Minutes May Annual and Parish Meetings 2021

Serving Ewyas Harold, Rowlestone, Dulas and Llancillo

Tuesday 18th May 2021,
Finance Working Group meeting: 6.45pm
At The Memorial Hall, Ewyas Harold.

Present: Councillors Peter Jinman (PJ)(in the chair), Sarah Eynon (SE);

Finance sheet had been circulated to all cllrs. Meeting started 6.45pm

Draft Minutes

1. To accept apologies for absence. Clive Stainton (CS)
2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
None received.
3. Consider minutes of previous meeting
All were happy that the minutes were a true representation of the meeting.

4. Finance
Nat West Business Current account: 01.05.21 £ 50,085.61
Nat West Business Reserve account: 01.05.21 £ 68,582.27
4.1. To consider outstanding invoices
CT Groundcare (April) £ 683.00
Mrs Chance (cleaning loos April) £ 450.00
Sue Probert (Internal Audit) £ 50.00
JM Probert (emptying 5 bins) £ 100.00
Connexus (Library for 2 years) £ 200.00
Mike Wrigglesworth payment for
Unsubmitted cheque from 20/21 £ 29.19
Proposed: PJ Seconded: SE

Recommend Payment all in agreement

4.2. To approve regular payments schedule : Clerks salary and expenses; and Direct Debits:-

Public Works Loan Board £1,647.60

Recommend the spending above.

Proposed: PJ Seconded: SE

It was resolved to agree to all of these payments.

Proposed: PJ Seconded: SE All were in agreement.
Each item was looked at as a separate expenditure.

Action: Clerk to action these agreed payments.
Grants requested: Memorial Hall kitchen grant for £5,000. It was thought that the committee would reach their target with out our assistance. It was decided to take the discussion to the main meeting.

4.3. To acknowledge receipts.
Monies received:
23rd April; We received £22,000 as the first half of our precept.
We received £8,000 as a Covid Grant in April.

5. Acceptance of end of year accounts for 2020 – 2021

5.1 Approval of Annual Governance Statement
Proposed: PJ Seconded: SE
5.2 Approval of the Accounting Statement
Proposed: PJ Seconded: SE

6. To raise matters for the next agenda: None.

7. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting : Tuesday 8th June 2021

Meeting closed at 6.57pm

Ewyas Harold Annual Parish meeting:
Started: 7.05pm

Draft Minutes
Meeting started: 7.04
Present: Councillors: Peter Jinman (PJ) (in the chair), Malcolm Watkins (MW); Michael Wrigglesworth (MWg); Liz Overstall (LO) Sarah Eynon (SE); Sally Probert (SP) Alex Culpin (AC); Connor Price (CP);
Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), 3 further parishoners from ACCC (who left the meeting at 8.20)
Apologies: Clive Stainton

1. Election of officers (Chairman, Vice Chairman)
Chairman: PJ was proposed by:MW Seconded:SP

All were in favour of his appointment.

Vice chair: was deferred until the next meeting.

2. Chairman’s Annual Report
PJ noted that this has been an extraordinary year, he thanked the cllrs for all of their endeavours to keep the PC running throughout the Covid Pandemic. The enforced use of Zoom and all of the cllrs willingness to adapt to the ever changing regulations. He felt that the Kemble centre was at last heading in the right direction. Allotments have grown from an interest to a cause that the PC are supporting.
Flooding remains an issue for the Parishes, roads and drainage come into this and the Chair thanked David Roden and MWg for their hard work over the last year trying to make good the poor work done by the council over the last 20 years.
The SID is very nearly a reality, we hope to have it in place in months now, not years.
Resilience: PJ thanked CP for taking on this topic and looking into it.
He felt that the PC had been really proactive this year, and that cllrs should be delighted with all that had been achieved, despite covid and lock downs.

3. Clerks Annual Financial Report
You ended last year with £98,833 in the bank. As agreed, with banks now being open for more usual business, some of this will be put into a saving account for depreciation of playground equipment. It was suggested that at the June PC meeting there could be a discussion about how much the PC want to move to this account? Clerk will look into a PWLB account.

4. Co-option of councillors
Steve Clayton had to be removed from the Council due to non attendance over the covid ‘zoom’ period. He does want to be reconsidered for cllr in Rowlestone, his post is currently with the Electoral services office for publication. When they have processed it, and advertisement will go onto notice boards for 2 weeks. Depending on whether or not there is any response from the advert, the PC may be able to co-opt a cllr.
Sonya Carey had expressed an interest in becoming a Parish Councillor for Ewyas Harold. It was clarified that she would be standing as an individual, with no political affiliation. Worries were expressed that she had put out in the public domain that she would be representing the Freedom Allience Party on EHGPC. The cllrs would like to give her the opportunity to explain her position to the PC.
It was proposed to defer the vote to next month: Proposed by: SP Seconded: CP
In favour: 5 against :2 with the Chair abstaining.

