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Each year the Chairman of the Parish Council holds a meeting for the residents to acknowledge the successful events that have taken place throughout the past year. Residents also have an opportunity to address the meeting and share any issues/concerns that they may have relating to the local community.


TUESDAY 10th MAY 2022





Welcome by the Parish Council Chairman

Financial Summary from the Clerk/RFO

Chairman’s report

Questions from the public



The Parish Council is seeking a volunteer to become the Footpaths Officer for the parish. This is an important role in helping maintain the network of footpaths across the parish. Footpaths are an important resource and valued by the local community and contribute towards both physical and mental wellbeing. If you are interested or would like further information please contact the Clerk (Mark Hearne) whose email address is:



Leaders newsletter April 2022

Members Briefing Note on Fastershire March 2022



13 June  2022

U74416, Lower House Road, Rowlestone, Closure – NOTICE (TTRO22-282)

U74416, Lower House Road, Rowlestone, Closure -DIVERSION (TTRO22-282)


Agendas will be posted on notice boards and this website 3 working days prior to the meeting

Minutes will be posted within one month of the previous meeting.

UKRAINIAN APPEAL:  please visit the Herefordshire Council website to find out how best to make donations to this appeal :-  https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/news/article/1312/a-statement-of-support-on-ukraine


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What is a Group Parish Council & what does it do?


There are 3 vacancies on the Parish Council 1 for the parish of Ewyas Harold, 1 for the Parish of Dulas and 1 for Llancillo Parish – if you think you may be interested and would like more information on what is involved, please contact the Parish Council.