Minutes September 2021

Serving Ewyas Harold, Rowlestone, Dulas and Llancillo

Tuesday 14th September 2021,
Finance Committee meeting: 6.45pm
At the Pavilion, Ewyas Harold Rec.

Present: Councillors Peter Jinman (PJ) (in the chair), Sarah Eynon (SE);

Finance sheet had been circulated to all cllrs. Meeting started 6.45pm

1. To accept apologies for absence. Clive Stainton.
2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.
None received.
3. Consider minutes of previous meeting – 10th August 2021
All were happy that the minutes were a true representation of the meeting.

4. Finance
Nat West Business Current account: 30.08.21 £ 41,193.27
Nat West Business Reserve account: 30.08.21 £ 68,584.58
4.1. To consider outstanding invoices
CT Groundcare (August)         £ 567.00
Mrs Chance (cleaning loos)    £ 456.00
JM Probert (emptying bins)  £ 125.00
DM Payrol. services                 £ 60.00
Hereford Fire Alarm Services £ 492.00
Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall £ 16.00
JP Mole Control                        £ 190.00
Glasdon Ltd (bin bags)            £ 95.72
Clean My                                    £ 11.59
Raymond Pritchard                 £2,671.37
PIP Printing (maps)                £ 62.63

Proposed:PJ Seconded: SE

Recommend Payment all in agreement

To agree Proposed expenditure:

4.2. To approve regular payments schedule : Clerks salary and expenses; and Direct Debits:-
Herefordshire Council bins         £163.67
Recommend the spending above.

Proposed: PJ Seconded: SE

It was resolved to agree to all of these payments.

Proposed: PJ Seconded: SE All were in agreement.
Each item was looked at as a separate expenditure.

Action: Clerk to action these agreed payments.

4.3. To acknowledge receipts. None.

5. To raise matters for the next agenda: None.

6. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting : 12th October 2021

The committee agreed with the cheques that were being submitted to the PC for authorisation.

Meeting closed at 7pm

Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council meeting:
7.05pm At The Pavilion, Ewyas Harold Rec.


Meeting started: 7.00 pm
Present: Councillors: Peter Jinman (PJ) (in the chair): Sarah Eynon (SE); Malcolm Watkins (MW); Alex Culpin (AC); Liz Overstall (LO); Connor Price (CP);
Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), 2 PCSO’s (left after item 6.2), 2 members of the public (left after item 9).

1. To accept apologies for absence.
Clive Stainton (CS); Sally Probert (SP) Stephen Clayton (SC) Terry Talbot – Footpaths officer (TT);

2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.

– MW for his parents in law’s invoice for cleaning the loos on the rec.

All cllrs were happy with this position.

– The Chair declared an interest in the item at 12.5 He said that he would take any questions on the matter, but would not vote on any decisions made.

3. 3.1. To consider minutes of the previous meeting – July 2021. All were in agreement that the minutes were an accurate record of the meeting. The Chair duly agreed to sign the minutes. Proposed MW seconded: SE
Action: Chair to sign the minutes.

3.2 Matters arising from these: either addressed, on the agenda or actions list.

3.3 Matters raised between meetings ; Parish Council insurance; their renewal is quite a lot higher than previous years and it does not include flood cover for the Kemble Centre. Clerk is awaiting an update from Came and Company.
The Chair told the meeting that he had been approached by a parishioner who would like to make a significant donation to the ‘benefit of the parish’. He suggested putting in some tennis courts for public use. So far the prospective benefactor has been thanked and told that the PC will discuss this further. It was suggested that without a club to support the courts, then the tennis courts might be in danger of not being used. A further suggestion was that perhaps an all weather surface area would be most beneficial, floodlit etc and then a number of sports could be played on it. AC to put the question on social media – are there enough tennis players in the village to make use of this very generous offer?

