Minutes January 2020

Serving Ewyas Harold, Rowlestone, Dulas and Llancillo

Minutes for the Parish Meeting on
Tuesday 14th January 2020 at 7pm in the Pavilion

Present: Councillors: Peter Jinman (Chairman) (PJ), Liz Overstall (LO), Sarah Eynon (SE), Malcolm Watkins (MW), Michael Wrigglesworth (MW), Clive Stainton (CS), Alex Culpin (AC) ; and 1 member of the public.

In attendance: Sophie Glover (Clerk) ; CPSO: Pete Knight (to 7.10pm); Carey Goodwin Artivarious ; David Roden (lengthsman);

1. To accept apologies for absence. – Sally Probert
Absent without apology – Steven Clayton
2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
The Chair declared an interest in the planning item.
3. To consider minutes of the previous meeting … 10.12.19.
It was resolved to adopt the minutes as a true record, and they were signed by the Chairman.
There were no matters arising that are not on the agenda.
4. Open Forum
4.1 To receive a brief report from the Ward Councillor: PJ had had many contacts about potholes.
He told a story about a parishioner who had contacted him about blocked gullies along her lane. Balfour Beatty had been out to look at the problem but nothing had been done. Eventually she took matters into her own hands and talked to the landowner directly who has agreed to clear the ditch (which they should have cleared any way as part of their riperion duties). The first local flooding meeting was well attended, and there are small sums available for their assistance.
The SLR and the bypass are still under review.
The Chair told the meeting of a meeting of the cabinet at the Memorial Hall in Ewyas Harold, on Feb 27th, more details will follow. It will be ‘congress’ style so no questions can be asked on the
night, just submitted prior to the event.
4.2 To receive a brief report from the local police team – CPSO Pete Knight of the Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team: He mentioned that the current crime reports for the area were very low. PC Sarah Smith is the local liaison for active crimes. A major phone scam has been going on since before Christmas, it is still happening, over £70,000 has been handed over to the scammers in Hereford alone. Herefordshire has fought this hard, and a number of arrests have been made. He successfully traced a fly tipper by finding the vehicle a McDonalds bag had been purchased in, the driver admitted to throwing the bag out of the vehicle and they received a fine of £150.
The Chair asked if there had been an increased problem with fly tipping, with Monmouth tip closing, The CPSO had not noticed that there was.
4.3 To receive a brief report from the Parish Paths Officer … Graham Robinson. Who has been on holiday and was not present at the meeting and had not sent a report.
4.4 To receive views of local residents on parish matters.

5 Council vacancies and training – The Chairman asked Councillors to continue to encourage others to join the Parish Council via their contacts.
6 Finance – Malcolm was happy to stay on the committee as an extra person for when people were on holidays
6.1 To consider outstanding invoices in line with budget. – Members accepted the recommendation of the Finance Committee to pay Raymond Pritchard Agricultural Services £194.90.
The Dore community transport item was bought to this meeting to see whether or not the EHGPC wanted to pay the full £700, there was a full agreement to support them at the full amount.
6.2 To review the 2019/20 budget and expenditure to date. Members noted that the Finance Committee had reviewed 2019/20 budget and expenditure to date. No further queries were raised
6.3 To authorise regular payments – Members noted that the list of regular payments had been reviewed and signed by the Finance Committee.

7 Planning
7.1 To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council: The following application was noted:
P193156 – Land to the rear of the Laurels Veterinary Practice, Pontrilas Rd, Ewyas Harold.- Approval of reserved matters going before the planning committee on 15th January. The Chair did not comment on the application, and there were no further comments from the floor.

8 Recreation ground/pavilion
8.1 Monthly inspection report; No reports sent in. Clerk to chase it up.
Bonfire site to be cleared up on Sunday morning.
Action: Clerk to ask for inspection report one week before each PC meeting.
8.2 To consider progress on maintenance & repairs:
8.2.1 Play surface and playground fencing: the covering on the jeep frame has been worn away. Malcolm will take this up with HAGS. The gate is also needing to be looked at.
Action: Malcolm to contact HAGS
8.2.2 Hedge and tree cutting. – It was noted that the hedges had been cut but not the trees by Brook House. A Recreation Committee Meeting date. – The Chairman asked for a date to be agreed.
Action: Rec Committee to put in a date to meet
8.2.3 Scalpings for car park, clerk needs to get a quote for them, although it was resolved that she was authorised to procure 2 loads when the weather dries out.
8.2.4 French drain for car park; David Roden, the lengthsman, was asked to quote for this, he will prepare this for the PC.
Action: Lengthsman to submit a quote for the work
8.2.5 Repairs and maintenance schedule – will come out of the Rec Committee meeting when it happens.
8.2.6 Rec Committee meeting date : To be confirmed. Clerk asked if a party could book the pavilion with laserclayz on the cricket pitch. The meeting thought that this would be fine, although it was added that there would need to be a safety officer provided by the lazerclayz people to ensure that dog walkers were not at risk.
Action: Clerk to book the party

