the rec – dogs should be on leads (or not) but the signage needs to be clear). Rec group to look at this and make a decision – clerk to look at the legislation to see if we can keep it dog free.
The Chair thanked LO for planting the trees there.

8. Kemble Centre – update and discussion on the lease.
CS: recapped that 6 weeks ago our solicitors had put together a lease agreed with ACCC wishes. This lease did not work with our tenants and they changed a lot of it. With all the changes that were necessary, our lawyers then said that they did not wish to carry on on a pro bono basis as they could see that the actual cost was going to become very high.
CS and PJ met with ACCC and went through the lease and he feels that there is now a much better lease to put to a paid solicitor. He asked the Cllrs if they wanted us to find another solicitor (at approx. £1,500). He asked if this was a route that they wanted to continue down? When the PC started down this route, they were looking at this being a centre for medical pursuits, did the PC wish to go down this Arts Centre route ourselves?
PJ outlined that all cllrs had had many papers pertaining to this to read before this meeting.
LO: thought that the council had decided to support this arts venture, we can not go back against the PC’s decision.
AC: felt that the PC and ACCC were getting bogged down in the minutae, he found it hard to put his finger on what exactly was causing the problems.
LO: has the Kemble Centre been registered yet? PJ has not yet had up to date information on this from the original solicitor. He is still waiting on this.
PJ suggests that with ACCC we had agreed in September 2020 to take this forward. There was a meeting to work out the sticking points and then agree the major points of any new lease these have been listed so that we are clear on what needs to be done to progress. ACCC want a long lease to assist in getting grants (12yrs + 12yrs). We now need to find a solicitor to take this forward. ACCC are including social prescribing in their plans for the use of the building and site. Social prescribing was part of what we had hoped when we first bought the property and is in part now being done by Sonya Carey in Pontrilas at the CARE centre – anything that ACCC does will be in addition to her work there.
SP: this seems to be a natural break point for us to step back and look at our position? We need time to reflect on our position and on what we want to do with this asset to our parish? The next meeting is just 2 weeks away, if we bought this to that meeting then we will have had time to reflect.
LO: gave some history to the funding that was available back when the PC bought the church. There is currently very little capital funding available at the moment.
PJ: clarified that there were 3 prospective routes forward: 1. Defer a decision for a couple of weeks 2. To go ahead 3. To take up quotes for a solicitor.
MW asked for a realistic quote for the new solicitor. PJ clarified that we will need 3 quotes for the solicitors quote, he has been in contact regularly with HALC for their advice on solicitors to approach.
PJ proposed that we go ahead and get 3 quotes before the next PC meeting. 90% of cllrs voted in favour of this with one cllr abstaining.
He asked for any questions from cllrs to be sent to him, the clerk or CS. He wants to be aware of any issues that cllrs are dwelling on so that they can be delt with.
Car park area to remain accessible to the village to use, ACCC have agreed to include additional parking for their use of the centre and will be included in any of their plans for expansion of the buildings on the site.

9. Land at KC and Dr’s surgery.
Commented on this in the above agenda item.

10. Lengthsman
To receive an update and consider vital work required around the parish.
The additional work that was done at Balls Cross was considered by the Finance Committee. They felt that on this point they were happy to agree with the additional payment.
MWg explained why they had incurred the additional hours of work and thus cost in having to break up the rock that was preventing the drains to flow properly.
SP: the lengthsman’s jobs and keeping track of what he has done is a clear way to utilise the actions log.

11. Community Resilience Plan / Covid 19
CP was unable to attend the meeting tonight, but he has held a meeting with the CRP group. We will ask for his feedback at the May meeting.

12. Finance
12.1 Balance as at 01.04.21 in Current Acct: £30,251.51 Reserve acct 01.04.21: £68,581.71
12.2 To authorise payments to be made as in the finance committee minutes.
12.3 To authorise regular payments including: Clerks Salary and Direct debit; as listed in the finance committee minutes.
12.4 To confirm monies received: As listed in finance committee minutes.
12.5 Holding back football charges until September. This was agreed by all.
12.6 Grant requests for consideration: Ewyas Harold Telephone Kiosk – the PC agreed to pay ACCC directly to get the works done. Grant payment of £1,700 as previously agreed.
Memorial Hall Kitchen – will be asked to come back to us at the May meeting.

Proposed to make these payments: all in agreement.

Action: Clerk to make these payments.

13. Roads
Road safety improvements –
SID has been ordered – will be with us hopefully by June. Its base has now been completed.
Roundels are being costed by BB before we can make a decision as to where we want them to go. Cllrs asked if similar roundels could be placed on the other roads into the village where there are speed limits. Agreed to get this first one done but clerk to ask as to cost for doing others at the same time.
30mph Signs to be removed from the lamp posts – clerk to ask BB to do this if indeed they are illegal. There is some doubt as SP had measured the distances between the lampposts and the day after submitting this information the repeater 30 signs had appeared..
Clerk to ask BB: Where relevant, please can they put up a ‘business as usual’ sign when they put out a ‘road closed’ sign.
Action: Clerk to contact BB

14. Assisting dog owners with their responsibilities
The 4 new bins are all in place and are being well used. Our new bin emptying person is even considering doing 2 empties per week.

Suggestion of a new bin at Elmdale, was agreed and a bin is now on site there with our bin emptying person including this on his rounds.

Bin at the rec has now gone onto weekly emptying to allow for our additional collections from the parishes newly positioned bins.
Action: clerk to take this item off the agenda.

15. Allotments – consideration of provision of these with in the parish.
The kind offer made by a resident of land was circulated to people interested in having an allotment and a couple of people did come forward and it is understood an agreement has been reached with one of those.
As to the broader provision – possible site is under discussion, but more information will come out hopefully at the next meeting.
Action: PJ is in discussion with the land owner, he will bring up the need to get a licence to take water out of the river if there is no other water supply.

16. Railway station update: CS informed the meeting that it really seems like this station might happen! He receives regular updates from the department for transport about how the station will run etc. Both he and PJ seem to be very positive about its position. This wont be happening next year, but 2024 is not an unrealistic timeline for completion assuming the intervening hurdles can be cleared not least the funding.

17. Action List for Councillors – The PC will move forward to use SP’s action list. MW reminded cllrs that the clerk is paid for 10 hours a week and cllrs need to endeavour to fulfil their actions in a timely manner.

18. Informing parishoners of the work of the GPC including social media.
PJ thanked AC for the work that he was doing in this area. From tonight he will take away: – Thanks to Graham, plea for new footpaths officer, need a parish cllr from Callowside/Elmdale area.

19. To raise matters for the next agenda : As per this agenda .Updated finance sheet will be circulated showing the budgeted allocated amounts for the year. Co-option of new councillor.

20. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting : This will start with the Parishes annual meetings and then the May Parish Council meeting will follow on from this. It will be on 11th April 2021 possibly on Zoom.

The May meeting could be happening in person we are awaiting a legal decision as to whether or not Parish Council must meet in person or if we can still carry out zoom meetings.

Meeting closed at 20.58

Signed:_________________________________ Date: ________________