Minutes June 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council that will be held on Tuesday 12th June 2018 at 7.00pm at The Pavilion


  1. Present: Cllr C Pogson (L), – Vice Chairman, Cllr S Eynon (EH), Cllr M Wrigglesworth (EH), Cllr L Overstall (D), Cllr R Evans (D) Cllr M Watkins (R) two members of the public and Claire Bunton (Clerk)

Apologies: Cllr P Jinman (EH), Cllr S Clayton (R), Cllr S Probert (EH), Cllr C Stainton (EH)


  1. To receive Declarations of Interest & Dispensation Applications

Cllr Wrigglesworth declared non-pecuniary interest in item 10


  1. To consider Minutes of the Previous Meeting – Tuesday 8th May 2018

The Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 11th April 2018 copies of which had been previously circulated to Members, were confirmed as a true record


Open Forum

4.1 There was no report from the Local Policing Team, however Council noted the recent bulletins that had been received from the policing team

4.2 Report from Ward Councillor

  • I had the opportunity to talk to the NHS chair of commissioning regarding the Kemble centre. He was very much aware of our keenness to get something done or some commitment but there is still considerable uncertainty bas to what is going to happen to medical services never mind the social services but he has promised to keep in touch. The consolidation of GPs services on Hereford into one building is a sign of the way thigs are going and it is important that we keep our eyes and ears open as to any developments locally.
  • I attended the Community bus hand over of the keys for the new bus undertaken by Jesse Norman. This service is very important to many people locally deserves support. It relies heavily on donation support and the Herefordshire Council grant. Another area to keep an eye on in terms of cut backs. They are in need of some more drivers so anyone you know ask them to make contact.
  • Thank you to the new lengthsman and to Cllr Wrigglesworth for the infilling in the playing fields.
  • I had a meeting with our MP on the subject of the state of the roads and to make clear the concerns locally as to the damage being done to vehicles, particularly in the wet when it is not possible to see the depth of any hole. The council is considering whether it could obtain a Jetpatcher to speed up the repairs of the roads. These machine are usually hired and there is a limited number in the UK so they are shared out between councils. They blast out the hole with air and then fill with tarmac product and the drive over to press in. The repair is said to last for many months if not years. One is being used in the North of the county at present.


4.3  Report from Parish Path’s Officer

Noted Grahams fantastic report and Council is very pleased to see that items being listed are being dealt with. AP18-57 Regarding the crops in the report.  Cllr Jinman to find out who the landowner is.


4.4 To receive views and comments from local residents

Speeding through the village is becoming an increasing concern of residents.  A member of the public came with a petition of people requesting something be done.

Cllr Probert is heading up an investigation into the speeding and speed reduction methods. Speeding will be an agenda item at the next meeting and the member of the public was invited to attend again.  Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council are very supportive and in favour of safety measures to reduce speeding through the village. The petition will be being circulated around the village.

AP18-64 Clerk to invite Balfour Beaty locality Steward to next meeting.


  1. To receive Clerk Update and to note Correspondence List

Correspondence list that was previously circulated was noted.

Clerk to investigate with Herefordshire Council and respond to Mr Jones.

Cllr Pogson to draft reply to Cara AP18-67

Update below:

Clerk Update June 18

Action Points including carried over from previous meetings.

AP12 write to local businesses asking them to speak to their deliveries re speed list of all businesses in the area has been compiled Clerk & PJ
AP18-21 John Clark to send Clerk Insurance information JC
Speed Controls Investigation PJ SP
AP18-41 Council requested that a full list of correspondence including spam items be circulated in future with the agenda Clerk
AP18-42 CP to investigate Cricket Club ongoing use CP
AP18-43 who owns and is responsible for the Cricket Pavilion, investigate Clerk
AP18-44 Planings to be ordered CP & MW
AP18-45 Planings to be distributed MW & DR
AP18-46 Distribute updated inspection list Clerk
AP18-47 Peter Overstall to share report on NHS England meeting LO
AP18-48 Keys cut for Kemble Centre Clerk
AP18-49 Investigate Lengthsman invoices Clerk
AP18-50 Invite DR to next meeting and ask for gates to be fitted Clerk
AP18-51 Take scanned copy of Rowlestone phone box to Cllr Eynon Clerk
AP18-52 Prepare and circulate Transparency Statement and Privacy Statement Clerk
AP18-53 Speeding, traffic calming for newsletter SP
AP18-54 Newsletter: Friendship with Segonzac LO
AP18-55 Newsletter:  EH Scout Group, invited to write a piece Clerk
AP18-56 Info regarding new build Clerk


New self closing gates have been secured from BB for Wigga Farm (Footpath RW14) and fitted.

School have booked the Recreation field for 18th July – no cost.

Birthday party has been booked for 26th July.

Annual Return for Lengthsman and P3 has been submitted to BB and EHGPC have been reimbursed £2469.95

Monitoring returns have now finished for Active Places and Sports England


  1. To receive Recreation Ground Working Group update

The recreation working group have not yet had a meeting.  Thanks to Cllr Watkins for checking the play equipment.  Thanks to David Roden and Cllr Wrigglesworth for the work completed on the dropped man hole.


