Minutes August 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council held on Tuesday 9th August 2016 at The Pavilion, Ewyas Harold Recreation Ground at 6.30pm

Present:  Cllr P Jinman (EH) – Chairman, Cllr S Eynon (EH), Cllr M Wrigglesworth (EH), Cllr R Baker (EH), Cllr R Evans (D) and Cllr L Overstall (D).

In attendance:  PCSO F Witcher, Carla Boyles (Clerk) and one member of the public.

  1. To accept Apologies for Absence

Cllr M Watkins, Cllr S Probert, Cllr S Clayton and Cllr J Wilson-Thomas.


  1. To receive Declarations of Interest & Dispensation Applications

Cllr Baker declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 13.


  1. To consider applications for Co-option to the Casual Vacancies

No applications had been received.


  1. To elect a Vice-chairman

Resolved to defer this to the next meeting.


  1. To consider Minutes of the Previous Meetings

The Minutes of the Meetings held on 12th July 2016 and 25th July 2016, copies of which had been previously circulated to Members, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


  1. Open Forum

6.1       To receive brief report from the Local Policing Team

PCSO Witcher gave an update on recent activity in the parishes.  PCSO Witcher left the meeting.

6.2              To receive brief report from the Ward Councillor

No report had been received.

6.3       To receive brief report from Parish Paths Officer

The PPO had reported he would be looking into the issue with EH32 at the weekend.  Linzy Outtrim had not looked at EH27 yet and the clerk would chase this up again.

6.4       To receive views and comments from local residents, including matters raised to councillors directly



  1. To receive Clerk Update and to note Correspondence List

The clerk’s update and correspondence list was noted.  Cllr Baker had reported that the cones, covering the metal remaining after the cross at the Kemble Centre was removed, had gone missing.  Cllr Wrigglesworth offered to grind off the metal to ground level and this was agreed.  Cllr Baker and the clerk had attended the TRO workshop held by BBLP and the presentation would be circulated when received.  It was noted that any parking enforcement was undertaken by the Herefordshire Council parking enforcement team and it could be requested that they visit the parish.  The issue of waste being spread at Rowlestone pitch had recurred and resulted in complaints from residents regarding the smell.  Cllr Probert had provided an update that the Environmental Health department were involved again and will be in contact with the farmer about not using this waste near residential areas and Welsh Water requesting this waste is no longer supplied to this farmer.  Environmental Health had suggested the parish council write to Welsh Water to support this request.  It was agreed for the clerk ask Cllr Probert for the details of the Environmental Health contact.  They would be asked what action is planned and inform them that this is the third occurrence and check whether the waste has been properly treated, whether it has been applied correctly and if it is being legally carried.  Cllr Powell would be copied in.

Action: MW/Clerk


  1. Neighbourhood Development Plan

8.1       The working group report was received and local green spaces to be included for protection, a policy relating to Community Infrastructure Levy priorities and the location of the settlement boundary were considered.

Resolved that the proposed local green spaces to be included for protection were approved.  In relation to the Recreation Ground it was agreed that the area excluding the car park, pavilion and playground would be included.  Table attached as Appendix 1.

Action: Clerk

Resolved that a policy relating to CIL priorities would be included stating:  CIL money will be spent by the Parish Council in accordance with the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations on established priorities based on the EHGPC Action plan.  Priorities will be reviewed annually and recorded in the Minutes.  Where proposed projects cross parish boundaries, the relevant parishes will consult together and with Herefordshire Council.

Action: Clerk

Resolved that the settlement boundary remains the same as currently proposed in the draft plan.

Action: Clerk

8.2       The Neighbourhood Development Plan Regulation 16 draft for submission to Herefordshire Council was considered for approval.

Resolved that the Plan is recommended for approval subject to any final technical amendments based on comments from Herefordshire Council and Kirkwells.

Action: Clerk

8.3       Priorities for Community Infrastructure Levy spending were considered.

Resolved that EHGPC’s priorities for 2016/17 include (but are not limited by) the following: Road safety,

Health, welfare and social care, Flood mitigation and drainage, Play, recreation and sports provision, Environmental improvement and green spaces, Cultural and educational projects.

8.4       The Call for Sites in Rural Settlements for inclusion in the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) from Herefordshire Council had been received but was more relevant to those areas not undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan and therefore it was agreed it was not necessary to respond.


  1. To consider comments on Certificate of Lawfulness planning application 162079, Priors Wood, Dulas – Mobile home in woodland provided for seasonal use/welfare of forestry workers within the remit of Schedule 2, parts 6 & 7 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015

Resolved that there were no comments on this application.


  1. Lengthsman Scheme (incorporating the P3 scheme)

The worksheet was noted.  It was noted that Trappe House Bank could no longer be strimmed under the lengthsman scheme as it was on a B road.

Resolved to request the lengthsman deal with the kerbside weeds through the village centre.

Action: Clerk


  1. Finance

11.1          Resolved that the finance report was approved.  Balances held at 22nd July 2016 were £27,715.93 current account and £264.05 savings account, which included grant money for the Kemble Centre feasibility/planning and other budgeted costs.

