Minutes July 2021

Serving Ewyas Harold, Rowlestone, Dulas and Llancillo

Tuesday 13th July 2021,
Finance Committee meeting: 6.45pm
At Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall

Present: Councillors Peter Jinman (PJ) (in the chair), Sarah Eynon (SE); Clive Stainton (CS)

Finance sheet had been circulated to all cllrs. Meeting started 6.45pm

1. To accept apologies for absence. None declared.
2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
None received.
3. Consider minutes of previous meeting
All were happy that the minutes were a true representation of the meeting.

4. Finance
Nat West Business Current account: 28.06.21 £ 49,388.49
Nat West Business Reserve account: 28.06.21 £ 68,582.80
4.1. To consider outstanding invoices
CT Groundcare (June) £ 652.00
Mrs Chance (cleaning loos) £ 450.00
JM Probert (emptying bins) £ 125.00
Gerald Benjamin (electrical work KC) £ 480.00
Three Counties Roofing £ 998.00
Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall £ 32.00
Post Covid return for the library (signs) £ 500.00

Proposed:CS Seconded:SE

Recommend Payment all in agreement

4.2. To approve regular payments schedule : Clerks salary and expenses; and Direct Debits:-

Herefordshire Council bins £163.67

Recommend the spending above.

Proposed: SE Seconded: CS

It was resolved to agree to all of these payments.

Proposed: Seconded: All were in agreement.
Each item was looked at as a separate expenditure.

Action: Clerk to action these agreed payments.

4.3. To acknowledge receipts.
Monies received: We received £3,309.60 as the last payment of the drainage grant

5. Discussion about the setting aside funds for depreciation.
It was thought to move all monies from the business reserve acct apart from £25k the rest to go to PWLB for savings.
6. Cost of zip lines for the rec. now in metal and painted.
7. To raise matters for the next agenda: None.

8. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting : 10th August 2021

The committee agreed with the cheques that were being submitted to the PC for authorisation.
Cleaning the loos: to carry on until the end of the summer hols, then we will consider scaling it back.

Meeting closed at 6.57pm

Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council meeting:
7.05pm At Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall
The meeting was also broadcast on Zoom for one member of the public to attend.

Meeting started: 7.04 pm
Present: Councillors: Peter Jinman (PJ) (in the chair), Clive Stainton (CS); Michael Wrigglesworth (MWg); Liz Overstall (LO) Sarah Eynon (SE); Sally Probert (SP) Alex Culpin (AC) from 7.08pm;
Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), Amanda Huntley and Fiona Witcher.

1. To accept apologies for absence.
Malcolm Watkins (MW); Connor Price (CP); Stephen Clayton (prospective cllr);

2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.

– SP for her husbands invoice – submitted as Jamie Probert is her husband and has submitted an invoice.

All cllrs were happy with this position.

3. 3.1. To consider minutes of the previous meeting – June 2021. All were in agreement that the minutes were an accurate record of the meeting. (Changing the word Parishoners to residents) The Chair duly agreed to sign the minutes.
Action:Chair to sign the minutes.

3.2 Matters arising from these: either addressed, on the agenda or actions list. Add notice board at the fish and chip shop and the bench at the rec.
Action: Clerk to liaise with CP to ensure that the school is invited to join in his working group.
Kissing gate at Pontrilas Court Farm: the stile at this situation has been repaired, so there seemed little point to put in a kissing gate where there is a newly repaired stile. The PC discussed whether or not there was a feeling that we had to replace the stile, it was moved to leave the stile as it is and to use the gate elsewhere. It was moved to put the stile up behind Trapp House further up the footpath where the stile is in need of renovation. This was seen to start the process of renovating this path.
Footpath by Castle Lands: erosion; this has been completed by the lengthsman.

3.3 Matters raised between meetings ;
Concrete bridge by the water treatment works is in a very poor state of repair. PJ has asked BB if it is up to them to repair, Welsh Water is possibly going to say the same thing – generally he is trying to move this forward. MWg recollected that this bridge was originally replaced to prevent flooding either by the Lugg Drainage Board or Welsh Water.
Action: PJ to remain on the case to chase this up.

