Minutes June 17

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council that will be held on Tuesday 13th June 2017

at 6.30pm at The Pavilion


Present:  Cllr C Pogson(L) Acting Chairman, Cllr S Eynon (EH), Cllr M Wrigglesworth (EH), Cllr M Watkins (R), Cllr L Overstall (D).

In attendance: Claire Griffiths (Clerk)

1 To accept Apologies for Absence
Cllr P Jinman (EH), Cllr S Probert (EH), Cllr S Clayton (R) and Cllr R Evans (D)


2 To receive Declarations of Interest & Dispensation Applications
None received.


3 To consider Minutes of the Previous Meeting – 9th May 2017
The Minutes of the Meeting held on 9th May 2017, copies of which had been previously circulated to Members, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


4 Open Forum
4.1  There was no report from the Local Policing Team
4.2  There was no report from the Ward Councillor
4.3  To receive brief report from Parish Paths Officer

Footpath EH31a has been identified as impassable near Cae-newydd wood (Dinter wood) Clerk to write to the landowners and ask for this to be cleared.                                                         Action: Clerk

4.3 a Update on vacancy

A Parish Path’s Officer has been found, Cllr Jinman proposed and was unanimously agreed to accept Mr Robinson’s kind offer subject to a suitable CV being received. Role description and maps will need to be supplied.

4.4  There was no views and comments from local residents

4.4 a Letter of complaint

A letter of complaint has been received regarding the noise and light coming from Pontrilas Sawmills through the night.  before receiving the complaint from the resident Cllr Jinman had taken up the noise issue emanating from the working practices of Pontrilas Timber. This was taken up with our ward councillor and he with the company.

The ongoing issues with regard to this were discussed and it was unanimously agreed that EHGPC would contact the neighbouring parish councils to discuss and suggest a joint meeting.

                                                                                                                                                   Action: CP/Clerk

5 To receive Clerk Update and to note Correspondence List

5.1 Letter from Kentchurch Parish Council

This letter was discussed and agreed that clarification of the situation from Balfour Beaty was necessary and then for Cllr Pogson and the clerk to reply                                              Action: CP/Clerk

6 To receive Recreation Ground Working Group update

Monthly checks on equipment have been carried out.  PAT testing on all electrical equipment has been completed.  As yet there has been no reply from the cricket club with regard to using the pavilion this year.   Clerk to phone cricket club and discuss                                                  Action: Clerk        Play Equipment.  The ROSPA inspection has been postponed by the company. Clerk to chase for date    Action: Clerk    Jeep item in playground has been further damaged. Cllr Watkins to investigate if a new seat can be bought   Action: MW

Football dates will be sent to Clerk, Clerk to update the calendar  Action: Clerk

One of the public toilet seats have been broken.  Cllr Watkins to contact Nick Cooper Tompkins to see if they can fix / replace   Action: MW   Cleaning of the pavilion as previously discussed was agreed.  Cllr Watkins to notify Mrs Chance. Action: MW


7 To receive Kemble Working Group Update

It is becoming clear that in the near future ie the next eighteen months, there is unlikely to be any decision of substance from the health authorities as to the possible funding for not just capital purposes but more importantly day to day running costs. To this end and whilst mindful of the original reason for purchase and the various consultations and plans, that there should be exploration of the use of the building and its surrounding grounds for other purposes in the interim.  Council discussed this at some length and thanked Julie Wilson Thomas for everything her and the Kemble Centre team had done.  Council unanimously agreed to investigate the practical implications and what would be needed to be done to the building to make it suitable for interim use.  Cllr Jinman, Cllr Pogson and Cllr Wrigglesworth to meet and discuss  Action: PJ, CP, MW

Cllr Overstall was asked to write a piece for the newsletter and act as an intermediator between all interested parties  Action: LO  Cllr Jinman is still pursuing the solicitor regarding the boundary issue of the Kemble centre Action: PJ


8 Lengthsman Scheme (incorporating the P3 scheme)

Unanimously agreed that Terry Griffiths should continue as Lengthsman and P3 until March 31st 2018.  Clerk to contact, request a copy of guidelines, invite to next parish council meeting and advise that Cllr Wrigglesworth is the main contact for EHGPC.  Lengthsman scheme to be added to the December agenda in preparation for the next financial year.   Action: Clerk




Arts Festival

The Arts Festival was an undoubted success, EHGPC would like to thank the committee and all their helpers for the hard work and effort that they have put in to making such a wonderful arts festival.  EHGPC look forward to working with the committee again for the 2019 Arts Festival.


10 Finance

10.1  Resolved approval for payment to CT Groundcare

10.2  Resolved approval for payment to Eyelid Productions

10.2  Resolved Payments for approval – as per schedule below
11 online Measurement and Evaluation form for your Sport England
Has been completed and EHGPC would like to thank Cllr Watkins


12  SID Deployment Requests

After some discussion it was unanimously agreed that at present EHGPC can not afford the installation charges


13 Items for Newsletter
Article from Cllr Overstall regarding Kemble Centre























Rural Roadside Verges

It was requested that the GPC consider adding to the NDP that we “Adopt a policy that we should take special care of roadside verges of botanical interest.”  This was discussed and unanimously agreed.


Wild Play Application

Clerk to contact Wild Play and confirm dates.  Action: Clerk



If anyone would like to step forward as a parish councillor please contact the clerk, all councillors to continue looking.  Action: All


Interesting Villages

Some time ago Cllr Jinman mentioned the TV programme on interesting villages and that anyone could propose their village. Eways Harold was proposed and the programme makers have added us to their long list. That does not mean anything will happen


Matters for Next Agenda (no discussion)

Code of Conduct duly noted to be added to next agenda


Payee Item Total (inc. VAT) Total (exc. VAT) Budget
Miss C Griffiths Clerk’s salary for May 2017 – as per regular payment schedule and contract of employment To include:


NI EE £33.35

NI ER £37.80

To include:


NI EE £33.35

NI ER £37.80




Miss C Griffiths Postage / travel