Action; SP and the Chair will chat with her later this week.

5. Acceptance of the last Annual Meeting minutes – May 2020, Approved at the June ‘20 meeting. All were happy to accept them.

6. Appointment of members to Committees, working groups etc
Committees are open to the public and can be empowered to make decisions, Working groups are closed and have to pass decision making up to the full Parish Council.
Same groups and their members:
Rec Group: MW, SE, MWg
Resilience: CP, SP
Finance: CS, SE and PJ
KC working group: CS, PJ, LO, AC and ACCC
Social media: AC (and every one)
School rep: SP
Planning Working party; LO

7. Review of Footpath Officer, Internal Auditor, Tree Warden etc
Footpath officer: Vacant position, we will post the vacancy on our face book page.
Internal auditor: Sue Probert did the internal audit for the PC this year, all were happy to use her again.
Tree Warden: LO, clerk to sign her up with the Tree Warden network.

8. Review of insurance policies
Stay where we are for this year.

9. Review of subscriptions – Tree Warden, HALC
HALC; PJ proposed to sign up with them again and both he and LO told all cllrs to look at their training programmes, they are excellent.
10. To remind Councillors to update their Notice of Registrable Interests.
Clerk to send the web link to the notice to all cllrs.
Meeting Closed at 19.40

Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council May Meeting

Draft Minutes;

Meeting opened at 19.42

1. To accept apologies for absence.
Clive Stainton (CS),
2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
– SP declared an interest in the invoice from her husband.
– MW declared an interest in the L Chance invoice for the toilet cleaning as that is his mother in law.

All cllrs were happy with this position.

3. 3.1. To consider minutes of the previous meeting – April 2021. All were in agreement that the minutes were an accurate record of the meeting. The Chair duly agreed to sign the minutes.
Action: Chair to sign the minutes

3.2 Matters arising from these: either addressed, on the agenda apart from ;
– Kissing gate at Pontrilas Court Farm; this has now been delivered to Paradise for MWg and lengthsman to fit.
Action: MWg and lengthsman to fit the gate.
– KC Keys – the lock on the back door has been fixed by ACCC. Clerk was asked to find some one to look at the door to improve its fit and swing;
Action: Clerk to find contractor to vist the KC to look at the door’s problem.
– Foot path to Castle Lands – erosion there still to be sorted out;
Action: David R is aware that there is work to be done there and the clerk will remind him to undertake the job.
– Defibrillator at the Drs surgery still needs to be replaced;
Action: MW to task the electrician to fit the new defib box and defib.

3.3 Matters raised between meetings ;
Action points to be put onto special sheet so that we can see what happens to outstanding actions. SP has introduced a sheet that the clerk can use going forward.
Clerk will update following todays meeting and circulate to all cllrs.

4. Open forum for public comment:
No comments put forward other than the plea to move the KC item higher up the agenda.

5. To receive a brief report from :
5.1 the Ward Councillor/PC Chair.
PJ asked if his letters were worth continuing to send out, cllrs said that they did appreciate it. New Chief Exec is now in place in Herefordshire Council.
Flooding, drainage and roads continue to fill his days, but funding is severely restricted in order to undertake all of the jobs that need to be done.
PJ is now part of the Lugg drainage group.
Web site reporting site is on the front page of the Herefordshire Council website.
Action: PJ to keep sending out his Ward Cllr updates
5.2 PCSO report : Fiona will be leaving in a month. The PCC was re-elected, John Campion.
5.3 Footpaths officer: People keep leaving gates open, request for this to go on to the facebook page.