4. Co-option of Councillors
Cllr Wrigglesworth had passed in his resignation from the PC, thanks were passed for all of the hard work that he had done for many years with the Parish Council.

Michael Fenton from Dulas has expressed an interest in becoming a Parish Councillor. He could not attend this evening and will prepare a paragraph about himself for circulation around the cllrs before the next meeting.

We also need cllrs from areas that are not currently represented. AC to put onto social media.

Action: LO offered to leaflet around Callowside as this is an unrepresented area, CP offered to make an animation ‘advertisment’ for prospective cllrs and this will be put on both our website and on social media. It was decided to see if this creates enough interest before we leaflet the parish.

5. Open forum for public comment:
No comments put forward.

6. To receive a brief report from :
6.1 the Ward Councillor/PC Chair.
PJ thanked cllrs for what the PC actually had managed to achieve, whilst it does often seem like we face brick walls, by persevering we do eventually manage to get things done on many occasions.
There is an ongoing ‘citizens’ science project that is going on involving 3 of the local rivers – the Worm, the Lugg and the Dore, measuring phosphates in the rivers. University of Cardiff students working with the Environment Agency have been taking readings and have shown that the levels of phosphates are completely unacceptable. This could lead to the possible moratorium on building in this area.
Action: clerk to circulate the report on this.

6.2 To receive a report from PCSO – two officers were present. Happily they said that there was little crime to report in the area. Speeding has always been an issue, they were happy to see the SID in place.
Action: clerk to connect to the SID to be able to download the information and forward the tables to the police.
Neighbourhood Matters is the police’s new website – people need to sign up to this site to get the information. www.neighbourhoodmatters.co.uk
There is a large funeral in the village this weekend, the police will endeavour to have a presence to assist with parking etc.
6.3 To receive report from footpath officer – Terry Talbot had submitted a report for the Councillors.
Hereford Trail have approached the Chair to see if we could fund a way onto the Common – additional gates here would be the responsibility of the Parish Council. See later under the ‘grants’ finance item in these minutes.

7. Action List for Councillors –
Many items had been completed, but there were still a number to be completed.
Action: Add ‘plant the trees on the rec’ to the list.
Clerk needs to add LO as a tree warden – sign her up with the Herefordshire group. LO said that as the tree warden she was aware that the cedars in the village had TPOs on them.
Door on the Pavilion needs fixing – under MW’s responsibility.

8. Kemble Centre – update
PJ said that the solicitor has come back with a number of questions for the working group to look at. There was a discussion about ACCC taking over the whole area, but the EHGPC having reserve rights to the car park when they do not wish to use it. It was acknowledged that when it makes it submission to planning, ACCC will be asking for some additional parking to be supplied to the left of the new building.
ACCC are prepared to take on the whole site. After a lengthy discussion, the PC felt that seeking to put a clause into the lease so that there was public access to the car park complicated matters and therefore it was better to retain the car park as being in the direct control of the Parish Council for public benefit and then to lease all the rest of the property to ACCC.

It was proposed that the PC leases the site to ACCC, without the carpark area being included.
Votes in favour: 5 Votes against: 0

The limit of resources has been reached by the solicitor, meaning that the PC will now be charged for any ongoing work.

Putting the power cable underground: the paperwork was looked at and the PC were happy for the Chair to sign the proposal – as long as the new pole (shown in the corner or the new plan) was moved in line with the end of the building as per the discussion at the meeting.
Action: clerk to submit these signed forms to Western Power

9. Planning
9.1 To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
212778– Land to the rear of the Laurels vets practice: proposed detached self build dwelling.
This had come up at the last meeting and the PC were informed that the relevant notices had not been put up at that time. The Chair explained that as he no longer held the ownership of the site, he was not declaring a interest.
There are no comments against the planning on the website. As this is now one build as opposed to 3 there will be a reduced number of vehicles accessing the site.
Comment: Parish Council supports the application.

