Minutes February 2020

Serving Ewyas Harold, Rowlestone, Dulas and Llancillo

Minutes for the Parish Meeting on
Tuesday 11th February 2020 at 7pm in the Pavilion

Present: Councillors: Clive Stainton (CS)(in the chair), Peter Jinman (PJ) arrived at 19.30, Liz Overstall (LO), Sarah Eynon (SE), Michael Wrigglesworth (MWg), Alex Culpin (AC)

In attendance: Sophie Glover (Clerk) ; CPSO: Jeff Rouse (to 7.10pm);

1. To accept apologies for absence. – Malcolm Watkins (MW), Sally Probert (SP), David Roden (lengthsman);
Absent without apology – Steven Clayton (SC);
2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
None given
To consider minutes of the previous meeting … 14.01.20.
It was resolved to adopt the minutes as a true record, and they were signed by CS.
There were no matters arising that are not on the agenda apart from:
-Lighting at Pontrails timber merchants: SE felt that the lights at the merchants was at the wrong angle and that they caught the drivers eyes in a dangerous manner.
-Lorries going in and out of Pontrilas:at 5.30 in the morning – there are lorries queuing on the main road to access the saw mills and these are a real road hazard. The CPSO was present and he agreed to go and talk with with the mill management.
-Mole prevention: James Price has been to catch moles in the past. It was felt that this item should be moved to the next meeting for MW’s input. MWg suggested using gas ‘balls’ that are put in mole holes – LO was concerned to know what was in the balls before we used them.
-Siting of bin at memorial hall: EHGPC were offering a bin, but it is up to the Memorial Hall to site it and sort out the emptying of it.
It was agreed that the minutes were an accurate description of the meeting.

3. Open Forum
4.1 To receive a brief report from the Ward Councillor:
The Chair told the meeting of a meeting of the cabinet at the Memorial Hall in Ewyas Harold, on
Feb 27th, It will be ‘congress’ style so no questions can be asked on the night, just submitted
prior to the event.
4.2 To receive a brief report from the local police team – CPSO Jeff Rouse of the Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team introduced himself as he is new to the area, although he has been a Herefordshire police officer for many years.
A few people have been caught and charged with the ‘courier’ scam, this has now reduced significantly in the county.
4.3 To receive a brief report from the Parish Paths Officer – report sent electronically. Graham Robinson was not present. He had commented on a path in Dulas that was no longer accessible, LO asked for further information and said that she would find out more.
Action: Clerk to get the BB footpaths officer map and circulate it to all cllrs.
4.4 To receive views of local residents on parish matters. None present.

5 Council vacancies and training – The Chairman asked Councillors to continue to encourage others to join the Parish Council via their contacts. With early payment of HALC fees we have 2 free training opportunities with HALC.
6 Finance –
6.1 To consider outstanding invoices in line with budget. – finance committee had already verified the payments, the main meeting approved payment of all.
HALC subscription was noted as having increased 10% year on year, this was felt to be quite a lot each year, but the EHGPC were very happy with their services at the moment.
Action: Clerk to send letter with the HALC payment suggesting that 10% is a large increase each year.
6.2 To review the 2019/20 budget and expenditure to date. Members noted that the Finance Committee had reviewed 2019/20 budget and expenditure to date. No further queries were raised
6.3 To authorise regular payments – Members noted that the list of regular payments had been reviewed and signed by the Finance Committee.
It was noted that the PWLB loan is over 60 years and that currently the PC are spending more on interest than we are loan repayments. The PC were minded at this time not to change their repayments or to make a repayment to the loan but to keep this item under review.
The Chair noted that this year there was currently a 0% spend on the newsletter, did the PC wish to proceed with a newsletter? It was felt that linked with the climate change agenda a newsletter would be ideal.
7 Planning
7.1 To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council: There had been no applications during this period.
8 Recreation ground/pavilion
8.1 Monthly inspection report; No reports sent in. SE will do it this month.
Action: Clerk to send out report form and to check the rota for this year.
8.2 To consider progress on maintenance & repairs:
8.2.1 Play surface and playground fencing:
8.2.2 Hedge and tree cutting. – It
8.2.3 Scalpings for car park, clerk needs to get a quote for them, although it was resolved that she was authorised to procure 2 loads when the weather dries out.
8.2.4 French drain for car park; David Roden, the lengthsman, was asked to quote for this, he will prepare this for the PC.
8.2.5 Repairs and maintenance schedule – will come out of the Rec Committee meeting when it happens.
8.3 Rec Committee meeting date : To be confirmed, SE will lead on this this month.
Action: Clerk to inform key holder (SE) of party, SE will contact the party holder to check their access arrangements.
9 Lengthsman
9.1 To receive an update and consider work required around the parish. DR was not present, but sent a brief report via MWg. He has been busy over the last month with jetting and clearing out grips and gullies. He needs access to a specific water hydrant to extract water for the jetter. It was suggested that he could just extract water from Dulas Brook.
Action: PJ will ask what the new ruling is on this new use of hydrants.
Sand bags, complete as bags, to be stored at the school yard in a shed by the church. MWg suggested that the key flood risk buildings look at getting flood gates on their doors. This would be through private expenditure, but with the support of the PC to try and assist them with persuading others to grant fund.
Action: 1. Clerk to order the sand bags and to check back in old minutes to ascertain the previous decision on sandbags. There is a meeting in Peterchurch, 18th March about natural flood defences.
2. PJ will search practical advice for home owners to get flood defences in place.