4. Co-option of Councillors
Stephen Clayton was unable to be present and instead he was introduced by the chair.
There was a counter suggestion that he did not attend many meetings and that there might be a better candidate for Rowlestone.
The chair asked if there was a proposer for a vote asking if the councillors wanted to put SC forward as a co-opted Parish Councillor for Rowlestone.
Proposed:SP Seconded: SE

Vote count: support: 4 against: 2 abstain: 1

It was resolved to appoint him as a Parish Councillor – clerk to sort out the paper work with him. The Chair pointed out that we are still short of 3 councillors on the PC.

5. Open forum for public comments:
No comments put forward.

6. To receive a brief report from :
6.1 the Ward Councillor/PC Chair.
PJ mentioned the flood report. In this they hope to have the model ready by the end of the summer, it seems to be on course for this time scale.
He has been liaising with the locality steward about local issues on the road. Particularly the top end of Rabbit Lane – the road has been closed as the surface at the top end was considered unusable. The whole lane has now been resurfaced due to a loop hole in the law meaning that just the damaged road surface can not be resurfaced in isolation, once the road has been closed, the whole thing has to be done.
The road was closed into Dulas – but the signs only say road closed, not where it is closed. This means that no one know if they can even get home.
Action: PJ to contact BB asking for more details when they are closing roads.

6.2 To receive a report from PCSO – nothing to report.
Golden Valley police report has been circulated. MWg met the two police officers covering the village, and he alerted them to the fact that the SID will shortly be in place.
Parking in the village: as a result of some pictures showing a large lorry parked on double yellow lines on a corner in the middle of the village. The police will keep an eye on this location to try and keep it clear.

6.3 To receive report from footpath officer – Terry Talbot is now in place. The Chair thanked him for his report. The feeling was that we should support him in his suggestions for the work to be done. MWg has walked a number of paths with him, he reported one particular danger area on a path behind Trapp House beside Kentchester Court land, the actual area is owned by the Hughes. He suggested that he could put some better stones in place to improve the area.
Action: MWg to contact the owner of the land to ensure that they are happy for the work to be done. The he was asked to look at the drain and back fill the area as he feels fit. The Chair was very clear that if the area is dangerous then the work needs to be done.
EH35B where the footpath has collapsed, really needs to be addressed.
Action: PJ to talk to Monmouthshire Council.

7. Planning
7.1 To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
212123 – Huntly Film Archives: Old King St Farm, Ewyas Harold; Proposed conversion and extension of existing barn to office and storage.
Comment: Parish Council felt that they should support this application.
212134 – 2 As above, listed building consent.

211994 – Temple Bar Inn; Extension to an existing outbuilding to be used as storage.
Comment: This will take away one car parking space. The PC was minded to support this application.

Application for Grant of Premises Licence: The Haybarn, Home Farm, Dulas.

7.2 To note the applications determined by Herefordshire Council:-
210349: Pwll Yr Hunt, Pontrilas: stable block: approved with conditions.
210951: Westwood House, EH: Addition of a second storey; approved with conditions.

7.3 Discussion on whether or not to support the strategic housing document: The village is nearly at where they should be with their developments to date. LO and PJ talked about the pilot that they are involved with has been working on testing the system – she agreed with the other cllrs to use them as guinea pigs to see if the system works. All were happy to do so.
CS pointed out that this consultation was in no way related to the station coming to the area, this was entirely about the need to build more dwellings for the future.
Rural services network has produced a paper about affordable housing, PJ to forward to the clerk for circulation.

8. Recreation ground/pavilion:
Update on the rec, pavilion and play area discussion on the zip wire.
The movement was towards the metal powder coated option.
It was proposed to go with this option – steel powder coated in green to match the fence.
Action:- the committee to go ahead and order the thing.
Fencing: the materials have been purchased and the contractor will be pushed to get it done before the school breaks up.
There was a discussion about putting CCTV up on the pavilion, but people were worried about videoing children at play as well as what to do with the evidence.
MWg suggested getting signage directing people to where to park (ie at the rec) Clerk to get a quote for these signs to be created. Blue signs with white writing, saying free parking for cars.
2 no dog waste signs need to go up (clerk to ask PJ where).
SP told the meeting that the School are taking all of class R to the rec on Monday.

