Minutes June 2020

Serving Ewyas Harold, Rowlestone, Dulas and Llancillo

Tuesday 9th June 2020,
Finance Committee meeting: 7.45pm on Zoom

Present: Councillors: Peter Jinman (PJ) (in the chair), Clive Stainton (CS), Sarah Eynon (SE)

Finance sheet had been circulated to all cllrs.

The Committee had looked through the accounts for 2019/2020 and were happy with them going to the Parish Council for approval. They went through the explanation of variances form and checked that they agreed with all of the comments.

The committee agreed with the cheques that were being submitted for authorisation and with their authorisation.

It was suggested that due to on going issues with the clerk not being able to access account information, she suggested looked at moving the banking for the PC and taking the.accounts from Nat West. She was asked to look in to moving to Lloyds in Hightown. This proposal was to be put to the full PC meeting.

Parish Council meeting: 8pm on Zoom.


Meeting started: 8.02
Present: Councillors: Peter Jinman (PJ) (in the chair), Clive Stainton (CS), Sarah Eynon (SE), Alex Culpin (AC); Malcolm Watkins (MW), Liz Overstall (LO) ; Michael Wrigglesworth (MWg); Sally Probert (SP);
Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), Connor Price (prospective cllr), Amanda Huntley (AH from Artivarious), Carey Goodwin (CG Artivarious).

1. To accept apologies for absence.
Stephen Clayton;

2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
MWg declared that he is doing some of the work with the lengthsman and is receiving payment for that work. He just wanted to ensure that the work was above board. The Chair thanked him for his openness and suggested that his Pecuniary Declaration of Interest was updated. AC supported the good work that MWg was doing having seen him out on the roads.

3. To consider minutes of the previous meeting – 12.05.20. All were in agreement that the minutes were an accurate record of the meeting. The Chair will sign the minutes when social distancing is relaxed.

Matters arising: The kissing gate / self closing gate to be installed where there was currently a stile. The area is under the Pontrilas Court Farm estate. The Chair had found the new agent for Savills, this information has been passed to the clerk and she will approach them for permission for this to happen.
Open Forum- Comments from members of the public.
AH and CG were attending the meeting to talk about Artivarious, they had circulated a paper about their requirements to move the project forward. The Chair thanked them for their work so far. CG explained that they were at stage 2 of the grant application with Calor and if successful, this will give them £5,000 towards water, heating and foundations for the renovation of the Kemble Centre. They don’t yet have a quotation for the building works as they are awaiting the PC’s approval and work on the lease. They are joining with Dr Wriggler who is looking for some space in the building to carry out his services. They have approached the planners and are starting the process of starting to look at their planning application. They are looking at putting up a steel frame building.
AH emphasised the strong arts and crafts stream that runs through the village already. She reminded the meeting that they need 12 years to make the centre work with the amount of capital work that they will be doing to the building. She addressed the PC’s request for a break clause, she suggested that should Artivarious fail then the lease would fall back to the PC.
The Chair opened the meeting to the cllrs for questions:
LO: moving the electricity pole, if we have to pay, it would be very expensive. AH and CG have already experienced this at the memorial hall, getting all of the cables put underground. Wayleaves are not being paid to the PC so it was thought that it would not be our responsibility.
PJ clarified that the PC can change the usage of the church with out further problems. The Drs have told the PC that they are not in the position to take it on, so Artivarious is the only possibility of us using the building in a positive manner in the near future, the Cllrs all agreed with this sentiment. He clarified that the PC can now look at building on their own land. He felt that it should be the PC who puts forward the planning application.
Following a wide ranging discussion, LO suggested that we needed a working party to look at the Heads of Agreement and move on from there. CS volunteered to come onto the working group, to ensure that the responsibility to the parish and the villagers was considered at all times.
PJ: felt that there were two fundamental questions, one is that the PC lease the ground to Artivarious and they can then develop the grounds in line with PC agreements, or they do the development hand in hand with the PC. He asked for other volunteers for the working group AC, LO also put their names forward. PJ will also be involved.
He suggested that the 3 cllrs and the Artivarious group need to meet as soon as possible to get things moving. CS was tasked with fixing the meeting – they will happen on line. PJ thanked AH and CG for their hard work so far on the project.
Action: CS to set up the first meeting with the Kemble Centre working group.

