Minutes August 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council that was held on Tuesday 14th August 2018 at 6.30pm at The Pavilion

  1. Present: Cllr C Pogson (L), – Vice Chairman, Cllr M Wrigglesworth (EH), Cllr L Overstall (D), Cllr M Watkins (R) one member of the public, Paul Norris, Balfour Beaty Senior Locality Steward and Claire Bunton (Clerk)

Apologies: Cllr P Jinman (EH), Cllr S Clayton (R), Cllr C Stainton (EH), Cllr S Eynon (EH), Cllr R Evans (D), Cllr S Probert (EH)


  1. To receive Declarations of Interest & Dispensation Applications

There were no declarations of interest or dispensation applications

  1. To consider Minutes of the Previous Meeting – Tuesday 17th July 2018

The Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 17th July 2018 copies of which had been previously circulated to Members, were confirmed as a true record

Open Forum

Welcome to Paul Norris, Senior Locality Steward, Balfour Beaty.

Paul has been in post for a year now, Paul thanked Graham – Footpaths Officer, Cllr Probert and Cllr Wrigglesworth for recent meetings.

Paul noted that while there is a limited budget much has been done in the area in the last 12 months to improve things. Recently Mill lane has been resurfaced, drainage works are being completed later this month and C12/13 is having its gully system repaired.  The culvert near Collins Design and Build has also been fixed and thanks to Graham reporting and following up footpath repairs they have all been moving forward in the area.

There is a ditch next to Dulas Villa that needs to be cleared.  Paul has already spoken to the landowner once and will be following this up.

It was noted that the road by Rowlestone Village Hall had previously been marked up for works, but none had been completed and the markings worn off.  Cllr Watkins showed Paul where on a map for the works to be logged again.

Paul’s aim is to get all B roads re-surfaced but acknowledged the limited budget restraints.

4.1 Report from Local Policing Team

There was no report from the Local Policing Team, however Council noted the recent bulletins that had been received from the policing team

4.2 Report from Ward Councillor


Planning applications in the area are running at about 20% higher currently by comparison with historic figures. In the main they are for extensions but single dwellings and particularly conversions. The larger scale exceptions are the developments in Ewyas Harold.

The planning application for the 38 houses opposite the Fire Station would seem to be going ahead with a smaller recreational area at the back of it as per the Parish Council query and the Housing Association would be responsible for the upkeep.

Section 106 monies will be payable on this scheme as it is over the ten required for the levy to be chargeable. Note that the other development at the top of the road is for ten dwellings is below the threshold.

Section 106 monies are charged based on a complex needs based assessment ie school, social services, medical care etc. It is not a simple percentage and the agreed figure will not be available nor the monies paid over until further along the process ie when development actually happens. All S.106 monies are placed in a separate Herefordshire Council account and kept for the purposes as covered by the relevant legislation and for the community affected.


A lorry backed into the bridge pier on the bridge over the brook opposite the Temple Bar Inn. The lorry drove off but a bystander took its number and after a phone call to me, I reported it to the police and to the Highways Authority; both attended within a very short space of time The pier will probably have to be rebuilt. It is not long ago that it was rebuilt!

The A465 request for a speed limit looks to be going ahead but it will be for a 50mph limit and it will not go as far as the Sawmills. I have requested that this be reconsidered but the police have made it clear that they will only favour a 50mph limit because of enforcement. The number of children now living in Pontrilas and having to go across the road has increased and the new housing development may well increase this number further and it might be grounds for another attempt to get the limit by the two junctions ie the turn to Rowlestone and the turns to Ewyas Harold and Pontrilas reconsidered.

I have been in correspondence with the medical practice regarding the proposal for there to be a pharmacy setting up in the village. They have expressed their concern that whilst competition might seem a good idea there would be a real danger of loss of income for the practice and with it the loss of other medical ancillary services that the income covers. I will be writing as ward councillor to express my concerns. Councillors should have received the copy letter that the medical practice will be sending.

I attended a budget briefing a few days after the announcement from Northamptonshire as to their dire straits regarding funding became national news. I am happy to say Herefordshire does not appear to be in the same position as them but there is no great cause for celebration as the funding for the coming years locally,  if there is no change by central government, will mean marked budgetary controls so as to be able to maintain statutory services and projects already underway with very little left over for new projects or other services. To that end local provision within the parish will remain of significant importance.

The other Parish Councils that made up the NDP have selected representatives for the Railway station project and it is intended to have a meeting of the group in the coming weeks.

4.3  Report from Parish Path’s Officer

Noted Grahams fantastic report and Council is very pleased to see that items being listed are being dealt with.  Items have been passed to the Parish Lengthsman and followed up with Balfour Beaty keeping the items to be done from backing up.

4.4 To receive views and comments from local residents

There were none that were not covered by agenda items

  1. To receive Clerk Update and to note Correspondence List

Correspondence list that was previously circulated was noted.

Update below:

Clerk Update Aug 2018

Action Points including carried over from previous meetings.

AP12 write to local businesses asking them to speak to their deliveries re speed list of all businesses in the area has been compiled Clerk & CP
AP18-48 Keys cut for Kemble Centre Clerk
AP18-51 Take scanned copy of Rowlestone phone box to Cllr Eynon Clerk
AP18-53 Speeding, traffic calming for newsletter SP
AP18-59 Quotes for replacement window at Pavilion MW
AP18-60 Clerk to get quote from Radbournes for Plannings Clerk
AP18-61 Contact Mr R Pritchard re Hedge cutting Clerk
AP18-62 grass cutting on the verge by the footpath on Priorsfield and around the gate & playground. Agreed to ask CT Groundcare MW
AP18-63 Clerk to put poster re Kemble Centre on notice board and website Clerk
AP18-64 Cllr Evans to arrange upgrade on email, storage and Office

Clerk completed

AP18-66 Replacement toilet seats bought and fitted in Pavilion MW
AP18-67 Cllrs Probert & Wrigglesworth to meet with Paul Norris SP MW
AP18-68 Cllr Jinman to arrange meeting with Highways PJ
AP18-69 Cllr Probert to contact Balfour Beaty re hedge clearing SP

Clerk has a meeting with Came & Co Insurance company on 21st August to get a new quote, Zurich Insurance would also like to quote.