11.2          Overtime worked by the clerk during June was 22 hours, including 1 hour of Lengthsman administration.  Clerk attendance at working group/additional meetings would be considered/reviewed ongoing.  It was noted that if the clerk did not attend, someone in attendance would be required to provide a written report to the parish council.

Resolved to authorise payment of 22 hours clerk overtime.

11.3          Resolved that payments detailed in the schedule below were approved.


  1. Kemble Centre

12.1          Cllr Wrigglesworth had carried out the weekly inspections and gave a verbal report.  The metal remaining from the cross would be removed as agreed above and Cllr Wrigglesworth would also fit some hinges to the electric cabinet to make it more secure and weatherproof.

Action: MW

12.2          The report from the working group was received and noted.

Resolved that it was approved for David Farnsworth, Lesley Woakes and a GP from the surgery to join the working group.

Resolved that it was approved for Cllr Wilson-Thomas to informally discuss the project with a retired developer.

Action: JWT

Resolved that travel expenses would not be reimbursed to volunteers attending meetings relating to the Kemble Centre.

Resolved that other proposals relating to the Kemble Centre would be discussed at the next meeting, including a review of the project and where it is now/where it is going.  Cllr Jinman would try to attend the next working group meeting on 5th September.


A resolution was passed that Standing Orders be suspended to allow completion of the agenda


  1. Recreation Ground

13.1          The weekly inspections were received and noted.  The kitchen window was rotten and Cllr Evans offered to obtain a quote for repair/replacement.  Cllr Wrigglesworth had not been able to repair the gates as yet, but would be doing this.  A quote from Herefordshire Council for mole control was £425.00 exc. VAT.  A request for a quote from JP Mole Control had not been responded to yet.  The clerk had checked the parish council insurance policy and pest control was not included.

Action: RE/MW

Resolved that the quote from Herefordshire Council for mole control would not be accepted.  Requested that sports clubs be spoken to at the working group meeting about action they can take.

13.2          The report from the working group was received and noted.  The urn had been repaired by Cllr Wrigglesworth and the cost of the part would be reimbursed.  The cricket club had asked where they should dispose of grass clippings.  The clerk suggested sending a letter to B&Q seeking donation of an ex-display kitchen for the pavilion.

Resolved that grass clippings be disposed of behind the bench at the far end of the field.

Resolved for the clerk to write to B&Q and any other DIY stores re. ex-display kitchen.

Action: Clerk

13.3          Cllr Baker had liaised with the cricket club and a proposal for reinstatement of the cricket nets was discussed.  The cricket club had obtained a quote for materials required totalling £593.50 exc. VAT.  The clerk provided information on the parish council budget for the recreation ground and this was discussed.  Three quotes would be required to meet the parish council’s financial regulations.

Resolved that two further quotes for materials be obtained.

Action: SE

Resolved that subject to two additional quotes for materials being obtained, the parish council would allocate a maximum of £500 towards the materials.  The lowest of the three materials quotes to be accepted and additional funding to be sourced by the cricket club.  All labour, equipment etc. would also need to be dependent on volunteers or fundraising, to be arranged by the cricket club.  The parish council would place the materials order, once all funds are in place.

Resolved that the exact location and direction of the nets and a written risk assessment is to be approved by the parish council before work takes place.  Nets are to be moveable.

Resolved that the cricket club will undertake the project, but should provide a detailed project plan to the parish council, to include timescales and what/when works are to be undertaken.

Resolved for the clerk to ask HALC re. requirements for use of netting for stray balls.

Action: Clerk

  1. To consider publicity materials for speeding and dog fouling campaign

The clerk had obtained prices for posters, corex boards, banners and stickers from Vistaprint.

Resolved to forward the options and prices to Cllr Probert for her opinion on what was needed/where it would be located and this would be considered at the September meeting.

                                                                                                                                    Action: Clerk/SP

  1. To receive update on the A465 Centre Refuge project and agree action

Simon Hobbs from Herefordshire Council had advised that there were still issues with the fencing visibility that needed addressing by Balfour Beatty.  He was hoping this would be resolved shortly.  An updated quote based on the revised specification supplied by Simon Hobbs had now been received, but had added a requirement for traffic management.  The clerk had contacted Rediweld who had agreed to include the traffic management if the project would go ahead in the near future.  Balfour Beatty had previously confirmed the Highway Authority (Herefordshire Council/BBLP) would be responsible for ongoing inspection and maintenance of the refuge.

Resolved that subject to the visibility clearance being to the satisfaction of Herefordshire Council, the quote from Rediweld for £3,438.10 exc. VAT be accepted, to include confirmed contribution from Kentchurch Parish Council of £1,500.00.

                                                                                                                                    Action: Clerk

  1. To receive update on the new website and agree action

The clerk, Cllr Jinman and Cllr Wilson-Thomas had attended training on the new website and the site was now live.  The clerk was the administrator and Cllr Jinman had been given editor log in details to ensure access to the website if necessary when the clerk was not available.  The invoice for £500.00 had been received from Eyelid Productions.

Resolved to pay the invoice of £500.00.