AH also wanted to raise a point about the helicopter activity around Pontrilas and Ewyas Harold at the moment – a problem that had also been raised by LO. The Chair had been in contact with the regiment and he had been told that it was exceptional times at the moment, with restrictions being placed on them using their usual training grounds hence they are more present in the neighbourhood. The Chair has a contact number to use should this problem or similar issues come up in the future.

AH and CG left the meeting 8.50pm

3.1. To receive a brief report from the Ward Councillor.
PJ has been working through planning applications and Covid issues. He congratulated the parishioners on their amazing ability to look after each other. Schools are left to their own decisions as to when and how they take pupils back into their buildings. The council are looking at what is going to happen when furlough ends, there is accepted that there will be difficult decisions to be made in the future as budgets just don’t match expected expenditure.

3.2 SP had been approached about the need to cut back the hedges on the pavements
She has also been approached about the noise from the saw mills. PJ has looked into this and found that at the moment there is no restriction as to the hours that they work.
She asked for more dog mess bins in the village and asked for the PC to revisit this at another meeting.
Action clerk to add this to the next agenda.

4. Introduction to prospective new councillors
One prospective cllr had withdrawn his application earlier this evening, but Connor Price introduced himself, his CV had been circulated to all cllrs. At the end of the meeting if he is still keen to become a cllr the meeting will be asked to vote him on board if they so wish.

5. Corona Virus and the Group of Parishes
LO: reminded the meeting that from the police newsletter, there is a lot of fraud around at the moment. She asked for this info to be put onto the parish website as well as on the notice boards – all agreed. PJ has been approached by another parish for any bright ideas to help with this crisis.
MW spoke about the assistance grants for businesses over this period. He reminded people that the comments so far were very positive about the speed and accessibility of these grants.
LO; are the village hall entitled to assistance with these grants? PJ wasn’t sure, so LO will look into it.
Action: Clerk to put the info on the web site

6. Finance
6.1. Balances as at 01.04.20 in Current Acct: £9,447.74 Reserve acct: £62,696.72
6.2. i. To review and approve the 2019/20 end of year accounts,
approve the Annual governance Statement; The councillors went through the form and agreed with its completion.
ii. To approve accounting statement ;The chair asked if there were questions from cllrs. PJ was happy that they were fit for purpose and they were happy with submitting the accounts. All voted in support of these.
Action: Clerk to send the completed accounts to PPK.
6.3. To authorise payments to be made: CT Groundcare Rec Ground and Kemble Centre grass cutting.£587.00; Eyelid Productions (Website update) £100;
All agreed and the cheques were authorised for payment.
6.4. To authorise regular payments: Clerks Salary, SSE electricity;
All agreed and authorised.
6.5. Monies received: None PJ will chase up the extra monies that were available for the lengthsman scheme.
During the epidemic, cheques will be completed and signed by CS and PJ and forwarded to the clerk for posting having been approved by the EHGPC.

7. Planning
7.1. To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
201511: Land East of Trappe Cottage 2 x two bed semidetached dwellings
PJ noted that the pavement was indicated on this development and he hoped that this would mean that there would be a pavement to the larger development that is beyond this one.
MW thought that it was a small site for two houses – and the parking area was also quite small. SP agreed with the comment.
LO was worried if they had more than a car per property, where they would park, she wanted clarification that there was to be no parking on the road.
Clerk to submit the comment: EHGPC are concerned that the parking is not big enough, it is too near the junction – the PC are not in favour at the present time.
7.2. To note the applications determined by Herefordshire Council: None to date