Cllr Watkins and Clerk are attending a meeting with The Football Foundation Wednesday 15th August.

Cllr Pogson has printed and laminated new dog poo signs.

  1. To receive Recreation Ground Working Group update

The recreation working group have not yet had a meeting.  Thanks to Cllr Overstall for checking the play equipment and her comprehensive report.

Cllr Overstall suggested making the playground a charitable objective in the community to let everyone know that the play equipment only has a finite lifetime.  Approx 5 – 10 years according to the ROSPA report. AP18-70 Cllr Watkins to request quotes for replacing play equipment and surface edges.  AP18-72 Cllr Overstall to write a piece for the newsletter.

  1. NDP

There is a Community Infrastructure Level (CIL) where Parish Councils with a NDP are entitled to 25%

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a planning charge, introduced by the Planning Act 2008 as a tool for local authorities in England and Wales to help deliver infrastructure to support the development of their area. It came into force on 6 April 2010 through the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010. Development may be liable for a charge under the CIL if your local planning authority has chosen to set a charge in its area.

Most new development which creates net additional floor space of 100 square metres or more, or creates a new dwelling, is potentially liable for the levy.

Section 106 Payment was queried.  AP18-75 Clerk to investigate

  1. Kemble Centre

8.1 Outside inspection completed.  Keys were handed to Cllr Wrigglesworth for internal inspection.

8.2  Arts Festival 2019.  After information from the Insurers was circulated and discussed it was unanimously agreed that the Arts Festival committee would be considered a sub committee of Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council, and therefore the Festival would be covered by GPC insurance.  AP18-71 Clerk to notify and pass over risk assessment proformas.

8.3 Development Proposals and Comments                                                                                                                   Public were invited to comment by emailing or calling the clerk or leaving comments in the comments box at the post office.  No comments were received.

  1. West of Callowside Development

The Council has been previously asked to consider if there were any further comments on this development.

  1. Lengthsman Scheme (incorporating P3)

Invoice received with thanks.

It was noted that ditching adjacent to the Pontrilas Builders Merchants bottom of Pen-y lan pitch opposite entrance to Paradise  owned by Pontrilas Merchants needed to be dug out and removed.  AP18-73 Cllr Jinman to contact Pontrilas Merchants and request.

Lengthsman was asked to clean the sign on the Dulas road.

  1. Finance

11.1 Payments for approval were all unanimously agreed

Cllr Watkins reimbursement for toilet seats to be added next month.

11.2 Finance report previously circulated was considered and agreed.

  1. Annual Governance & Accountability Return

Emails have been had with auditor who is currently on holiday regarding auditing the accounts. Accounts will be passed over on her return.

  1. Bus Stop Cleaning

Lengthsman was asked to clean the bus stop and telephone box.

  1. Items for Newsletter

AP18-72 Cllr Overstall to write a piece about the playground equipment and surface

Collapsed culvert near Collins Design and Build has been fixed

Proposed Pharmacy and how that may effect Ewyas Harold practice.  AP18-74 Cllr Overstall to write.

  1. Cloud Based Storage / Email Storage / Microsoft Office Package

Clerk has had communications with Mark Millmore, on behalf of HALC emails will be transferred over next week. HALC will continue to be administers for the email and cloud storage and it will be suggested that they invoice annually for this.

  1. 2018 Football Foundation Monitoring Evaluation Survey

Cllr Watkins and Clerk are meeting with Football Foundation on 15th August.  Sport England has been completed and signed off.

  1. 17. Leave of notice

17.1 Cllr Evans leave of absence was duly noted

17.2 Clerks leave of absence was duly noted

  1. Matters for the Next Agenda (No discussion)
  1. Pharmacy

Proposed Pharmacy was discussed at some length and concerns were expressed about how this could effect Ewyas Harold Medical Practice.  Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council is unanimously not in favour of the proposed independent pharmacy that may effect the longevity of our medical practice. AP18-75 Cllr Pogson to write letter

Payment Schedule:

Mrs C Bunton Clerk’s salary for July 2018 – as per regular payment schedule and contract of employment Total (inc. VAT)


NI EE £0

NI ER £0

Total (exc. VAT)


NI EE £0

NI ER £0




Mrs C Bunton Travel


Home as Office

Key Cutting









Nick Cooper Tompkins CT Groundcare £442 £442
Ray Pritchard Hedge Cutting £120.00 £120.00

Current Action Points:

AP18-53 Speeding, traffic calming for newsletter SP
AP18-59 Quotes for replacement window at Pavilion MW
AP18-69 Cllr Probert to contact Balfour Beaty re hedge clearing SP
AP18-70 Cllr Watkins to request quotes for replacing play equipment and surface edges MW
AP18-71 Clerk to notify Arts Committee of decision and pass over RA proformas Clerk
AP18-72 Cllr Overstall to write a piece for the newsletter regarding play equipment and surface LO
AP18-73 Cllr Jinman to contact Pontrilas Merchants regarding digging out of ditch and removal PJ
AP18-74 Cllr Overstall to write a piece for newsletter regarding proposed Pharmacy LO
AP18-75 Cllr Pogson to write letter regarding Pharmacy CP
AP18-76 Clerk to investigate section 106 Clerk