10 Kemble Centre
10.1 Maintenance – MWg all jobs completed. New salt bin has been placed at the centre and has been filled with salt. He also raised the idea of converting part of the frontage of the centre as a car park for the village. SE said that if the parked cars were removed, then people would speed through the village, as advised by the police.

10.2 Arts Co-operative update : there had been no update this month.
Action: Clerk to ask Philippa Lydford for an update so that we can make a decision for other arts use in the centre.
10.3 Defibrillator at doctor’s surgery – update: Battery to be procured, not taking a trade in option. Action: Clerk to order.

11 Road safety:
11.1 Road safety improvements – some of the painting work has been done. Following the police officers visit the chair asked, does the EHGPC wish to take forward any of his other suggestions? It was proposed to get a smiley faced SID on the entrance to village outside the vets surgery.
Action: clerk to book SID Assessment Request from BB; clerk to ask the CPSO to be outside the school at pick off and drop off to improve parking and driving behaviour. Clerk to ask police about moving the 20mph speed sign back towards Dulas.
11.2 Salt Bin – fitted at the Kemble Centre.

12 Climate emergency
LO had researched which trees should be planted – to ensure that the right tree is in the right place. Judith Webb is an expert in this and she has offered to walk around the village with any interested parties and to suggest species for specific places. Date for the walk round will be circulated when it is confirmed. She asked for a budget to be considered to do this work, not just this year but for years to come. CS suggested £500 as a starting fund for this. This was proposed as coming from the ‘capital projects’ strand of the budget. MWg suggested getting rid of the stumps at the Kemble Centre to tidy these up and make the area look better.
CS had been to a climate emergency meeting with LO, he found it very informative, and came away with the idea that much work was going to be done in insulating homes.
Discussion followed about putting in a charging point for electric cars. It was thought that either the Kemble Centre or the Memorial Hall would be ideal for this.

13 Train station – PJ told the meeting that the government had been allocating more funds to support stations. They have also had a good letter of support from a Welsh Minister, this has been sent to the minister for transport in London. Money has been allocated by Herefordshire Council, also with Monmouthshire Council. He and CS will try to meet with another station group in Magor, south Wales who are slightly ahead of us with getting their station into reality.

14 Flood prevention and contingency planning – The sand bags have to be ordered by the clerk – Action: Clerk to do so.

15 NDP Review – Nothing further at this point

16 Siting of Defibrillator Cabinets – Clerk has sent e mails to the fire station but is still awaiting a response.
Action: Clerk to continue chasing him up

17 To raise matters for the next agenda … no discussion.
Check tenders for lengthsman and grass mower.
18 To note the date of the next scheduled meeting … 10.03.20.

19 Employment matters re Clerk/RFO
19.1 Members considered and RESOLVED to pay Clerk expenses.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 21.05

SIGNED……………………………………………………………. DATE………………………………