8. Recreation ground/pavilion: play area closed until further notice
MW said that there has not yet been any damage at the Rec, but they are aware that there are young people hanging out there. He proposed putting up signage to tell people not to climb on things that they shouldn’t. This was agreed by all.
He also told the meeting that the showers need some work, he is getting a quote for this. He is also overseeing the football pitch maintenance which will happen in the next weeks.
Some one has asked if they can take the old roll of matting from the cricket pitch – this was approved by all.
The football club had put in a request through MW about consideration for a reduction in the rent or to pause the payment for the moment. This was to be added to the agenda for the next month. MW needed to declare and interest in this item for next month.
Action: Clerk to add to July agenda

9. Lengthsman
9.1. To receive an update and consider vital work required around the parish.
MWg told the meeting that he had asked the clerk to contact Western Power to arrange renewing the meter lid at the centre which has been broken. SP had sent the clerk a link to a person at Western Power to try and progress this.
PJ clarified that MWg wouldn’t be able to participate in the discussion due to his pecuniary interest. PJ had been round to look at the work earlier today and he saw the great work that they are doing on the Rowlestone road. PJ is trying to get some funding from the HC as we are doing their work.
Action: clerk to get the meter lid replaced

Footpaths officer: had sent in a report, attached to the end of these minutes.

10. Kemble Centre
10.1. Update sent by Ms Goodwin and circulated to all cllrs.

11. Dr Surgery: Defibrillator at doctor’s can now be replaced MWg will replace the cabinet in the coming weeks and the current defib will be returned to MW for use in Rowlestone.

12. Road safety.
12.1. Road safety improvements: SP was suggesting that we should go for a solar panel on the SID. Cost is £1,799 for the pack, plus mounting at the sum of .
She proposed that we just go ahead and order the equipment so that we can get them in place. All were in agreement that we just go ahead and order.
Action: Clerk and SP to liaise about this.
SP also asked about moving the speed sign from the junction to make it more visible. She also reminded the meeting about getting 30mph painted on the road. She asked PJ about the letter that was sent out to local business asking them to keep their drivers slow through the village, she felt that it was time to send a similar letter.

13. Railway station update.
CS informed the meeting that the dept of transport were going to make our station happen. Jessie Norman will be talking with the transport minister to see what that actually means. He hopes that there may well be a new station by 2025!
PJ added in the cycle way up the Golden Valley was also gaining support.

14. To raise matters for the next agenda : no discussion.
Football club fees, dog mess bins, letter to local companies about speeding

PJ checked with Connor if he was still wanting to become a Parish Councillor – he was and he will liaise with the clerk to get the necessary paperwork filled in . He mentioned Talk Community as an arm of HC who are helping isolating people to get day to day tasks achieved.
All voted in favour of him joining the PC
Action: Clerk to get him signed up and his paper work completed

15. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting : 7th July 2020.

Meeting closed at 21.50


Ewyas Harold GPC
Parish Footpath Officer’s Report
May 2020

I have not got much to report this month due to the continuation of the Covid19 lockdown and have purposefully kept clear of stiles etc – walking on the common has been our saviour!
EH4 and EH2: The only two issues I have been involved with were dealt with by you at the last GPC meeting after I discussed them with Mike Wrigglesworth. That was a request from a resident for a gate to replace a stile on EH4 and a suggestion that we have the access on and off the footbridge over Dulas Brook on EH2 modified which I believe are now ongoing.


DU1 & DU2 : I reported broken and missing finger posts on these two footpaths where they meet opposite each other at the entrance to “The Ceffn Farms”. I submitted a request to Balfour Beatty back in January 2020 and informed you in my report of January 2020.
They have now been replaced/re-instated by Balfour Beatty with a new metal pole and signs. Not my favourite, as some of you know, I am a wood man and much prefer the old wooden signs!
I still have to meet up with the Paint Ball Company owner to sort out signing etc across their land but for obvious reasons this will not happen at least until the latter part of this year. Thank you to Liz Overstall for giving me the contact information.

Graham Robinson
Ewyas Harold GPC Footpath Officer.

Map. Broken Finger Post Jan 2020.

New metal finger post serving both footpaths.