                                                                                                                                    Action: Clerk

  1. To consider draft Policies for adoption

17.1          Resolved to adopt the Absence Policy.

17.2          Resolved to adopt the Health and Safety Policy.

17.3          Resolved to adopt the Expenses Policy.

17.4          Resolved to adopt the revised Communications Policy.

  1. To consider comments on the Herefordshire Council Travellers Sites Development Plan Document Preferred Options Public Consultation

Resolved not to respond to this consultation.


  1. To consider comments on Herefordshire Council’s new Standards Procedure

Resolved that there were no comments.


  1. To consider Empty Sandbag request form for 2016/17

As sandbags were no longer provided to parishes, Balfour Beatty were offering to supply up to 150 empty sandbags to parishes for 2016/17.

Resolved to request 150 sandbags for residents to fill themselves if required.  These would be stored at the Pavilion.

Action: Clerk

  1. Matters for Next Agenda (no discussion)

Bus and community transport consultation.  Events committee proposal (if received).

The meeting closed at 9.30pm.

Payee Item Total (inc. VAT) Total (exc. VAT) Budget
Herefordshire Fire Alarm Services Log book £6.00 £5.00 9
Mrs C Boyles Clerk’s salary for July 2016 – as per regular payment schedule and contract of employment To include:

PAYE £34.80

NI EE £26.18

NI ER £29.56

To include:

PAYE £34.80

NI EE £26.18

NI ER £29.56





WCC Pension Fund Pension Employee £48.96

Employer £218.09

Employee £48.96

Employer £218.09

Mrs C Boyles Postage/travel £89.47 £89.47 5
Herefordshire Council Annual playground inspection £60.72 £50.60 9
Rowlestone Village Hall Hire for meeting £45.00 £45.00 8
Terry Griffiths Lengthsman work (TGC1744) £452.40






Clever Elephant LLP Feasibility study and business development plan (Invoice 2 of 2) £5,250.00 £5,250.00 13
Mrs C Boyles Reimburse Land Registry fee for register/title info.

Reimburse book tokens for school competition

Reimburse key cutting
















Diane Malley Payroll for first half of 2016/17 £34.00 £34.00 1
CT Groundcare KC grass cutting and rubbish removal

Rec ground bin emptying

Rec ground grass cutting and toilet cleaning
















Appendix 1

Name Location Significance Size Use How identified Protection status Settlement position
Island Field


Village centre. Enclosed by a bend in A4347,

at junction with village main street.

Highly valued small meadow, formerly part of Bridge Farm, and important to preserve village character.  Lying at the heart of Ewyas Harold, it has the appearance of a village green, and lends an air of rural tranquillity to the settlement. The field is important for road users and pedestrians because it provides visibility on a sharp bend and a junction with the village main street.

It was protected as RST5 in the Unitary Development Plan.  Subsequent Parish Plan and Neighbourhood Plan consultations specifically asked residents to identify Green Spaces, and 29 suggested Island Field, thereby supporting the HC Planners’ view that the field is important open space.  HISTORY:  Until recently the meadow was the traditional site for the Ewyas Harold May Fair, a travelling fair, connected to St Ethelbert’s Fair in Hereford. Parish Council records show that the Fair was a famous attraction during the nineteenth century (people came by rail) but its origins probably date back to medieval times when Ewyas Harold was a substantial Norman borough.

Small meadow

1 acre

Space Residents suggested this field should be

Green Space in written response to the “Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council Parish Plan and Design Statement Report”, compiled by Herefordshire Council’s Research Team

(September 2011) and this was referred to in the Ewyas Harold Parish Plan (2012).

Island Field was again identified at the Neighbourhood Plan Public Meeting (November 2014) as desirable green space.

Identified in UDP and formerly protected as RST5 Proposed Open Space but currently unprotected. Centre of

Ewyas Harold village

Recreation Ground


Between Priorsfield and Dulas Brook Large meadow gifted to the Parish in 1920s for sport and recreation. Large meadow

5.3 acres

Sport Identified in Ewyas Harold Parish Plan as important for sport and recreation. Protected by registration with Fields in Trust. NW area of Ewyas Harold village.
Green space Elmdale Estate


End of Elmdale Road, adjacent to Elmgeen Road. This small patch of rough grass on a housing estate provides an informal play area, close to their homes, for children who live at a distance from the Recreation Ground.  It was left as grass for this purpose by S Hereford District Council when the estate was built for social housing in the mid-20th Century. <0.25 acre Recreation

and space

EHGPC suggestion, based on reports of use of this land by children for play. None. On housing estate, north-east area of Ewyas Harold


Green space Oakbrook Close


Oakbrook Close

Housing estate entrance.

This small green on a housing estate provides a safe play area, close to their homes, for children who live at a distance from the Recreation Ground.  It was created for this purpose by the Housing Association, when the estate was built in the early 21st Century. < 0.2 acre Recreation

and space

EHGPC None. Central to housing estate in north-east area of Ewyas Harold


Centre of Horsecroft housing estate This housing estate is for older people, and the green space on either side of the access road is important to maintain an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. Green space on either side of access road.

<0.5 acre

Space EHGPC None. Centre of Ewyas Harold village, in the middle of an estate for the elderly.