9 Lengthsman
9.1 To receive an update and consider work required around the parish. DR told the meeting that the pipework that had silted up in the village was still underwater so he could not see the problem at the moment.
MW had been talking with Phil Collins about his concrete ‘road’ to look at how to divert the rain water to the appropriate culvert rather than letting it run where it wants causing silting.
9.2 Verge cutting in 2020– Longtown has a policy to cut their verges less to allow ‘verging in the wild’. There will be meetings in the future about this.

10 Kemble Centre

10.1 Maintenance – all complete. There has been some overnight parking happening there, the PC wanted to keep an eye on this so that it does not become a regular occurrence.

10.2 Arts Co-operative update from Artivarious – A report on how the council can support and facilitate the change of use for the site was presented by Carey Goodwin. They were asking for a letter from the PC allowing them to temporarily lease the building for HArt. The meeting were happy with the idea of using it as a venue for art. It was also agreed that Artivarious should have access to the building as soon as possible, so that they can start working on it. All of the works have been done apart from the electrics which we will not do until a new tenant is secured and we don’t want to pay the electricity bill until they have a start date.
Action: Clerk to look at whether or not there is a payment currently going out for the electricity there (Octopus was suggested).
CS asked how this fitted in with the councils longer term plan for medical/social services hubs in the future. This was still awaiting a decision from Herefordshire Council.
Carey outlined the next steps which involved getting a mobile home there as they need a larger workable space immediately. PJ suggested that this was a step beyond the councils initial support for HArt.
10.3 Defibrillator at doctor’s surgery – update: Battery to be procured, not taking a trade in option. Action: Clerk to order.

11 Road safety…
11.1 Road safety improvements
Action: Sally to e mail the clerk with her action plan for this.
11.2 Salt Bin – has been ordered.

12 Climate emergency
LO has made a formal application to plant along the verges. She is awaiting their response. She has also liaised with Fownhope about their Climate Emergency steps as they are leading the field in this in Herefordshire. Ref planting trees along the roadside and the Kemble Centre, LO has been in contact with the woodland trust and the Gardening Club to source cherry trees to plant. She asked the meeting if they were happy with the wild cherry trees, which are cheaper. MW was not happy with any trees going there due to the problems with upkeep of the verge. LO explained that the trees would probably slow the traffic, MW explained that the verge was quite narrow, and thus it was not ideal for planting with trees. However the planting of trees at the Rec Ground was also supported.
LO asked for a budget for planting trees at the Kemble Centre. MW reminded the meeting that the future of the use of the Kemble Centre was unclear, thus should it be planted at all? The Chair said as long as the planting was carefully planned it was already agreed. He asked for clarification on the carbon footprint usage of different types of trees. By the river at the Kemble Centre was due to have a black poplar to replace one that is not thriving at the moment.

13 Train station – Clive Stainton reported that at the county level they are about to spend £30,000 on a review of the implementation of the Pontrilas station. CS and PJ are meeting Magor in South Wales next week who are a step ahead of us in their station implementation.

14 Flood prevention and contingency planning – The sand bags have been ordered by the clerk –

Action: Clerk to check where these are.

15 NDP Review – Nothing further at this point

16 Siting of Defibrillator Cabinets – Malcolm has a further 2 defibs, one may be sited at the fire station, clerk to make an official application to them. The other to be at Rowlstone Village Hall.
Action: PJ to forward contact details to the clerk for her to make contact with the fire station.

17 To raise matters for the next agenda … no discussion.
Lighting, Pontrilas Merchants and Timber Mill, Lorries going in and out. Mole prevention. Siting of
bin at memorial hall.

18 To note the date of the next scheduled meeting … 11.02.20.

19 Employment matters re Clerk/RFO
19.1 Members considered and RESOLVED to pay Clerk expenses.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 21.05

SIGNED……………………………………………………………. DATE………………………………