Proposed footpath diversion LY2:
Comment: The Parish council has no objection to this application

9.2 To note the applications determined by Herefordshire Council:– None

10. Recreation ground/pavilion:
Update on the rec, pavilion and play area. Including zip wire. Playground surface deterioration.
The zip wire has been ordered but delays in sourcing wood have caused the installation date to be moved back.
SE asked that she and MW look at expanding the carpark. All present were in agreement. They will get costs for this.
Car park signs: will be put up by Spencer Duggan, he is getting permission from both the dentist and the Temple Bar to use their walls for the signs.
Toilets: SE will look at the cost of one, disabled accessible, easy to clean toilet with a night lock on it. LO to look at the link that MWg sent through her.
Action:– MW and SE to look further into this.

11. Lengthsman
To receive an update and consider vital work required around the parish.
There are jobs still outstanding and we will be approaching the lengthsman to set out a scheme of works. Our contract with the Lengthsman is due to run until March 2022.

12. Finance
12.1 Balance as at 31.08.21 in Current Acct: £41,193.27 Reserve acct 31.08.21: £68,584.58
12.2 To authorise payments to be made as in the finance committee minutes.
12.3 To authorise regular payments including: Clerks Salary and Direct debit; (as listed in the finance committee minutes)
12.4 To confirm monies received: As listed in finance committee minutes.
Proposed to make these payments: all in agreement.

Action: Clerk to make these payments.

12.5 Grant requests for consideration: Ewyas Harold Cattle Grid
The Chair declared an interest in this item. He described what was going to be the request in principle, explaining that the Cattle Grid from Dark Lane onto the common is broken and cars are getting punctures going over it. This would be followed with a detailed request once the actual cost was known. The final figure would be divided between the residents, the Trust and the Parish Council on behalf of the public.
Quote is expected to be in the area of approx. £2,400 in total.
Proposed to support this application in principal: although the Chair was asked to complete the correct grant application form to submit to the PC.

13. Community Resilience Plan / Covid 19
CP wants to include the school in the plan, so now that the school is back in, he will endeavour to hold a meeting with them all. He has an outline plan ready, and will circulate this to all.

Action: clerk to send him the current contacts list and to add him to the Action List.

14. Roads
Road safety and improvements. Flood alleviation measures (flood grants, sand bags), double yellow lines.
LO had found out that the Ewyas Harold area flood alleviation study has been listed, it has been acknowledged by the Environment Agency that we are a ‘project’. She asked for the PC to be acknowledged as a stake holder and as such she asked the chair/clerk to send a letter to this effect. She will send the clerk a draft letter for her to send.
Action: LO to copy the draft letter to the clerk to send on.

15. Standing orders:
Moved to next meeting.

16. Adoption of new code of conduct.
Moved to next meeting.

17. Discussion on renaming the Parish Council, also allocation of numbers of cllrs to parishes. The clerk informed the meeting that if a Parish Council had ‘group’ in their title, then there was a possibility that in an election year (2024) they risked being charged for elections in each of thier parishes – in EHGPC’s case this could be a cost of over £4,000 instead of just £1,000 if they did not call themselves a ‘group’ parish.  The meeting felt that the smaller Parishes might lose their identity and rights to have Councillors so it was moved not to change the name of the PC.  it was decided to move the vote to next months meeting –  Circulating this information to others who are not at this meeting so that they can vote in October.

18. Informing parishoners of the work of the GPC including social media.
AC will put in the idea of memorial facilities; roundels on the road; warning about large funeral in the village this weekend. Parish Councillors needed.

19. To raise matters for the next agenda : As per this agenda .

20. To note the date of the next scheduled meeting : 12th October 2021 at Rowlestone Village hall.

Meeting closed at 21.03

Signed:_________________________________ Date: ________________

Future parish council meeting dates for 2021:

Tuesday 12th October 7pm
Tuesday 9th November 7pm
Tuesday 14th December 7pm