Proposed Kemble Centre Business Development Plan

Ewyas Harold Group Parish Council
Proposed Kemble Centre Business Development Plan
July 2016

presented by Clever Elephant

Introduction and Purpose

The Business Development Plan (BDP) follows the production of the Feasibility Study on the proposed Kemble Centre on the site of the former Roman Catholic Church in Ewyas Harold. The Study identified the best option being a Locality Health and Wellbeing Centre which would provide a seven day venue for primary and community health services.

The BDP sets out the main tasks for the next phase of development to enable EHGPC, to co-ordinate and facilitate progress towards achieving this. It is envisaged that continued and further independent facilitation and co-ordination is required and representatives of the Kemble Centre Working Group are in the process of seeking further funds to support this. In the meantime, the Awards for All Grant currently in use has been varied to provide further support from Clever Elephant until September 2016. The Working Group will oversee the implementation of this Plan.

Main tasks

1. Current Opportunities
The opportunity identified through the Feasibility Study to progress the proposed Centre in conjunction with One Herefordshire’s Sustainable and Transformation Plan needs further development. This includes the potential for the formation of the Locality Board and bringing together the three GP surgeries, Kingstone, Much Birch and the Golden Valley. A meeting is being scheduled to be attended by the One Herefordshire’s Director Community Services, representatives of the three GP surgeries and Clever Elephant to provide independent facilitation.

2. Funding bids
With the recent news that Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group have selected the project to submit to NHS England for the Primary Care Transformation Fund (PCTF) means that there is likely to be a good deal of further work to develop the proposal in more detail. This work will continue to be led by the Golden Valley GP Practice with support from Clever Elephant on behalf of the EHGPC, and Herefordshire Council.

Other funding opportunities as identified in the Feasibility Study also need to be further explored and developed including Big Lottery Reaching Communities Building Fund. Initial conversations have been started with Herefordshire Council’s Funding Officer for support with this aspect of developments.

3. Internal Communications
The Working Group will ensure internal communications continue between the organisation’s represented on the Group. The development of the PCTF and any other funding sources will require regular and robust communications to be established between the EHGPC and the Golden Valley GP Practice.

Involvement of One Herefordshire staff and Much Birch and Kingstone GP Practices may also be required as the work on the PCTF bid develops.

4. External Communications
A Communications Plan needs to be developed that sets out a schedule of communication that continues to brief local and neighbouring communities including the Parish Councils and all stakeholders involved to date. It is anticipated that other organisations and individuals will be included as identified through further developments. The Communications Plan will include regular updates via the new notice board by the former Roman Catholic Church.

5. Developing wider involvement and buy in
The continued liaison and involvement with all stakeholders who have expressed an interest to date needs to be maintained and further developed. As the project develops other areas of interest with organisations and individuals will be identified which will require proactive facilitation and negotiation. For example, other health and wellbeing service providers, local and neighbouring community buildings and facilities and services and activities provided by people in the local and nearby communities.

6. Structures and management options
EHGPC are now seeking to consider the options for structure and management of the proposed Centre. The ownership of the proposed Centre as well as the governance and management need to be given full consideration initially by the EHGPC and then further developed with the other organisations involved with project developments.

All of the above will involve one to one and group meetings to develop options, involvement and ownership. Facilitation and co-ordination of all considerations will need to be delivered as required throughout the process to enable the project to be realised.

Updating and Tracking BDP Delivery

The Business Development Plan will need to be further developed and expanded as the project moves forward and other opportunities and risks are identified.