October Minutes 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council that was held on Tuesday 10th October 2017 at 6.30pm at St Micheals Hall


Present: Cllr C Pogson (L), Chairman, Cllr S Eynon (EH), Cllr M Wrigglesworth (EH), Cllr M Watkins (R), Cllr L Overstall (D),  Cllr R Evans (D).

In attendance:  a member of the public and Claire Griffiths (Clerk)


1 To accept Apologies for Absence
Cllr P. Jinman (EH), Cllr S Probert (EH), Cllr S Clayton (R).


2 To receive Declarations of Interest & Dispensation Applications

Cllr Watkins declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 4.4

3 To consider Minutes of the Previous Meeting – 11th July 2017
The Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th September 2017, copies of which had been previously circulated to Members, were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman with one amendment to correct the spelling of Cllr Pogson’s surname.  Apologies to Cllr Pogson.


4 Open Forum
4.1  To receive brief report from the Local Policing Team

No report was provided for this month, Cllr Pogson acknowledged that everyone has received the monthly newsletter and thanked the Safer Neighbourhood Team. Cllr Overstall highlighted with the run up to Christmas shed and outbuilding thefts tend to increase and urged everyone to ensure buildings were locked.

4.2  To receive brief report from the Ward Councillor

As members will be aware I have taken up my appointment as Ward Councillor and am slowly getting to grips with the IT and thereby the work of the Council. There has not yet been a meeting of Herefordshire Council, the first is this week on Friday 13th I have attended a two hour session on Corporate parenting/children safeguarding which forms part of the induction programme. As you will appreciate a consequence, following a byelection at short notice, is that I am currently working to fit meetings into a diary that was already fairly full and it will be a few months before my diary can be turned the other way around and the dates required will reflect the needs of the Council work. I have had meetings with the planning department and receive regular updates from them as well as quite a few emails directly from neighbour or affected residents within the ward. I would stress the importance of receiving a full response to planning concerns from Parish Councils and for objections or favourable comments to follow the planning requirements in terms of the material or not material criteria. I would also stress that now the NDP has been passed to Herefordshire Council the need to follow what is in the NDP or explain why it should not be followed.

On Friday one item that will be debated and if passed may have some effect on the Parish is that of the governance review and the fact that Longtown Parish are one of the 8 parishes seeking review. I will keep EHGPC informed as to what is intended here.

I would like to put on record my thanks to the clerk for helping organise the meeting which took place in Longtown with Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning [HCC]. Although very sparsely attended it did have the effect of making known the willingness of EHGPC to get involved with the provision of medical and social services for the area. I have forwarded a copy of the Clever Elephant Kemble Centre feasibility study to HCC and have today received an acknowledgment and a promise of a follow up in the coming months once the HCC present consultation is completed.

Please thank our Footpaths officer for his excellent reports, complete with photos! I did meet a number of walkers this weekend and received their observations about the failure to keep stiles and gates in a good state of repair. As many of these walkers are from other counties and some have wide experience of footpath conditions elsewhere, it is interesting to compare how we are doing as against other counties and regions. We clearly have a problem in terms of the miles of footpaths and the budgets available for repairs etc.


4.3  To receive brief report from Parish Paths Officer

Graham provided a very comprehensive report of the footpaths he has walked and checked recently.  The GPC thanked Graham for taking on this role and his excellent report and look forward to working with him.  The GPC were surprised to see that Graham has been asked to complete some of the physical works himself, this has not been the case in the past.  Action: CP&PJ to write to Graham and explain what the role entails

4.4  To receive views and comments from local residents











Concerns were raised over the state of the roads and rubbish collecting at the sides.  The GPC are pleased to see that the A465 from the Langua Bridge to Howton is being resurfaced including new white lines and catseyes.

An email complaint regarding parking in Priorsfield was received and discussed at some length. The football club have spoken to members requesting that they do not park on the private road.  The football club would like a good relationship with the residents of Priorsfield and urge them to talk to the football club directly.  The GPC awknowledge the complaint, however with no yellow lines on the road in Priorfield parking there is not against the law. Action: CP&PJ to write to complainant.


External Audit 2016 / 2017

5.1 To consider internal audit report on 2016/17 accounts

The GPC would like to Thank Sue Probert for completing the internal audit which was considered and approved.

5.2 To approve the Annual Governance Statement.

Cllr Pogson read statements, councillors to agree to them and the statement was signed by Cllr Pogson and the clerk.

5.3 To consider, approve, sign & date Accounting Statements for 2016/17.

Accounting Statements were considered and approved by Cllr Pogson and the clerk.

Action:  Clerk to email Grant Thornton, acknowledging letter sent and post accounts

Action: CP to circulate the Anti Fraud Policy


6 To receive Clerk Update and to note Correspondence List
The Clerks update and correspondence list was noted.  Brexit workshop Cllr Overstall expressed an interest and will go.  A number of items were identified as spam email.










