Minutes 13th February 2019

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 13th February 2019 at 6.30 pm in the Pavilion

Councillors: Peter Jinman (Chairman), Sarah Eynon, Malcolm Watkins, Michael Wrigglesworth.
In attendance: Lynda Wilcox (HALC) … Meeting cover. Parish Lengthsman. Two Police Officers.

1. Apologies for absence were received from Rachel Evans, Liz Overstall and Clive Stainton.

2. Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation … There were none.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting … 8th January 2019
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record and they were signed by the Chairman.

4. Open Forum
Two representatives from West Mercia Police gave an update on policing matters in the parish:
a) Local residents were encouraged to contact the Police about suspicious vehicles.
b) Longtown Post Office had recently been attacked twice – two persons had been arrested in Worcester in connection with the crimes.
c) Speed gun operations by the Police tend to reduce speeding – there were no more ‘on the spot fines’, instead the results are sent in to a central point where a decision is made whether or not to prosecute offenders. The Chairman commented that the speed of vehicles in the vicinity of the school was of concern.
d) Sometimes it is not suitable to reduce the speed limit – several different factors have to be taken into account. The Road Safety Partnership can discuss aspects of traffic calming, including ‘village gates’ on the side of the road, funded by the PC.
e) The Chairman commented that gates had been left open on the Abbeydore Road thus causing a road safety hazard and danger to the sheep in the field.
f) A general message to be careful of scammers was highlighted.
4.1 Ward Councillor Peter Jinman gave a brief update on Herefordshire Council matters, including:
4.1.1 Herefordshire Council’s budget meeting would be held that Friday.
4.1.2 Car parking at school was a problem because parents were now required to walk their children into school.
4.2 Members noted the written report from the Parish Paths Officer, Graham Robinson.
4.3 To receive the views of local residents on parish matters.

5. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) … No update was available.

6. Finance
6.1 It was RESOLVED to pay the Tarmac invoice for car park planings in the sum of £250 plus VAT.
6.2 It was RESOLVED to pay the HALC invoice for clerk cover … £150 + mileage.
6.3 The Finance Working Group had met the previous week and relayed their thoughts on the Precept for 2019/20, which included:
6.3.1 The need to resource on-going parish projects such as maintenance of the Kemble Centre which might include some funding related to an Arts Project/Festival.
6.3.2 Pavilion repairs and maintenance.
6.3.3 Children’s playground.
6.3.4 It was RESOLVED to support the recommendation of the Working Group to retain the 2019/20 Precept at the same level as the previous year @ £46,855.

7. Planning … It was RESOLVED to defer item 7.1 to the March meeting.
7.1 Comments on Appeal against Herefordshire Council for refusal of Reserved Matters re App 174730 Land at Poplars Meadow, Elm Green Road, Ewyas Harold. Reserved matters application for one dwelling following outline approval P163209/O.

8. Recreation ground/pavilion
8.1 Quotes for the replacement of a window in the pavilion would be discussed at the March meeting.
8.2 Discussion on the grass-cutting contract for 2019/20 would be discussed at the March meeting.
8.3 It was RESOLVED to pay 3 x invoices from JP Mole Control totalling £240.
8.4 It was RESOLVED to pay Groundcare invoice (toilets & bins) Nov-Jan … £245 plus the following outstanding invoices subject to ratification:
8.4.1 Invoices: EH00006-£204.68, EH00007-£192.00, EH00008-£204.68, EH00005-£115.20, EH00004-£72.00, EH00003-£172.80, EH00002-£336.00.
8.5 It was RESOLVED that Sarah would liaise with ‘Wild Play’ to clarify financial aspects of past and future sessions.

9. Lengthsman … To consider 2019/20 contract.
9.1 The Chairman welcomed the Lengthsman and he gave an update on his work:
9.1.1 Work had been undertaken in Rowlestone, into the dip of the meadow in Penlan, vicinity of the builders’ merchant,
9.1.2 Two drainage pipes were blocked and would be reported to Balfour Beatty.
9.1.3 Michael would endeavour to arrange a site meeting with the Locality Manager and David.
9.1.4 It was noted that around £500 remained in the Lengthsman budget for 2018/19.
9.1.5 The Chairman clarified that any matter concerning the actual road should be passed on to the Balfour Beatty Locality Manager.
9.2 It was RESOLVED to pay all outstanding invoices and retain the current Lengthsman at the same rates for the financial year 2019/20.

10. Matters raised for the next agenda on Tuesday 12th March:
10.1 Quotes for a SID (Speed Indicator Device).
10.2 Quotes for the playground surface.
10.3 VAT issues.
10.4 2017/18 External Audit.
10.5 Planning Appeal (item 7.1 above).
10.6 Pavilion – clarification on previous lease & quotes for new window.
10.7 Grass-cutting contract 2019/20.

A resolution was passed to exclude the public from the following confidential item

11. Employment matters
11.1 Members discussed the employment of a new clerk/RFO and it was RESOLVED that HALC would organise interviews during the last week in February.
11.2 The Interview Panel would be the Chairman, Liz Overstall and Malcolm Watkins. Clive Stainton and Sally Eynon would be reserves.