9. Kemble Centre – update
CS explained that he had stood back over the last couple of months as he had been moving house. He did feel that there had been little movement on the lease, but it was at last moving forward. PJ explained to the meeting what had been going on with the lease from his perspective. There is a series of questions that she wants answered and he is seeking clarification if they still need to answer them.
There has been a development on the need to work with the car parking problems. The disabled parking is accessed from the car park area that the PC will own. The ACCC will also have a car park.
SP asked why not put the new extension at the other end of the building, this would create more parking area in general for the village to use as well as ACCC.
LO had taken over getting the remedial work done at the centre. She needed clarification from CS on the lease. On the parking, she asked for the ownership of the car park to be discussed, as if they own it, they could put a gate across the entrace of the car park and keep it closed if they didn’t have an event on. There was a suggestion that the PC gets planning permission for the car park and keeps control of the car parks going forward. ACCC would go for planning for the building extension. In this case the car parking areas would stay the responsibility of the PC.
PJ suggested that this now needs to be discussed with ACCC, the whole thing had only come up this morning, which is why this was the first time that any one had heard about it.
LO clarified that she had talked with CG prior to the meeting. But all agreed that the next step was to take this to ACCC to look at the idea together. They are pushing on with the lease anyway.
The electrical work has been done and the certificate has been issued.
The roof has been done, but the wood work needs to be finished before a 3rd bill can be paid to Three Counties Roofing.
LO will now be taking over from CS on ‘managing’ the development of the KC>
Action : PJ to tell the solicitor that she can deal with LO directly.
LO will meet with ACCC to talk through the plans as soon as possible.

10. Land at KC and Dr’s surgery.
Remove from the agenda.

11. Lengthsman
To receive an update and consider vital work required around the parish. David has bits of work to get on with, King ST being one of these. The lengthsman and MWg were asked to identify further jobs so that should more funding be available from the drainage grant, we are ready to apply for it.
SP asked for routine maintenance to continue as well as looking at the bigger projects.
PJ had asked Nick Cooper Thomas to clear a footpath behind the Pavilion, and he did so very rapidly. His work there is reflected in his latest invoice.

12. Community Resilience Plan / Covid 19
CP was unable to attend the meeting.

13. Finance
13.1 Balance as at 30.06.21 in Current Acct: £43,471.19 Reserve acct 30.06.21: £68,583.42
13.2 To authorise payments to be made as in the finance committee minutes. PJ explained why the litter expenditure was over budget (we now have considerably more bins and look after them) Also the loo cleaner will cost about £5,000 over the year, but this has been covered by the Covid grant. The decision to look at the regularity of the cleaning should be looked at after the summer. MWg refreshed the memories of the meeting about replacing the existing loos with a long term durable stainless steel alternative. Rec committee to look into this.
13.3 To authorise regular payments including: Clerks Salary and Direct debit; as listed in the finance committee minutes.
13.4 To confirm monies received: As listed in finance committee minutes.
13.5 Grant requests for consideration: Payment to the library for new signs to promote their reopening and working hours.

Proposed to make these payments: all in agreement.

Action: Clerk to make these payments.

14. Roads
Road safety and parking in the middle of the village. Parking at the school – SP suggested that some white lines need to be put in place. PJ suggested that the request for white lines was looked at 2 years ago, and the highways people refused saying that we had to provide case evidence.
Action: PJ to ask the police to look at this talking to the school, the chip shop, the Drs clinics etc. Residents to be told not to park on the pavements
PJ also to talk to home owners along the Pontrailas Rd to keep their hedges trimmed.
Roundels on the roads: still ongoing clerk to push BB to get them in place.

15. Allotments – consideration of provision of these with in the parish. Nothing further to report this month.

16. Action List for Councillors – This will be updated and recirculated.

17. Informing residents of the work of the GPC including social media. SID is coming, parking in the village, need for 3 more councillors

18. To raise matters for the next agenda : As per this agenda .

19. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting : 10th August 2021.
CS sent apologies.
Meeting closed at 21.03

Signed:_________________________________ Date: ________________

Future parish council meeting dates for 2021:

Tuesday 10th August 7pm
Tuesday 14th September 7pm
Tuesday 12th October 7pm
Tuesday 9th November 7pm
Tuesday 14th December 7pm