6. Kemble Centre – update and discussion on the lease.
PJ filled in for CS: recapped that they had gone out to 3 solicitors for quotes. The PC has agreed to go with Lanyon Bowdler to act on the PC’s behalf.
All were happy to support this decision.
ACCC have been in regular contact with CS and they are all comfortable with what we are asking our solicitor to do.
It is believed that the KC has now been registered with the Land Registry.
ACCC asked how the PC were progressing with getting the repairs done. PJ did not know but he is comfortable that CS is driving this.
Unkempt look of the site: the meeting was informed that the grass cutter has not been able to cut it with the going being so wet, it is on his list to do as soon as is viable.
They said that it was sad that the scarecrow festival could not be held on the grass at the centre as the land was so rutted. The need to improve the car parking at the Centre was discussed, it was felt that with pubs now being allowed to have people in them again, their car parks can be utilised for cars rather than people. With the KC development the PC have been clear that car parking has to be included. It was concluded that the exact numbers of car parking spaces need to specified by the PC.
Action: Clerk to send ACCC a copy of our insurance. ACCC to send in a request outline for the event that they would like covered by the PC’s insurers.
ACCC also asked the PC to look at the roof to check the amount of damage that has been done there. Working group are looking into this.
Also the electricity, they have submitted one quote, to assist the PC in getting a further 2 quotes. MW suggested that we also get our usual electrician to quote. Working group looking into this. LO has agreed to step up whilst CS is so busy.
The Chair emphasised that any expenditure in getting the KC ready for being leased will come out of the £10,000 that we have put aside for the upkeep of the centre.
The Chair was asked if cllrs would see what the Solicitors are being asked to do, he said that little had changed from what cllrs had been sent prior to the April meeting. We will next be looking at questions back from the solicitor asking for the PC to make some decisions.

7. Planning
7.1 To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
Comment: Parish Council supports this application.
7.2 To note the applications determined by Herefordshire Council:-
203827 & 8 – Pontrilas Timber yard: signage and changes to staff access and egress Approved with conditions

8. Recreation ground/pavilion:
Update on the rec, pavilion and play area. Three quotes for Zip wire will be bought to the next meeting.
Broken loo seat has been replaced.
Lock has been purchased to secure the bin and the home owner has been approached and is fine with us to use his wall.
Fencing will be started by Ray Pritchard at the end of this week – weather willing.
Action: Clerk to send round the playground check list.

9. Lengthsman
To receive an update and consider vital work required around the parish.
MWg thanked the PC for their thanks and recognition of the work that they have been doing. Next job is along King St, relying on the cooperation of the land owners.
Safety issue on Mill Lane, drivers are pushing the sides into the deep ditch, this could lead to them falling into the ditch themselves. He proposes putting pipes in the ditch and back filling with gravel. MWg has put up some marker posts to assist drivers. MWg has identified the length of pipes and gravel to get the clerk to cost the purchase of pipes and gravel to see if the PC can afford to do this ourselves.
Action: PJ to approach Balfour Beatty to see if they will fund our lengthsman to do the work.
The work that they have done will need maintenance to prevent them slipping back into the state of disrepair.
Action: we have to retender for the lengthsman role, clerk to action this.

10. Community Resilience Plan / Covid 19
CP has already had one meeting, they will meet again on the 26th of May on line.
Clerk to set up a zoom meeting for them.
Talk community are doing a lot of work in this area.
It was 9pm and the Chair asked all present if they were happy to carry on over the designated 2 hrs. All were in agreement.

11. Finance
11.1 Balances as shown in the finance committee.
11.2 To authorise payments to be made as in the finance committee minutes.
11.3 To authorise regular payments including: Clerks Salary and direct debit; as listed in the finance committee minutes.
11.4 To confirm monies received: As listed in finance committee minutes.
11.5 Grant requests for consideration:
Memorial Hall Kitchen – Request for £5,000 It was suggested that we should hold the payment of this grant in reserve in case they had a shortfall, as it was felt that the hall is very able to raise that amount themselves. The PC congratulated them on their success in fundraising for this.
11.6 Approval of Annual Governance Statement for 2020 – 21
This was approved by all cllrs present.
11.7 Approval of Accounting Statement for 2020 – 21
This was approved by all present.
Proposed to make these payments: all in agreement.

Action: 1.Clerk to make these payments.
2.Clerk to look at setting up a risk register for the pc.

12. Roads
Road safety improvements – Balfour Beatty have sent a quote for putting up the post on which to hang the SID – but not for installing it!
Action: Clerk to contact BB for a total quote for doing the job.
Also to tell BB that their bollard is not working at the junction with Pontrailas Rd

13. Allotments – consideration of provision of these with in the parish. LO has been talking with a local land owner about linking with the Allotment association directly so that he can create the allotments with out the PC being involved. Landowner is applying for an easement of water so that the site has access to fresh water.

14. Railway station update: PJ informed the meeting that the Welsh Government was asking for more information. PJ has asked Jessie Norman to write and tell them that he was supporting us.

15. Action List for Councillors – The PC will move forward to use SP’s action list following this meeting.

16. Informing parishoners of the work of the GPC including social media.
AC : Roads and flooding; dogs and closing gates.

17. To raise matters for the next agenda :

18. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting : This will be on 8th of June 2021 provisionally at the Memorial Hall.

Meeting closed at 21.30

Signed:_________________________________ Date: ________________