Dog Fouling & The Recreation Ground

A report on the cost of new signs, red bins and green bins (purchase, emptying and cleaning) was circulated and discussed.  Cllr Wrigglesworth had some of the signs previously made.  Action: MW & MW to put signs up. Cllr Overstall to send Cllr Pogson the signs she has designed. Cllr Pogson to print and laminate for distribution, Cllr Probert has said she is happy to distribute. Clerk to put on website and in newsletter. Cllr Pogson to investigate if there are any second hand ones at Griffiths’ that can be serviced and then used.


To receive Recreation Ground Working Group update

Recreation Ground Working Group to arrange a meeting.  Action: Cllr Eynon to arrange.


9 To receive Kemble Working Group Update

No further update at present until the report from NHS England is available. Cllr Jinman and the clerk attended a meeting with the HCC. Cllr Jinman has resent the Clever Elephant Report. Council feel surprised by the feedback and apparent incompetence of the process.  Council would like a detailed report so options can be considered.  Action: PJ to write a detailed report. NB Please refer to November Minutes for report.


10 Lengthsman Scheme (incorporating the P3 scheme)

Lengthsman’s email was considered.  GPC discussed the invitation to participate in an Inspection with Mr Griffiths and Cllr Wrigglesworth as the GPC representative, to discuss works over the next 3 months. As part of this lengthsman will need to provide break down of costs before work can be approved.  The GPC have to have clear lines of accountability on how we are spending the parishes money and a full break down is therefore required.

Action:  Clerk to email to Mr Griffiths





The process is moving forward. An Examiner has been selected.


12 Finance

10.1  To consider Finance Report for Approval – Approved

There is currently £5,939.45 in the current account, and £35,791,38 in the reserve account. With this months bills and payments there will be £1521.06 in the current account once all is paid.  Action: CP to arrange transfer, Clerk to order new cheque book.

10.2  To consider approval for payment to CT Groundcare – Approved

12.3  To consider approval for payment to St Micheal’s Hall – Approved

12.4  To consider approval for payment to Terry Griffiths – Lengthsman – Approved

12.5  To consider approval for payment to Longtown Village – Approved

12.6 To consider approval for payment to M Wrigglesworth – Approved

12.7 To consider grant application from Dulas Parochial Church Council – Held

12.8  Payments for approval – as per schedule below – Approved




Code of Conduct

Clerk was unable to attend workshop due to lack of childcare.














HCC Meeting

Discussion covered under agenda item 9. Kemble Centre Working Group


Llangua to Pontrilas – Speed limit review

The GPC welcomed this news. Concerns have been raised in the past which lead to the advisory 40 mile an hour speed limit on the area.  Since then traffic lights have been installed at Llangua bridge, there is more traffic on the roads and tail backs go further onto the bend. As a result of its concerns the GPC in partnership with Kentchurch PC installed the bollards. Residents to be given a copy of the letter distributed Action: Liz  Notification and invitations for comments to be on the front cover of the newsletter Action: Clerk, CP to compose a response on behalf on GPC


Items for Newsletter

Council reviewed the draft newsletter and agreed an article needed on local crime in the run up to Christmas was needed and a few alterations.  Cllr Overstall confirmed she was happy to distribute. Action: MW to approach colleague to do an article. LO to distribute Clerk to complete and print by Mon 16th Oct

























Parish Precept

Finance Working Group to arrange a meeting to discuss and plan



P173353/FH  Coach House Ewyas Harold Hereford Herefordshire HR2 0EY – The Group Parish Council supports this application.

P172895/FH 3 Gilberts Wood, Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire, HR2 0JL – The Group Parish Council supports this application.


Rowlestone Telephone Box

Action: Clerk to investigate



The Events Committee were thanked for all the work they do and unanimously agreed for the fireworks to go ahead with the GPC blessing and support.  Action: CP to write Thank you letter.


Meeting in Dulas

Thanks to Cllr Overstall for investigating meeting at Dulas Coffee Shop, unanimously agreed for the next meeting to be in St Michaels Hall with Cllr Overstall to arrange a meeting in Dulas for a future meeting.  Action: LO arrange meeting in Dulas. Clerk Book St Michaels for 14th November


Matters for Next Agenda (no discussion)


23 Employment

Clerk Mobile phone was discussed. Action: CP to obtain a phone for clerk to use.

Clerk notified Council that she would be getting married on the 11th April 2018, and therefore would not be able to attend the meeting in April if it was on 10th April (second Tuesday) Resolved: Council agreed that the meeting would be moved to an alternate date for April 2018.


A resolution was passed to exclude the public and press from discussions on the following item due to its confidential nature

Payee Item Total (inc. VAT) Total (exc. VAT) Budget
Miss C Griffiths Clerk’s salary for August 2017 – as per regular payment schedule and contract of employment To include:


NI EE £33.35

NI ER £37.80

To include:


NI EE £33.35

NI ER £37.80




Miss C Griffiths Postage / travel



Use of Home as Office