Ewyas Harold Cricket Club are continuing this year.  AP18-58 Cllr Pogson to draft a letter including the stewardship agreement.


Cllr Watkins and Clerk are trying to arrange a monitoring meeting with The Football Foundation.


Council discussed replacement window for the pavilion, AP18-59 Cllr Wrigglesworth was asked to get quotes.


Council discussed cleaning of the playground.  Agreed that Cllr Watkins should approach Mr & Mrs Chance to see if they were available to do it AP18-60


  1. NDP

There is no further update


  1. Kemble Centre

Outside inspection completed.  The Grass needs cutting. AP18-61 Clerk to contact CT Groundcare and ask if they can cut the grass


  1. Scouts Container

Council reviewed the insurance documents that had been previously circulated and agreed that Ewyas Harold Scout Group could place a container next to the Events Committee container.  Clerk to advise and request they contact Cllr Wrigglesworth. AP18-62


  1. Lengthsman Scheme (incorporating P3)

No new invoices have been received.  Clerk investigated previous invoices and those were unanimously agreed and signed off.


Council agreed for pot holes in the parking area of the recreation ground to be temporarily fixed. Requested that Lengthsman David Roden provide a quote for a complete job.  Plannings already discussed and agreed would be ordered and spread out for this year.  AP18-63 Cllr Eynon to get quotes for plannings.


Lengthsman requested to tidy up the corner of Elmdale and salt in the car park.


  1. Finance

11.1 Payments for approval were all unanimously agreed

11.2 Finance report previously circulated was considered.  Cheque book and bank statements signed.


  1. Annual Governance & Accountability Return

Clerk has contacted auditor to arrange hand over of accounts


  1. Code of Conduct

Previously circulated was duly noted.


  1. Planning

14.1  171720 – no representations received, passed without comment

14.2  181981 – no representations received, passed without comment

14.3  181861 – no representations received, passed without comment


  1. Cloud Based Storage

It was agreed that a new office package would be bought for the Ewyas Harold GPC laptop.  AP18-65 Cllr Evans agreed to investigate and help clerk get this set up.  Council unanimously agreed that Cloud Based Storage with automated back up would be used.


  1. External Hard Drive

Council agreed for this to be discussed in the future once the cloud based storage was up and running and could be evaluated


  1. 2018 Monitoring & Evaltion Support Day Meeting.

Sport England are happy and have signed off on the grant, Cllr Watkins is trying to arrange this meeting.


  1. Items for Newsletter

As per last meeting


  1. Matters for the Next Agenda (No discussion)




Attending: Russel Bryce


Payment Schedule:

Miss C Griffiths Clerk’s salary for May 2018 – as per regular payment schedule and contract of employment Total (inc. VAT)


NI EE £0

NI ER £0

Total (exc. VAT)


NI EE £0

NI ER £0




Miss C Griffiths Travel


Home as Office







Nick Cooper Tompkins CT Groundcare £588 £588
Eyelid Productions Web hosting and maintenance £100 £100
Terry Griffiths P3 work


£1,180.80 £1,180.80


Current Action Points:

AP12 write to local businesses asking them to speak to their deliveries re speed list of all businesses in the area has been compiled Clerk & PJ
Speed Controls Investigation PJ SP
AP18-43 who owns and is responsible for the Cricket Pavilion, investigate Clerk
AP18-44 Planings to be ordered CP & MW
AP18-45 Planings to be distributed MW & DR
AP18-46 Distribute updated inspection list Clerk
AP18-48 Keys cut for Kemble Centre Clerk
AP18-51 Take scanned copy of Rowlestone phone box to Cllr Eynon Clerk
AP18-53 Speeding, traffic calming for newsletter SP
AP18-54 Newsletter:  Friendship with Segonzac LO
AP18-55 Newsletter:  EH Scout Group

Have been contacted

AP18-56 Newsletter: Info regarding new build Clerk
AP18-57 Investigate land owner in footpaths officer report PJ
AP18-58 Letter to Cricket Club with Stewardship agreement CP
AP18-59 Quotes for replacement window at Pavilion MW
AP18-60 Ask Mr & Mrs Chance if they can clean the play equipment MW
AP18-61 Contact CT Groundcare re ground at Kemble Centre Clerk
AP18-62 Advise Ewyas Harold Scouts yes to the container and contact Cllr Wrigglesworth re siting it Clerk
AP18-63 Obtain quotes for plannings SE
AP18-64 Invite Balfour Beaty Locality Steward to next meeting Clerk
AP18-65 New Office Package, automated back up and Cloud based storage RE & Clerk
AP18-66 Clerk to put something on website front page to show its being updated Clerk
AP18-67 Reply to Clara CP
AP18-68 Reply to Mr Jones Clerk
AP18-69 Write to Mr Castle Clerk